1st Edition

Global Project Management Communication, Collaboration and Management Across Borders

By Jean Binder Copyright 2008

    Global Project Management describes how to adapt your organisation and your projects to thrive in business environments which require distributed skills, around-the-clock operations and virtual team environments.

    The book goes beyond simple recommendations on collaborative tools, to suggest the development of best practices on cross-cultural team management and global communication, recommend organisational changes and project structures, and propose alternatives for the implementation of the new practices and methods.

    Filled with real-life examples and techniques, the book illustrates how to apply the recommendations as part of the successful management of any global project.

    Introduction, Part 1: Global Teams, 1. Cross-Cultural Collaboration

    2. Global Project Leadership

    3. Trust Building

    4. Conflict Resolution

    5. Coaching Over Distance

    Part 2: Global Communication

    6. Stakeholders and Communication Channels

    7. Meeting Rules and Templates

    8. Global Communications Strategy

    9. Global Communications Techniques

    10. Global Creativity

    Part 3: Global Organisations

    11. Global Project Structure

    12. Selection of International Human Resources

    13. Global Program and Project Offices

    14. Organisational Support

    15. Global Collaborative Networks

    Part 4: Implementation of Collaborative Tools

    16. Basic Infrastructure

    17. Interactive Audio and Video

    18. Interative Text and Images

    19. Knowledge Sharing

    20. Collaborative Project Management Software

    Part 5: Adoption of Collaborative Tools

    21. Getting Connected

    22. Effective Audio and Video Conferences

    23. Coordinating and Attending Online Meetings

    24. Fostering Knowledge Exchange

    25. Collaborative Project Management

    Part 6: Implementing the Global Project Management Framework

    26. A Charter for the Framework

    27. Implementation Strategies


    Jean Binder, PMP, has more than 20 years of experience working in project environments, most of them living abroad and communicating in multi-cultural and multi-language environments. He has particular experience of managing global projects, having implemented collaborative tools and techniques in a number of global organisations. The Global Project Management Framework that served as a basis for this book was developed by the author at the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh.

    'The book never wavers from its commitment to providing a valuable framework of methods to be used for the benefit of global project outcomes.' -- Winner of the 2008 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award

    'What makes global projects succeed? Do you wonder why some generic projects are perfectly managed and delivered in some countries and not even understood in others when the project scope and communication were exactly the same? If you're looking for solid, easy-to-follow advice on cross-cultural collaboration, coaching over distance, global communication, organizations, tools and more, then this is the book for you! A must-have for any project management professional.' -- Fabien Niget, Orange Business Services, Outsourcing Services Program Office, Switzerland

    'With a refreshing sense of pragmatism, and a methodical approach of key concepts, Jean Binder cuts through the complexity of Global Project Management issues. This book deals with most of the situations I’ve had to face as a Global Project Manager, and gives easy-to-implement techniques and hints to solve issues and improve best practices. I’m sure you’ll benefit from the time saved thanks to its effectiveness.' -- Jacob Marchal, R&D Project Manager, Alcatel-Lucent