First published in 1977, Georg Lukács gives an outline of Lukács’ views and explains how they are related to the relevant cultural traditions of his epoch. The author covers the whole range of Lukács’ thought, from his earliest literary criticism to the posthumous Ontology of Social Existence. Lukács’ early writings in particular are frequently obscure in style and impregnated with the language and thought of Hegel. Professor Parkinson has elucidated Lukács’ principal writings in systematic fashion, and the book includes a detailed exposition of Lukács’ influential but difficult book History and Class Consciousness. This should be an indispensable book for all those who seek a clear, comprehensible introduction to the writings of one of the most influential Marxist thinkers of our time.

    Preface 1. Lukács’ Life and Times 2. Pre-Marxist Literary Criticism 3. Marxism and Hegelianism 4. Marxism and the History of Philosophy 5. Marxism and Literary Criticism 6. Marxism and Literary Criticism 7. A Marxist Aesthetic 8. The Ontology of Social Existence Abbreviations Notes Bibliography Index


    G. H. R. Parkinson