GlobalSoilMap : Basis of the global spatial soil information system book cover
1st Edition

Basis of the global spatial soil information system

ISBN 9781138001190
Published January 27, 2014 by CRC Press
494 Pages

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Book Description

GlobalSoilMap: Basis of the global spatial soil information system contains contributions that were presented at the 1st GlobalSoilMap conference, held 7-9 October 2013 in Orléans, France. These contributions demonstrate the latest developments in the GlobalSoilMap project and digital soil mapping technology for which the ultimate aim is to produce a high resolution digital spatial soil information system of selected soil properties and their uncertainties for the entire world. GlobalSoilMap: Basis of the global spatial soil information system aims to stimulate capacity building and new incentives to develop full GlobalSoilMap products in all parts of the world.

Table of Contents


GlobalSoilMap project history
J.W. Hempel, A.B. McBratney, D. Arrouays, N.J. McKenzie & A.E. Hartemink

The GlobalSoilMap project specifications
D. Arrouays, A.B. McBratney, B. Minasny, J.W. Hempel, G.B.M. Heuvelink, R.A. MacMillan, A.E. Hartemink, P. Lagacherie & N.J. McKenzie

A new deal for soils—implications of the Global Soil Partnership for GlobalSoilMap
N.J. McKenzie


On the need of soil data for environmental assessments: The biofuel example
A. Bispo, T. Eglin, I. Feix, C. Le Mouël, A. Gohin, A. Forslund & F. Levert

Nodes, countries and case study reports

GlobalSoilMap progress in Oceania
M.J. Grundy, A.E. Hewitt, M. Sarwani, I. Ratukalou & A.B. McBratney

Spatial prediction of soil properties at European scale using the LUCAS database as an harmonization layer
C. Ballabio, P. Panagos & L. Montanarella

GlobalSoilMap North American Node progress
J.W. Hempel, Z. Libohova, J.A. Thompson, N.P. Odgers, C.A.S. Smith, G.W. Lelyk & G.E.E. Geraldo

Soils of Russia—GlobalSoilMap Perspective
I. Savin & V. Stolbovoy

Africa Soil Profiles database: A compilation of georeferenced and standardised legacy soil profile data for Sub-Saharan Africa
J.G.B. Leenaars, B. Kempen, A.J.M. van Oostrum & N.H. Batjes

The experiences of building CZESOTER—Czech form of SOTER in the scale 1:250,000
J. Kozak & L. Boruvka

Legacy data quality and uncertainty estimation for United States GlobalSoilMap products
Z. Libohova, S. Wills & N.P. Odgers

National soil information and potential for delivering GlobalSoilMap products in France: A review
N.P.A. Saby, D. Arrouays, C. Jolivet, M.P. Martin, M. Lacoste, R. Ciampalini, A.C. Richer de Forges, B. Laroche & M. Bardy

The new Australian Grid—a multi-institutional template?
M.J. Grundy

Regional investigation of soil phosphorus saturation degree, a study case in Switzerland
A. Roger, S. Sinaj, Z. Libohova & E. Frossard

Towards products for The Netherlands
B. Kempen, G.B.M. Heuvelink, D.J. Brus & D.J.J. Walvoort

Carbon content and stocks in the O-horizons of French forest soils
M. Lacoste, M.P. Martin, N.P.A. Saby, J.-B. Paroissien, S. Lehmann, A.C. Richer de Forges & D. Arrouays

Suitability of the soil map and legacy data in Wallonia (BE) to support the GSM initiative
X. Legrain, L. Bock & G. Colinet

Building a national framework for pedometric mapping: Soil depth as an example from Mexico
E. Guerrero, A. Pérez, C. Arroyo, J. Equihua & M. Guevara

The soil map of Italy: A hierarchy of geodatabases, from soil regions to sub-systems
E.A.C. Costantini, R. Barbetti, M. Fantappiè, G. L’Abate, R. Lorenzetti, R. Napoli, A. Marchetti & R. Rivieccio

Operational digital soil assessment for enterprise suitability in Tasmania, Australia
D.B. Kidd, M.A. Webb, C.J. Grose, R.M. Moreton, B.P. Malone, A.B. McBratney & B. Minasny

Soil texture GlobalSoilMap products for the French region “Centre”
R. Ciampalini, M.P. Martin, N.P.A. Saby, A.C. Richer de Forges, D. Arrouays, P. Nehlig & G. Martelet

The Australian site data collation to support the GlobalSoilMap
R. Searle

Estimation of grids cells from legacy soil data at the regional scale in Southern France
K. Vaysse, D. Arrouays, N.J. McKenzie, S. Coste & P. Lagacherie

