1st Edition

Glucuronidation of Drugs and Other Compounds

ISBN 9780429264177
Published June 12, 2019 by Chapman and Hall/CRC
268 Pages

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Book Description

Published in 1980: In a previous publication on glucuronic acid both free and conjugated, the author expressed the hope that glucuronic acid studies over the following few years might expand vigorously. The have expanded, and none more vigorously that the study of biosynthesis of simple glucuronides.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Glucuronidation, Glucuronides and Studies on Udpglucuronlytransferase In Vitro  1. Introduction – The Biological Function of Gluuronidation  2. Structure and Properties of Gucuronides  3. Mechanism of Glucuronidation  4. Location of UDPGlucuronlytransferase in the Cell  5. Factors Affecting UDPGlucuronyltransferase Activity In Vitro  6. Purification of UDPGlucuronlytransferase and its Heterogeneity  7. Acceptor Substrates of UDPGlucuronyltransferase and their Assay  8. Enzymic Mechanism of Glucuronyl Transferase by UDPGlucuronyltransferase  9. Metabolic Pathways Immediately Preceding and Succeeding Glucuronidation – Anabolic Pathways  Part 2: Factors Affecting Glucuronidation In Vivo  10. The Effect of Age on Glucuronidation 11. The Influence of Diet Glucuronidation  12. The Influence of Sex, Species, and Strain on Glucuronidation  13. The Influence of Hormones and Xenobiotics on Gluronidation  14. Extrahepatic Gluruonidation  15. Glucuronidation in Cultured Tissue and in Pathological Conditions  16. Relation of other Drug-Metabolizing to Glucuronidation  Part 3: Practical Aspects  17. Principles of Assay Glucuronidation in Biological Tissues or Fluids and Selected Practical Procedures

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G. J. Dutton is Professor of Pharmacological Biochemistry in the University of Dundee, Scotland.