1st Edition

Globalisation, Localisation and Sustainable Livelihoods

By Geoffrey Lawrence, Reidar Almas Copyright 2003
    ISBN 9781138721661
    274 Pages
    Published January 17, 2019 by Routledge

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    274 Pages
    Published November 28, 2017 by Routledge

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    This title was first published in 2002. One of the greatest concerns facing the world is how to ensure that sustainable outcomes are generated as globalization proceeds apace. Quite simply, many people are finding their life chances deteriorating - with resistance to globalization being a common response. The question is: is it possible to guarantee sustainable livelihoods for individuals, families and communities as global processes increasingly shape local social relations? This volume is a collection of 16 chapters from leading rural sociologists and human geographers based in Europe, Australasia, and the Americas. The book, in three parts, deals with globalization and food; the restructuring of local agriculture; and communities and resistance in a globalizing world. The introduction to the book compares and contrasts the various experiences of communities in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Finland, Norway, South Africa and the United States as they "struggle" to cope with globalization and its effects. Each chapter discusses options to ameliorate the local consequences of global change.

    Figures and Tables, Notes on Contributors, Acknowledgements, PART I: GLOBALIZATION AND FOOD, 1. Introduction: The Global/Local Problematic, 2. Fast Food/Slow Food: Standardizing and Differentiating Cultures of Food, 3. Restructuring of the Sugar Supply to the Industrially-Processed Food Chain: The Brazilian Case, 4. Forging New Local/Global Links Through Fair Trade Agro-Food Networks, 5. The Power of Food, PART II: THE RESTRUCTURING OF LOCAL AGRICULTURE, 6. Assessing the Neoliberal Experiment in Antipodean Agriculture, 7. Resisting Integration in the Global Agro-Food System: Corporate Chickens and Community Controversy in Texas, 8. Globalization and Agro-Food Systems in Argentina, 9. Technological Transformation of Household Milk Production in the South of Brazil: Social Impacts, 10. Co-operatives to Companies: The South African Wine Industry in the Face of Globalization, PART III: COMMUNITIES AND RESISTANCE IN A GLOBALIZING WORLD, 11. Two Roads to the Global Village: A Comparison of How a Coastal and a Mountain Region of Norway Have Found Strategies to Cope with Globalization, 12. Local Consequences and Responses to Global Integration: The Role of the State in the Less Favoured Zones, 13. Global Change, Social Exclusion and Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural Britain, 14. Countering Localized Impacts of Globalization: Some Rural Community Development Initiatives in Australia, 15. The Problem of Trust at the Margins of the Network Economy: Trust and Confidence among Rural Entrepreneurs in Finland, Index


    Lawrence, Geoffrey; Almas, Reidar

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