1st Edition

Global Business Ethics The Quest for Sustainable Development

Edited By Abraham Stefanidis, Linda M. Sama Copyright 2025
    126 Pages
    by Routledge

    Drawing on contributions from nineteen prominent scholars, the book reflects on the quest for sustainable development as a source of competitive advantage for organizations and as a global imperative for society. It highlights how organizations’ decision-making processes and bundled capabilities can promote innovative approaches to address current ethical dilemmas, setting forth business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability as required tenets for participating in a global economy. 

    As societal and business stakeholders race toward the 2030 deadline to meet the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, business plays a critical role in achieving global goals. It is thus increasingly crucial that organizational practices and policies incorporate a socially responsible agenda based on ethical decision-making to achieve a more just society. Incorporating people, technology, the natural environment, and economics in a way that is inclusive, honest, just, and sustainable becomes a management imperative challenge. Given the rapid pace of changes taking place in the global economy, the time for action is now, if we are to preserve our planet and ensure progress and prosperity.

    This book will appeal to scholars in business ethics, management, international business, and sustainability, as well as to business executives. The chapters in this book were originally published in International Studies of Management & Organization.

    Preface - Global Business Ethics and Sustainability

    Abraham Stefanidis and Linda M. Sama


    Introduction: Business ethics for a global society: Howard Bowen’s legacy and the foundations of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

    Linda M. Sama, Abraham Stefanidis and Sven Horak


    1. Why do U.S. public companies continue to join the UN global compact: Ethics or economics?

    James Barrese, Cynthia Phillips and Victoria Shoaf


    2. Calculation, principle or bias? Information preference and ethical decision-making

    Regina Bento, Lasse Mertins and Lourdes F. White


    3. Decoupling in CSR reports: A Linguistic Content Analysis of the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal

    Dirk Holtbrügge and Marcus Conrad


    4. The ethical challenge of Big Tech’s “disruptive philanthropy”

    Paul Manning, Nigel Baker and Peter Stokes

    5. Dynamic capabilities and environmental sustainability for emerging economies’ multinational enterprises

    Pervaiz Akhtar, Subhan Ullah, Saman Hassanzadeh Amin, Gaurav Kabra and

    Sarah Shaw





    Abraham Stefanidis is Professor and the Director of Faculty Research at The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, St John’s University in New York, USA. He has studied, taught, and conducted research in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Germany, and the USA. Abraham Stefanidis’ research focuses on International Human Resource Management, Global Business Ethics, and Disability.

    Linda M. Sama is Retired Professor at The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, St John’s University in New York, USA, and founder of a micro-lending organization.  She serves as NGO representative to the U.N. for the International Association of Charities.  Her research focuses on issues of Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Ethics, and Microfinance.