Assessment of potential soil loss rate by wind and water erosion in Jodhpur region of western Rajasthan, India
S. Priyabrata, R.K. Goyal, J.C. Tewari, M.M. Roy & J.P. Singh

Reflections on, DSM and the legacy of soil survey information in Victoria, Australia—the pedology matters
R.J. MacEwan, N.J. Robinson, M.P. Imhof, D.B. Rees, J. Hopley & D.M. Crawford

The why and how of digital soil mapping in Antarctica
P. Roudier, M. McLeod, J. Aislabie & F. Morgan

Mapping soil pH and bulk density at multiple soil depths in Denmark
K. Adhikari, R.B. Kheir, M.B. Greve, M.H. Greve, B.P. Malone, B. Minasny & A.B. McBratney

Estimating and mapping soil Available Water Capacity in Nigeria using legacy data and digital soil mapping techniques
S.U. Ugbaje & H.I. Reuter

Mapping soils in Ireland
I. Simó, R. Corstanje, R. Fealy, S. Hallett, J. Hannam, N. Holden, G. Jahns, B. Jones, P. Massey, T. Mayr, E. McDonald, B. Reidy, R.P.O. Schulte, P. Sills, O. Spaargaren, J. Zawadka & R.E. Creamer

Mapping the available water capacity of Australian soils
J. Padarian, B. Minasny, A.B. McBratney & N. Dalgliesh

Spatial prediction of soil organic carbon at different depths using digital soil mapping
F. Collard, N.P.A. Saby, A.C. Richer de Forges, S. Lehmann, J.-B. Paroissien & D. Arrouays

A digital soil map of Victoria—VicDSMv1
J. Hopley, D.B. Rees, R.J. MacEwan, R. Clark, K. Benke, M.P. Imhof, N.J. Robinson & D. Bardos

Spatial variability of soil properties and soils classification in Teide National Park (Tenerife, Canary Islands)
N. Rodríguez, J. Notario, C.D. Arbelo, A. Rodríguez-Rodríguez & J.A. Guerra

A preliminary analysis of topsoil organic carbon contents and stocks spatial distribution in a region of France (Région Centre)
A.C. Richer de Forges, M.P. Martin, N.P.A. Saby, D. Arrouays, G. Martelet & B. Tourlière

Spatial disaggregation of soil map polygons to estimate continuous soil property values at a resolution of 90 m for a pilot study area in Manitoba, Canada
G.W. Lelyk, R.A. MacMillan, S. Smith & B. Daneshfar

Elaboration of novel, countrywide maps for the satisfaction of recent demands on spatial, soil related information in Hungary
L. Pásztor, J. Szabó, Zs. Bakacsi, A. Laborczi, E. Dobos, G. Illés & G. Szatmári


The evolving methodology for global soil mapping
J. Padarian, B. Minasny & A.B. McBratney

Estimating the Available Water Content of highly heterogeneous soils including stony soils at the regional scale
I. Cousin, B. Nicoullaud, M. Tétégan, A.C. Richer de Forges, D. Arrouays & A. Bouthier

S-World: A global map of soil properties for modelling
J.J. Stoorvogel

Part I—Conceptualization of a Meta Soil Model
S. Grunwald

Part II—Integration of data to work towards a Meta Soil Carbon Model in the U.S.
S. Grunwald, B. Cao, X. Xiong, C.W. Ross, R. Patarasuk, J.W. Hempel, L.T. West, S.S. Andrews, S. Wills & T.D. Loecke

Parametrization of soil erodibility in a Lesser Himalayan watershed using pedotransfer functions and mixed effects modeling
P.S. Datta, H. Schack-Kirchner & E. Hildebrand

Modelling soil carbon stocks using legacy site data, in the Mid North region of South Australia
C. Liddicoat, D. Maschmedt, D.B. Kidd & R. Searle

DSMART: An algorithm to spatially disaggregate soil map units
N.P. Odgers, A.B. McBratney, B. Minasny, W. Sun & D. Clifford

Comparing spatial prediction methods for soil property mapping in Brazil: A case study for the Rio Doce Basin
E. de Souza, T. Hengl, B. Kempen, G.B.M. Heuvelink, E.I.F. Filho & C.E.G.R. Schaefer

Spatial disaggregation of conventional soil mapping across Western Australia using DSMART
K.W. Holmes, N.P. Odgers, E.A. Griffin & D. van Gool

Mapping beyond the solum: Challenges and some solutions
M. Thomas, J.R. Wilford, R. Searle & M.J. Grundy

Assessing carbon in Scottish soils using traditional and novel analytical approaches
A. Lilly, M.J. Aitkenhead & H.I.J. Black

Towards methodologies for global soil mapping
A.A. Nikiforova, M.E. Fleis & M.M. Borisov

