1st Edition

Geography from the Air

By F. Walker Copyright 1953
    231 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 1953, Geography from the Air is the first book in English to explain and illustrate fully the use of air photographs in the study of geography. It sets out in simple form the limited amount of technical information which is necessary in order to enjoy fully the fascinating experience of training oneself to appreciate almost every aspect of the landscape shown on vertical air photographs. Thereafter the book consists of nearly 100 high quality air photographs, selected from almost every part of Britain, each of which is accompanied by a text describing in detail the features of general, as well as of geographical, interest which can be detected on the photographic prints.

    The photographs have been grouped into sections detailing with many aspects of physical and human geography, such as the influence of geology on landforms, river erosion and river development, glacial action, coast forms, the relationships between relief and settlement, the appearance of varying agricultural and industrial regions and the shape and character of towns and villages etc.  Apart from the explanation of this new geographical technique the selection of photographs is such that this book should serve as a valuable source of illustrative material for the study of the geography of Britain and the systematic treatment of physical and human geography.

    1.  The Geographical Interpretation of Air Photographs 2. Geological Information on Air Photographs 3. The Study of Erosion on Air Photographs 4. Minor Relief Features and Soils 5. Coasts and Shorelines 6. Human Geography 7. Economic Conditions and the Function of Settlements Appendix Index


    F. Walker (at the time of the publication of this book) was a Senior Lecturer in Geography in the University of Bristol.