1st Edition

God, Human Nature and Education for Peace New Approaches to Moral and Religious Maturity

By Karl Ernst Nipkow Copyright 2003

    This title was first published in 2003. What prevents the human species from finally learning the lessons of social justice and global peace in an unreconciled world? Are Christians better off? Presenting new challenges to moral and religious education, this book clarifies the true image of the biblical God around the topics of justice and reconciliation. Rejuvenating interpretations of the most outstanding traditions of the Old and New Testament, Karl Ernst Nipkow's approach of 'elementarization' - well known in German speaking countries - is introduced for the first time in the English language. Theological perspectives are confronted with data from evolutionary ethics and social psychology, through practice-based examples of the roots of aggression, violence, xenophobia and ethno-centrism. The analysis ends with peace and spirituality in the light of different faiths. This book presents a striking blend of theology, education and the social sciences, to explore central issues in moral and religious education.

    Contents: Preface; Global challenges and the role of religion; God's humanity: Human images of God and God's humanity; Peace through justice: God, Cain, war and evil in children's eyes; God and the cry for justice in the psalms and prophets; Reconciliation through love: Young people, God and Jesus - towards a culture of compassion and care; Christian education revised in the spirit of God's reconciling joy; The perspective of victims - peace and justice in the light of Jesus' death; Overcoming barriers - a biographical approach to Paul; Paths to peace and human nature: From killing to murder - aggression, violence and warfare in evolutionary perspective; Paths to peace - a multidimensional approach; Global peace and religions: Peace and spirituality in the light of different faiths; Bibliography; Indexes.


    Karl Ernst Nipkow

    'Karl Ernst Nipkow's excellent new book provides an impressive model for teaching the central themes of Christian faith in pluralistic societies. His method employs rational analysis that makes transparent the meaning and power of the Bible's central symbols and stories. Nipkow uniquely illumines the public meanings of biblical texts and teachings for secular contexts. A pace-making contribution!' James W. Fowler, C.H. Candler Professor of Theology and Human Development, Emory University, USA. Author of 'Stages of Faith' and 'Faithful Change' 'It is time for Ernst Nipkow, one of Germany's leading educators, to become known to the English speaking public. God, Human Nature and Education for Peace, addresses the central issue of our time - how to achieve peace between nations, religions and cultures? Education is the answer, but an approach that takes seriously human capacities for both agression and altruism and guides each with the wisdom of Christianity and the other great religions. A superb book for both educators and the general public.' Don Browning, Alexander Campbell Professor Emeritus of Ethics and the Social Sciences, University of Chicago and Author of Marriage and Modernisation ’One of Germany’s most influential educational and theological figures, Nipkow deals with topics of great importance. This is a book for religious educators, pastors and clergy, teachers and educational managers and all those concerned with the threat to human values and the dangers and promises of religious faith.’ John M. Hull, University of Birmingham, UK 'Karl Ernst Nipkow, one of the leading educators in Germany, has produced one of the most innovative works for today.... Recommended reading for Christian leaders, religious educators, and the general public.' Reviews in Religion and Theology 'It brims with ideas...' Interreligious Insights '... this is an important book which challenges religious education into a profound self-examination. In the present sit