Mapping depth-to-rock from legacy data, using a generalized linear mixed model
M.J. Pringle, P.R. Zund, J.E. Payne & T.G. Orton

Mapping soil digitally with object based image analysis to improve soil map inputs to Digital Soil Mapping
P. Wilson, L. Gregory, A. Herklots & A. Starkey

A Python script to produce datasets to support GlobalSoilMap mapping of soil properties
J. Daroussin & J. Gallant

Digital mapping of selected WRB units based on vast and diverse legacy data
I. Waltner, E. Michéli, M. Fuchs, V. Láng, L. Pásztor, Zs. Bakacsi, A. Laborczi & J. Szabó

Populating soil maps with legacy data from a soil testing databases
J.-B. Paroissien, N.P.A. Saby, A.C. Richer de Forges, D. Arrouays & B. Louis

Modelling soil particle-size distribution in the region “Centre” (France)
R. Ciampalini, M.P. Martin, N.P.A. Saby, A.C. Richer de Forges, D. Arrouays, P. Nehlig & G. Martelet


Uncertainty quantification of GlobalSoilMap products
G.B.M. Heuvelink

Digital soil property mapping and uncertainty estimation using soil class probability rasters
N.P. Odgers, A.B. McBratney & B. Minasny

A novel approach for validating raster datasets with categorical data
E. Dobos, P. Vadnai, D. Bertóti, K. Kovács, E. Michéli, V. Láng & M. Fuchs

Multi-source data integration and identification of uncertainties affecting production of a digital soil map
N.J. Robinson, K. Benke, J. Hopley, R.J. MacEwan, R. Clark, D.B. Rees, M. Kitching, M.P. Imhof & D. Bardos

Developing and assessing prediction intervals for soil property maps derived from legacy databases
J.L. Helmick, T.W. Nauman & J.A. Thompson

Digital mapping of soil properties and associated uncertainties in the Llanos Orientales, South America
J.M. Ashtekar, P.R. Owens, R.A. Brown, H.E. Winzeler, M. Dorantes, Z. Libohova, M. Dasilva & A. Castro

3D modelling with spatial uncertainty of soil carbon in Scottish soils
L. Poggio & A. Gimona

Estimating information levels—Using interpretation to convert data into useable information
B.W. Murphy


What can GlobalSoilMap expect from Vis-NIR HyperSpectral Imagery in the near future?
P. Lagacherie & C. Gomez

Integrating climate into the Digital Soil Assessment framework to assess land suitability
M.A. Webb, D.B. Kidd, C.J. Grose, R.M. Moreton, B.P. Malone, A.B. McBratney & B. Minasny

Airborne gamma-ray spectrometry: Potential for regolith—soil mapping and characterization
G. Martelet, P. Nehlig, D. Arrouays, F. Messner, B. Tourlière, B. Laroche, J. Deparis, N.P.A. Saby, A.C. Richer de Forges, C. Jolivet & C. Ratié

In situ prediction of soil chemical properties with visible and near infrared spectroscopy in an African savannah
A. Kühnel, C. Bogner & B. Huwe

Soil Organic Carbon depth profiles in relation to topographic parameters
E. Aldana-Jague, K. Van Oost, B. van Wesemael, N.P.A. Saby & M. Sommer

Modelling Soil Organic Carbon stocks using a detailed soil map in a Mediterranean mountainous area
I. Simó, C. Herrero, J. Boixadera & R.M. Poch

Development of remote sensing methods for assessing and mapping soil pollution with heavy metals
Sh.G. Asmaryan, V.S. Muradyan, L.V. Sahakyan, A.K. Saghatelyan & T. Warner

Lithology as a powerful covariate in digital soil mapping
J.M. Gray, T.F.A. Bishop & J.R. Wilford

Using airborne thermal inertia mapping to analyze the soil spatial variability at regional scale
I. Cousin, C. Pasquier, M. Séger & A. Tabbagh

Using aerial gamma-ray and terrain data as lone predictors of dambo catenary units
J.S. Lugumira, D.J. Brown, M. Swanson, P.E. Dennison & L. Vierling

Assessing soil quality in semiarid tropical region of southern India using GIS and remote sensing
U.K. Mandal, K. Venkanna, K.L. Sharma & K. Ramachandran

Spatial quantification of soil total carbon, in Djerid arid area, by merging Visible-Near infrared laboratory data to ASTER image data
H. Aïchi, Y. Fouad, C. Walter, Z.L. Chabaane & M. Sanaa

Electrical multi-depth survey to assess soil cover spatial organization
S. Buvat, Y. Coquet, J. Thiesson, A. Tabbagh, J. Michelin & B. Nicoullaud


Opportunities for information model driven exchange and delivery of GlobalSoilMap data and related products
P. Wilson, B. Simons & A. Ritchie

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