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1st Edition

Glasses for Infrared Optics

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ISBN 9780849337857
Published May 15, 1996 by CRC Press
256 Pages

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Book Description

This book explores oxygen-free chalcogenide glasses, the only commercial transparent vitreous materials used for long-wave infrared radiation. The chalcogenides have been the subject of study around the world for many years, and continue to be an important area of research and development in infrared optics. Written by a renowned glass specialist with extensive experience working with chalcogenide glasses, Glasses for Infrared Optics includes discussions of:

  • Chalcogenide glasses - a unique class of vitreous substances
  • Optical properties of chalcogenide glasses
  • Elaboration of commercial glasses
  • Technological basics for manufacturing optical chalcogenide glasses
    The material presented in Glasses for Infrared Optics is based on research performed at the Vavilov State Optical Institute in Russia. This is the first and only work that reviews every aspect of chalcogenide glasses. The scope of this comprehensive book is unique, and the major portion of this work has never been published before in English.
  • Table of Contents

    Chalcogenide Glasses - A Peculiar Class of Vitreous Substances
    Methods for Synthesis of Chalcogenide Glasses
    Laboratory Method for the Synthesis of Optical Chalcogenide Glasses
    Safety Measures for Manufacturing and Treatment of Chalcogenide Glasses
    Evaluation of the Quality of Chalcogenide Glasses
    X-Ray Phase Analysis as a Method for Determination of the Monophase Character of Chalcogenide Glasses
    Glass-Forming as a Function of the Position of Elements in the Periodic System
    Classical Aspects of Glass-Forming
    The Role of Chalcogenide Glasses in Clarification of the Vitreous State Nature
    Glass-Forming. Physicochemical Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses and Their Structural Model
    Preparation of Samples and Investigative Techniques
    Glass-Forming in the Systems Based on Selenium with the Elements of Second and Third Periods (P, Si, B, A1)
    Glass-Forming Properties and Structure of Glasses in the Systems Containing the Elements of the IV to VI Main Subgroups of the Fourth-Sixth Periods
    Glass-Forming. Properties and Structural Peculiarities of Sulfur-Containing Glasses
    Chalcogenide Glasses Containing Halogens
    Properties of the Glasses as a Function of Average Number of Covalent Bonds per Atom (the Covalent Atomic Correlation)
    Optical Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses
    Spectral Transmission, Absorption Bands
    Optical Constants of Chalcogenide Glasses
    Thallium and Tellurium
    Thermal Change in Refractive Index
    Elaboration of Commercial Glasses
    Optical Materials for the Infrared Range
    General Principles of Commercial Glasses Elaboration
    Eutectic Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses
    Commercial Glasses Transparent to 9 to 11 mm
    Glasses for Optical Systems Transparent to 14 to 18 mm
    Glasses for Crown-Flint Pairs of Lenses for the Optical Systems Objectives
    Optical Glasses for Passive Elements of CO2-Lasers
    Optical Absorption and Ray Strength of the Glasses As-Ge, Ge-Se, and Selenium
    Optical Absorption in Glasses of Complex Compositions
    The Peculiarities of Synthesis of ChG for Lasers. Methods for Manufacturing Pure Glasses
    Radial Strength of the Glasses IRG29 and IRG34
    Chalcogenide Glasses for Fiber Optics
    Infrared Optical Glues and Immersion Mediums from Chalcogenide Glasses
    Thermoplastic Glasses for Optical Elements of IR Spectroscopy of Broken Absolute Internal Reflection
    Infrared Filters Based on Chalcogenide Glasses
    Chalcogenide Glasses for Acousto-Optical Deflectors
    Technological Basics for Manufacturing Optical Chalcogenide Glasses
    Manufacturing Technology for Commercial ChG, Produced at "AOLZOS"
    Investigation of Striaes in ChG and Technological Ways of Their Liquidation
    Physical Heterogeneities in ChG
    Influence of Variations in Glass Composition During the Manufacturing Process on the Refractive Index
    Technology for the Production of Commercial Chalcogenide Glasses Manufactured by Different Companies (Review)
    Properties and Quality of Chalcogenide Glasses Manufactured by Different Companies
    Problems in the Application of Optical Chalcogenide Glasses

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