1st Edition

Geosciences and Human Survival, Environment, Natural Hazards, Global Change Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 2 & 3

Edited By Zhang Zonghu, de Mulder, Liu Tungsheng, Zhou Liping Copyright 1998

    The proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress held in Beijing, China in August 1997. These two volumes focuses on geosciences and human survival, environment, natural hazards and global changes. They aim to present a view of contemporary geology.

    GEOSCIENCES AND HUMAN SURVIVAL, ENVIRONMENT, NATURAL HAZARDS Monitoring of dangerous geodynamical processes in highland areas I.T. Aitmatov, I.A. Torgoyev and Yu.G. Alioshin Analysis of geo-environmental system of Dongting Lake Zhang Renquan, Liang Xing, Sun Lianfa, Jin Menggui, Li Zhenhua, Zhang Guoliang, Pi Jiangao, Wang Mingfu and Duan Wenzhong Eastern Asia natural hazards mapping project Hirokazu Kato Computer intelligence decision support system of geological hazards for prediction and prevention and treatment in Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region (GHIDSS) Liu Yifen, Hu Ruilin, Shi Jiansheng, Zhang Yongbo and Li Xiangquan The spatial information system to predict regional debris flow Li Dongtian, Li Jiren and Zhu Wensheng Impact of the oil field development on environment: Geothermal study A.V. Khristoforov and N.N. Khristoforova Anthropogenic material flow - A geologic factor P. Neumann-Mahlkau Geochemistry of fluorine in shallow ground water - A case study in the Xingtai piedmont plain, Hebei, China Zeng Jianhui The problems of study and assessment of the geoenvironmental state in Russia G.S. Vartanyan, V.V. Kurennoy, L.A. Ostrovsky, A.I. Sheko and A.A. Shpak Recent advances in environmental geoscience Yan Tongzhen, Yan Lei, Tang Huiming and Fang Yun Geoecological environmental types and qualities and predict on their evolutions in 21st Century in China Lu Yaoru, Tong Guobang, Guo Yonghai, Zhang Feng'e and Yang Lijuan Application of mineral resource assessments to regional screening for potential environmental hazards related to bedrock mineral concentrations S.H.B. Clark The Earth Sciences and society: the needs for the 21st Century W.S. Fyfe Urban geology of Xi'an - analysis on the ground fissures Momikura Yoshimasa, Sun Yao and Sato Eiichi Preliminary geotechnical assessments of the potential for underground space development in Hong Kong K.J. Roberts, H.H. Choy and R.P. Martin The preliminary study of potential contamination related to the combustion of coal in thermal power plant Zeng Rongshu, Zhao Jiehui and Xu Wendong Groundwater resources development of urban areas in China Wang Zhaoxin and Ji Chuanmao Study of land subsidence in Tianjin Qu Huanlin and Guo Zhangrong Secondary pollution mechanism of aerated zone in geological environmental evolution of mountain city Wang Lansheng, Liu Dan, Yang Lizheng, Xu Xizhen, Jiang Yun and Liu Zhian Earth fissure, land subsidence and their geoenvironmental effects Wang Lansheng, Xu Jin, Zhao Qihua and Li Tianbin Geoenvironmental problems of urban development in China Wang Sijing Urban construction planning and Aerial Remote Sensing Information System of Shanghai Sun Jianzhong, Chen Zhimo, Jiang Zhixiang and Ren Jing Geosites and their protection in China Pan Jiang, Lu Liwu and Ji Shu'an Geoscience for sustainable development; the next decade E.F.J. de Mulder and U.G. Cordani The Underground Municipal Information System (UMIS) E.F.J. de Mulder, B.A.M. Baardman and A.M. ten Kate GLOBAL CHANGE Spectral analysis of a grainsize record of the loess deposits in central China J. van Huissteden, G. Nugteren, J. Vandenberghe and Z.S. An Climate variations near Beijing over the last 1130 years: Evidence from annual layers in a stalagmite from Shihua Cave, China T.S. Liu, M. Tan, X.G. Qin and D. Zhang Large shifts in late Cenozoic East Asian monsoon circulation deducted from loess-palaeosol sequences in China and sediments in Japan J.L. Xiao, T.S. Liu and Z.S. An A review of Quaternary aeolian deposition in central and southeastern Australia X.Y. Chen


    Zonghu\, Zhang; de Mulder\, ; Tungsheng\, Liu; Liping\, Zhou