2nd Edition

Globalizing Human Resource Management

By Paul Sparrow, Robert Dubin, Chul Chung Copyright 2017
    316 Pages 7 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    316 Pages 7 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This new edition of Globalizing Human Resource Management examines the strategic and global issues of HRM by showing how organizations address the tradeoffs between global integration and local responsiveness. Sparrow, Brewster, and Chung discuss varying methods of globalized talent management and employer branding and conclude with a multi-dimensional approach to HRM.

    The second edition includes:

    • Updated analyses of talent management, employer branding, and outsourcing of HRM
    • Broader geographic focus, including a new focus on Asian firms and other emerging markets
    • Exploration of the impact of strategic management thinking on HR as well as the latest research in other areas, such as operations, marketing, and economic geography

    Complementing traditional international HRM texts, this is an ideal book for any student interested in the actual strategic logics being pursued by the HR function today.

    Part I: Globalization and International HRM Theory  1. Drivers of Globalization and Patterns of Response for Multinational Enterprises Around The World  2. Multiple Layers of Globalization Within the MNE  3. Global HRM Strategies and Structures  Part II: Strategic Objectives  4. Building Global Capabilities Across Multinational Enterprises  5. Developing International Management Competences  Part III: Global Integration Mechanisms  6. Global Talent Management  7. Managing The International Labor Force 8. Employer Branding  9. The Location of Business and HRM: By Whom? Where? and How?  10. The E-Enablement of HRM in MNEs  11. Conclusions and Future Research Directions


    Paul Sparrow is Director of the Centre for Performance-Led HR and Professor of International HRM at Lancaster University Management School, UK.

    Chris Brewster is Professor of International Human Resource Management at Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK.

    Chul Chung is Assistant Professor in International Human Resource Management at Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK.

    ‘This book is timely, thorough, and useful. With geographic national borders being replaced by global firms, thr authors unravel both the HR implications of a global strategy and the HR implications of working in different countries. By reading and using the book, line managers and HR professionals committed to globalization will define and create the capabilities needed for success. An exceptional work.’

    Dave Ulrich, University of Michigan Business School, USA

    'This the latest and the best book providing an in-depth analysis and understanding of the essence of globalizing the management of human resources. Written by three of the most well-known experts in the field, the thirteen chapters describe, with excellent examples, the latest trends and insights in human resource management and the implications of managing a global organization effectively. This is a "must" book for all HR professionals, faculty and students who really want to know what is happening in the field and what is likely to unfold in the coming years!'

    Randall S. Schuler, Rutgers University, USA

    'Sparrow and his colleagues have provided much more than just another international HRM text. This book hinges on a deep research-based appreciation of the complexity of managing human resources in transnational firms in turbulent times. The authors offer a robust analysis of the possibilities, practicalities and pitfalls of strategic integration in a multi-polar world.'

    Peter Scott, University of Portsmouth, UK

    'This text is a welcomed and timely contribution in the area of global HRM. It has the appropriate balance of theory, empirical studies and real-life cases. Having a global focus, it is imperative that a book of such standing represents the diverse global community in the use of studies and real-case examples. It will arm students, particularly undergraduate and postgraduate, with the knowledge of contemporary and challenging issues facing companies today. It is a must-have for anyone involved in the area of globalisation and HRM.'

    Azam Ali, Regent's Business School London, UK