1st Edition

Government in West Africa

By W.E.F. Ward Copyright 1968

    Government in West Africa (1968) examines the practical working of modern government and the constitutional history of West Africa. It looks at various political thinkers and their application to the issues of civil government in West Africa; modern constitutional struggles on the continent; and problems associated with different political systems in the region.

    Part 1. Principles of Government  1. What is Politics?  2. Democracy  3. Constitutions  4. Power and Sovereignty  5. The Rule of Law  6. Representative Government  7. Party Systems  8. Presidential and Cabinet Government  9. Some Problems of Parliament  10. Federal and Unitary Government  Part 2. Political Institutions of West African States  11. Constitutional History before 1945  12. Partial Self-Governance  13. Towards Independence  14. Ghana and Nigeria Since Independence  15. The Organization of Government  16. Liberia  17. The French Constitution  18. The Constitution of the Soviet Union


    W.E.F. Ward