1st Edition

God, Education, and Modern Metaphysics The Logic of "Know Thyself"

By Nigel Tubbs Copyright 2017
    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The Western tradition has long held the view that while it is possible to know that God exists, it nevertheless remains impossible to know what God is. The ineffability of the monotheistic God extends to each of the Abrahamic faiths. In this volume, Tubbs considers Aristotle’s logic of mastery and questions the assumptions upon which God’s ineffability rests. Part I explores the tensions between the philosophical definition of the One as "thought thinking itself" (the Aristotelian concept of noesis noeseos) and the educational vocation of the individual as "know thyself" (gnothi seuton). Identifying vulnerabilities in the logic of mastery, Tubbs puts forth an original logic of education, which he calls modern metaphysics, or a logic of learning and education. Part II explores this new educational logic of the divine as a "logic of tears," as a "dreadful religious teacher," and as a way to cohere the three Abrahamic faiths in an educational concept of monotheism.

    1. Introduction Part 1 Know Thyself: Ancient Metaphysics 2. Socrates to Augustine 3. Aquinas and Maimonides 4. Avicenna to Ibn Arabi 5. Cusanus to Pascal 6. Descartes to Hegel Intermezzo Part 2 Know Thyself: Modern Metaphysics 7. The Logic of Tears 8. The Dreadful Religious Teacher 9. The Educational Concept of Monotheism


    Nigel Tubbs is Professor of Philosophical and Educational Thought at the University of Winchester, UK.