1st Edition

Ghana 1957-1966 Politics of Institutional Dualism

By Benjamin Amonoo Copyright 1981

    First Published in 1981, Ghana 1957-1966 presents a comprehensive overview of the period when the Convention People’s Party (CPP) ruled Ghana under a one party system. It covers the intricate relationship which grew up between CPP and the Civil Service in Ghana at national, regional, district and local levels. Dr Amonoo argues that the process of adapting the civil service institutions to the purposes and orientation of the CPP leadership was never completed, and that the result was a duality of institutions in the governmental administrative machinery. One was politically conditioned and orientated to serve the purposes of the CPP leadership, while the other remained rigidly bureaucratic and distant from the party.

    Both arrangements created problems for the CPP regime and thus it was that Ghanaian government and politics during this period lacked a single sense of purpose. The author stresses that the empirical realities need to be fully accounted in any attempt to explain government and politics of the CPP period. This book is a must read for scholars and researchers of African studies, African history, and African politics.

    Preface 1. Introduction 2. Political and Bureaucratic Institutions in the Central Administrative Machinery, 1957-60 3. Political and Bureaucratic Institutions in the Central Administrative Machinery, 1960-6 4. The Office of the Regional Commissioners and the Regional Branches of Ministries and Departments: Two ‘Kingdoms’ in Regional Administration 5. The Office of District Commissioners and District Branches of Departments: the Political and Permanent Services in District Administration 6. Town/Village Development Committees and Local Government Authorities: Party Political and Statutory Institutions at the Local Level 7. Conclusions Notes Bibliography Index


    Benjamin Amonoo