1st Edition

Global Writing for Public Relations Connecting in English with Stakeholders and Publics Worldwide

By Arhlene A. Flowers Copyright 2016
    512 Pages
    by Routledge

    512 Pages
    by Routledge

    Global Writing for Public Relations: Connecting in English with Stakeholders and Publics Worldwide provides multiple resources to help students and public relations practitioners learn best practices for writing in English to communicate and connect with a global marketplace. Author Arhlene Flowers has created a new approach on writing for public relations by combining intercultural communication, international public relations, and effective public relations writing techniques.

    Global Writing for Public Relations offers the following features:

      • Insight into the evolution of English-language communication in business and public relations, as well as theoretical and political debates on global English and globalization;
      • An understanding of both a global thematic and customized local approach in creating public relations campaigns and written materials;
      • Strategic questions to help writers develop critical thinking skills and understand how to create meaningful communications materials for specific audiences;
      • Storytelling skills that help writers craft compelling content;
      • Real-world global examples from diverse industries that illustrate creative solutions;
      • Step-by-step guidance on writing public relations materials with easy-to-follow templates to reach traditional and online media, consumers, and businesses;
      • Self-evaluation and creative thinking exercises to improve cultural literacy, grammar, punctuation, and editing skills for enhanced clarity; and
      • Supplemental online resources for educators and students.

    English is the go-to business language across the world, and this book combines the author’s experience training students and seasoned professionals in crafting public relations materials that resonate with global English-language audiences. It will help public relations students and practitioners become proficient and sophisticated writers with the ability to connect with diverse audiences worldwide.

    Part I Going Global in Public Relations

    Chapter 1 Exploring the Evolution of English as "Globish"

    Chapter 2 Understanding Global Perspectives in Public Relations

    Chapter 3 Examining the Web, Portable Technology and Mainstream Global Media

    Chapter 4 Appreciating Cultural Similarities and Accepting Differences

    Part II Honing English Writing Skills for Global Audiences

    Chapter 5 Applying Consistency of Style and Messaging

    Chapter 6 Mastering Grammar, Editing and Proofing

    Chapter 7 Developing Multicultural Writing Skills and Sensitivities

    Chapter 8 Navigating the Communication Landscape of Global Regions

    Chapter 9 Following Global Ethical and Legal Guidelines in Public Relations Writing

    Part III Generating and Managing News Worldwide

    Chapter 10 Crafting News Releases Worldwide

    Chapter 11 Composing Global Press Kits and Online News Rooms

    Chapter 12 Using Other Media Relations Techniques

    Chapter 13 Designing Materials for International Press Briefings and Events

    Chapter 14 Communicating Bad News Globally

    Part IV Connecting Online Around the World

    Chapter 15 Writing Blogs, Microblogs and Wikipedia Content

    Chapter 16 Integrating Mobile Apps and Social Networking Globally

    Chapter 17 Scripting Podcasts and Videos for Video-Sharing Sites

    Part V Voicing Opinions and Using External Communication Tools Globally

    Chapter 18 Expressing Opinions and Thought Leadership

    Chapter 19 Engaging Global Marketing Communication Materials

    Chapter 20 Shaping Speeches for International Audiences

    Part VI Writing International Public Relations Plans, Reports and Business Correspondence

    Chapter 21 Creating International Public Relations Plans

    Chapter 22 Presenting Recommendations to International Organizations

    Chapter 23 Preparing Global Business Correspondence and Internal Reports

    Glossary of Terms


    Arhlene A. Flowers is associate professor of Integrated Marketing Communications in the Department of Strategic Communication at the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. Prior to joining Ithaca College in 2006, she held senior management positions at leading global public relations agencies headquartered in New York City, and she served as corporate public relations director worldwide for a publicly held multinational company based in Toronto. She has handled a wide range of public and private companies, nonprofits, and government organizations, where she conducted business on all continents except for Antarctica. She also managed internal public relations staff and public relations agencies in multiple countries, where she learned how to apply a "glocal" approach, blending the global mission of the organizations with the specific needs of the local markets. Her background spans all elements of public relations writing for internal and external audiences, reaching the media, consumers, special-interest groups, businesses, and shareholders in North America and international markets. Born in Hawaii, she holds a BA from New York University and an MPS from the New School for Social Research in New York City.