1st Edition

Glaser on Health Care IT Perspectives from the Decade that Defined Health Care Information Technology

By John P. Glaser Copyright 2016
    328 Pages
    by CRC Press

    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    John Glaser has been an astute observer and recognized leader in the health care industry for over thirty years. He has written a regular column for Hospitals & Health Networks in which he comments on a wide range of topics, including improving organizational performance through health information technology (HIT), changes in HIT architecture, challenges in leveraging data, and the evolution of the role of IT leadership.

    Glaser on Health Care IT: Perspectives from the Decade that Defined Health Care Information Technology is a collection of some of the most widely read articles that have been published in H&HN Daily, H&HN Weekly, and Most Wired Online in the past decade (2005–2015). The columns are dated to show their original publication dates, and the material is organized into four broad themes:

    1. HIT Applications and Analytics Challenges
    2. Improving Organizational Performance through HIT
    3. IT Management Challenges
    4. HIT Industry Observations

    Each section offers readers an intimate look at the myriad issues associated with getting IT "right" and the organizational performance gains that can be achieved in doing so. Moreover, the book examines the power and potential of the technologies available to health care providers today, as well as the transformative nature of those we have yet to fully embrace.

    From seasoned CIOs and consultants to software developers and nurses, this book provides invaluable insights and guidance to all those seeking to make the delivery of care safer, more effective, and more efficient through the application of health care IT.

    Foreword by Russ Branzell, President and CEO, College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME)

    Co-published with Health Forum, Inc.

    How the Internet of Things Will Affect Health Care
    Interoperability: A Promise Unfulfilled
    Solving Big Problems with Big Data
    The Role of IT in Understanding and Managing Cost
    Heeding the Call for Health Information Exchange
    The Growing Role of Analytics and Business Intelligence
    From the Transaction-Based EHR to the Intelligence-Based EHR
    Surviving a Revenue Cycle System Conversion
    Six Key Technologies to Support Accountable Care
    Accountability and the Revenue Cycle
    The Next IT Revolution: Nearly Ubiquitous Computing
    Accountable Care Organizations and Health Information Exchange
    Information Technology for Accountable Care Organizations
    The Variability of Patient Care
    Managing Clinical Decision Support
    The Service-Oriented Solution for Health IT
    Applications as Foundations: Laying the Groundwork for Evolution
    Advanced Interoperability: Beyond the Exchange of Data

    Telemedicine Hits Its Stride
    From the Electronic Health Record to the Electronic Health Plan
    The Evolution of Accountability and Collaboration
    Ensuring IT-Enabled Gains in Organizational Performance
    Managing Complexity with Health Care Information Technology
    Expanding Patients’ Role in Their Care
    Ready, Set, Go: Performance-Based Reimbursement
    Information Technology for Community Hospitals
    Nursing in the New Era of Accountability
    A New Era in IT’s Strategic Importance
    IT Strategies for Process Improvement
    What Happens After EHR Implementation Is Done?
    The Myth of IT’s Competitive Advantage
    The Fundamentals of Sustained Collaboration
    Success Factors for Clinical Information System Implementation
    Managing Threats to Large IT Projects
    The Board’s Role in the IT Discussion
    The Challenge of IT Value

    The Risky Business of Information Security
    Hitting the Restart Button: We’ve All Been There
    Organizational Effectiveness in Implementing IT
    The Scope of an IT Strategy
    Thinking Strategically about New Information Technology
    Data Challenges on the EHR Agenda: Are They Using IT Effectively?
    Necessary Downtime
    The Legacy of Leadership
    IT Effectiveness, Part 1—The Fundamentals
    IT Effectiveness, Part 2—Evaluating the IT Department

    Why We Do What We Do
    Health Care IT Innovation: The Best Is Yet to Come
    Of Guns and EHRs
    More Time Needed for Meaningful Use
    Seeing Health Care from Both the Provider’s and the Vendor’s Viewpoints
    Getting Ready for the Big Dance
    The Federal Electronic Health Record Strategy
    Boundary Erosion in Information Technology
    Taking Care in EHR Adoption
    Health Care’s Progressive Transformation
    Health Care IT Progress Report
    Four Challenges in Personalized Medicine
    The Tiering of EHR Adoption
    The Four Cornerstones of Innovation
    Information Technology Is Not an Intervention
    When Information Hurts



    John Glaser, PhD, is the senior vice president and member of the executive cabinet for Cerner Corporation. Formerly, he was chief executive officer of the Health Services Business Unit of Siemens Healthcare, where he was responsible for heading Siemen's global healthcare IT business. Cerner acquired Siemens Health Services in February, 2015.

    Prior to joining Siemens, Dr. Glaser was Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Partners Health Care, Inc. Among his many industry affiliations, Dr. Glaser was the founding chairman of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), past president of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), and has served on the boards of the eHealth Initiative, the National Alliance for Health Information Technology, and the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA).

    Additionally, Dr. Glaser is a fellow of HIMSS, CHIME, and the American College of Medical Informatics. He is also a former Senior Advisor to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Dr. Glaser has published more than 150 articles and three books on the strategic application of information technology in healthcare, including the most widely used textbook on the topic. He is on the faculty of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the Medical University of South Carolina and the Harvard School of Public Health.

    "This book is a collection of John’s finest and most challenging work. These writings represent over a decade of self- and industry introspection and critique. Some will explore the current challenges and potential solutions we face during these transitional years; some will dissect the current policy, exploring weaknesses and errors; but all will educate and inform in a witty and thought-provoking style. Today’s challenges, just like those of the past several decades, require shared learning and understanding. These writings represent an amazing opportunity to learn and understand from one of the best. He not only helped to start us on this journey but also blazed a path of discovery and innovation."
    —From the Foreword by Russ Branzell, President and CEO, College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME)