1st Edition

Gold Dust The California Gold Rush and the Forty-Niners

By Donald Dale Jackson Copyright 1980

    Gold Dust (1980) looks at the adventures and ordeals, delusions and successes and catastrophes of the men and women – the forty-niners – caught up in the gold rush. The author tells the story of the gold rush through the experiences, feelings and thoughts of the people who participated in it.

    1. Sunrise in a Bottle  2. The Gilded Summer  3. Ho for California!  4. Oh! Susanna  5. The Argosy  6. The Easy Way  7. Reveille on the Rivers  8. The Course of Empire  9. The Unyielding Land  10. Magic Lantern Country  11. Fire and Ice  12. Muster of Strangers  13. Twilight in Eden  14. The Morning After


    Donald Dale Jackson