1st Edition

Golf in Britain A social history from the beginnings to the present day

By Geoffrey Cousins Copyright 1975

    First published in 1975 Golf in Britain traces the growth of the game from its small beginnings in fifteenth century Scotland to 1970s when it emerged as a widely enjoyed and massively financed sport. Golf has been peculiarly a subject related to economic and social change in society. Initially a folk game played in a small part of Scotland, then for many years a pastime dominated by the wealthy, leisured classes, including Royalty, golf developed at the turn of the nineteenth century into a sport enjoyed by all sections of the community. One aspect of this change is reflected in the role of women on the links. Another change concerns the fashions in correct wear and equipment, both part of a larger golfing etiquette, so important to the game. Attitudes too, towards the professional golfer have changed dramatically over the years and an increasingly important role is given to young players.

    Geoffrey Cousins has combined his specialist knowledge and considerable enthusiasm to make a very readable book which will appeal to everyone interested in the role of golf in our history.

    Preface 1. Scottish beginnings -free for all 2. Towards social exclusiveness 3. Early golf in England to 1800 4. The first ‘English’ clubs 5. From featherie to guttie ball 6. The pioneer professionals 7. Amateurism – the great spilt 8. Search for privacy on the links 9. Lords and Commons 10. Enter Madame 11. The first English professionals: 1870 onwards 12. The establishment of women 13. Artisan golf in England 14. Professionals in business 15. Women liberated 16. America started late, but… 17. The real estate boom 18. Going public 19. Caddies then and now 20. Course and clubhouse 21. Golf in company 22. Golf as news 23. Royalty on the links 24. The new artisan golfer 25. The professional emancipated 26. Jews in golf clubs 27. Golf for all ages 28. Professional power 29. The government of golf 30. Present and future Bibliography Index of clubs, links, and courses General Index


    Geoffrey Cousins