1st Edition

Global Thinking and Local Action Agriculture, Tropical Forest Loss and Conservation in Southeast Nigeria

By Uwem Ite Copyright 2001

    This title was first published in 2001. Based on extensive local field research undertaken in and around the Cross River National Park in Nigeria, this book provides a socio-economic study of the tensions between agriculture and nature conservation. Taking a ’bottom-up’ approach and focussing on the farm household and the dynamics of forest farming at household level, it brings together a wealth of new information on the subject of tropical forestry, the causes and dynamics of tropical rain forest loss and the problematic relations between conservation authorities in National Parks and local people. Its conclusions raise important questions about practical ways forward in the development of such areas.

    Contents: Global Thinking: Theoretical Issues: Introduction; Small farmers, tropical forest loss and conservation. Environmental Management Issues in Nigeria: Tropical forest loss and resource conservation in Nigeria; The Cross River national park project. Local Action: Forest Loss and Conservation in Okwangwo Division: Environment and development themes; Agricultural land use: practices and challenges; Rates and implications of forest loss in Okwangwo division; Forest conservation-with-development in Okwangwo division. Synthesis: local rates and global illusions; Bibliography; Index.


    Uwem Ite

    'There is a great deal of interesting detailed information in the book.' Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture '...adds a new dimension to the literature on the design of the Cross River National Park...It also makes a valuable contribution to continuing debates on both the effectiveness of ICDPs, and the extent and consequences of forest conversion in West Africa.' Environmental Conservation '...a useful discussion of small farmer contribution to, and interrogation of, tropical moist forest (TMF) loss and conservation in and around Nigeria's Cross River National Park...' Journal of Modern African Studies '...provides a detailed account of the tensions between agriculture, small farmers and tropical forest conservation in Southeast Nigeria. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in Nigerian actions to conserve the tropical forest...' International Journal of Environment and Pollution '...the topics that are included in the text are well presented...The in-depth analysis of the chosen topics reflects the authors' first-hand experience with environment-development issues in developing countries...one cannot but be impressed by the rigour, lucidity and relevance of this book which is strongly recommended for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and policymakers or practitioners in the broad fields of environment and development.' Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography