2nd Edition

Gower Handbook of Programme Management

Edited By D Lock, Reinhard Wagner Copyright 2016

    In the ten years since this Gower Handbook was first published, Programme Management has been transformed to become the vehicle of choice for realising the objectives of large scale, complicated, business, government and social investment. The Second Edition of this Gower Handbook is a completely new text; designed as a definitive guide to the current state of Programme Management. To that end the text offers foundation theory and knowledge around key issues such as, managing programme contracts, people and know-how, complexity and uncertainty, benefits and success measures, as well as every stage of the programme life cycle. The main central section of the book provides theory, tools, advice and examples of practical application from an industry context and covers sectors including construction, energy, aerospace and defence, IT, automotive and the public sector. The Handbook also includes a section with chapters on assessing and improving programme competences and developing maturity. Discrete chapters relate programme management to the international baselines and standards. Collectively, the Gower Handbook of Programme Management is most comprehensive guide to the subject that you can buy.

    List of Figures -- Notes on the Contributors -- Preface -- PART I Foundations of Programme Management -- 1 Introduction to Programme Management /reinhard wagner and dennis lock -- The roads we have travelled -- The roads we shall follow in the future -- Challenges and concepts for programme management -- Jargon and the language of programme management -- Conclusion -- Organizations representing the profession of project management -- References and further reading -- 2 International Standards for Programme Management and Their Application /Reinhard Wagner -- Introduction -- Programme management standards in the aerospace and defence industry -- Competence standards for programme management -- Practice standards for programme management -- Other related standards for programme management -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 3 The Nature of Programmes and their Interrelation with Projects, Portfolios and Operations /Rodney Turner -- Introduction -- History of multiprojects -- Defi nitions -- The cascade -- Three organizations -- The nature of programmes -- Relationship of programmes with projects, portfolios and operations -- References and further reading -- PART II Good Practice in Programme Management -- 4 Distinguishing Different Types of Programmes /Alan Stretton -- Introduction -- Categorizations for organizations that manage programmes -- Attributes used by organizations in categorizing projects and programmes -- Programme categorizations used by external entities -- Initial collation of programme types from the literature -- Summary and conclusions -- References and further reading -- 5 Programme Management in the Space Sector /Séverin Drogoul -- Main characteristics of the space sector -- Brief history of programmes in the space sector -- Programme management specifi cations -- Programme governance, organization and communication -- Work breakdown structure (WBS) -- Development process: phasing and planning management -- Relationships between phases and technical states -- Confi guration management -- Dependability, risk and quality assurance -- Cost and schedule control -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 6 Programme Management in the Aircraft Industry /Simon Henley -- The market -- Governance -- Organization -- Programme management impacts -- Risk management -- Engineering development -- Certifi cation -- Fitness for purpose -- Confi guration management -- Supply chain management -- Aftermarket management -- Summary and conclusion -- References and further reading -- 7 Programme Management in the Automotive Industry /Hans-Henrich Altfeld -- Introduction -- Evolution of programme management in the automotive industry -- Programme management applications -- Classical programme management for the automotive industry -- Quality management standards and tools -- The APQP-based product development process -- Managing programme risks -- Managing parallel programmes -- Effects of globalization -- Supply chain management -- Programme governance -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 8 Programme Management in the Aviation Industry /Bernhard Dietrich -- Characteristics of the aviation industry -- Case study: a holistic business programme in the aviation industry -- Programme management -- Results of the case study programme -- Outlook and conclusion -- 9 Programme Management in Construction and Engineering /José Reyes -- Introduction -- Defi nitions and characteristics of C&E programmes -- Role of government in C&E programmes -- Governance and organization of C&E programmes -- Summary of best practices in C&E programmes -- Developing a high performance programme management team -- Quality in C&E programmes -- Completing functional elements of programme deliverables -- Managing contextual environmental requirements -- Outlook and conclusions -- References and further reading -- 10 Programme Management in Mining /Michiel C. Bekker -- Introduction -- Defi nition and main characteristics of the mining sector -- Programme management -- Programme management in the mining industry -- Summary -- Acknowledgements -- References and further reading -- 11 Programme Management in the Pharmaceutical Sector /Lynne Hughes and Susie Boyce -- Introduction -- Background -- Drug development stages -- Programme management -- Outsourcing -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 12 Programme Management for Humanitarian and Development Projects /Ricardo Viana Vargas, Farhad Abdollahyan, Carlos /Alberto Pereira Soares and André Bittencourt do Valle -- Introduction -- Characteristics of humanitarian and development projects -- Design, monitoring and evaluation frameworks -- Case example: LIFT -- The 16 /6 Haiti Programme -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 13 Programme Management in the Police /David Stewart -- Defi nition and main characteristics of the sector -- Relevance of programme management to policing -- The national police reform programme in Scotland -- Programme methodology -- Programme analysis and review -- Programme control -- Implementation -- Result -- Lessons -- References and further reading -- 14 Programme Management in the Transport Sector /Ben Ganney and Arnab Banerjee -- Introduction and a profi le of Transport for London -- TfL’s programme delivery in context -- What TfL delivers -- The structure of delivery -- The product matrix: underpinning the lifecycles -- Roles, responsibilities and core functions -- Conclusions -- References and further reading -- 15 Programme Management in the ICT Sector /Burkhard Görtz and Silke Schönert -- Introduction -- The initial situation -- Challenges -- The solution and factors for success -- Concluding summary -- 16 Managing Change Programmes /Oliver Mack -- Organizational change management: continuously needed and still challenging -- Change programmes: a special type of programme -- Managing change programmes: some aspects from a systemic perspective -- Conclusion and outlook -- References and further reading -- 17 Programmes and Collaborative Working /David E. Hawkins -- Introduction -- The best practice principles of BS 11000 -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 18 Managing Strategic Initiatives /Terry Cooke-Davies -- Introduction -- Outcome, process and control -- Engaging people in changes -- Complexity -- Leadership -- Pulling it all together: managing strategic initiatives for success -- References and further reading -- PART III Programme Governance, Organization and Culture -- 19 Programme Governance /Martin Samphire -- Introduction -- Importance of project and programme governance -- The governance landscape -- Established guidelines -- Key enablers -- Ten golden rules -- The key players in governance -- How much governance is enough? -- Case study 1: transformation programme in a global services company -- Case study 2: project management capability improvement -- Summary -- References and further reading -- 20 Mastering Integration in Programme Management /Martin Sedlmayer -- Introduction and background -- The challenge -- Contextual dimensions -- The programme approach -- Lessons learned -- References and further reading -- 21 Programme Management Offi ces /Eileen Roden, Lindsay Scott and Dennis Lock -- Introduction -- PMO functions and services -- Specifi c PMO functions and services -- Skills within the PMO -- Strategic and operational PMO functions and services -- Tools -- PMO structures -- The PMO lifecycle -- Managing the PMO -- Closing down a PMO -- Challenges and trends for the PMO of the future -- References and further reading -- 22 Programme Culture /Steven Raue and Louis Klein -- Programme culture: winning or losing the benefi ts -- Understanding programme culture -- The organizational perspective -- Mastering culture -- Summary -- References and further reading -- PART IV Programme Lifecycles, Processes, Methods and Tools -- 23 Programme Lifecycles /Andrea Demaria and Joseph Sopko -- Introduction -- Benefit lifecycle: from opportunity to full benefi t delivery -- The programme business case -- Programme lifecycle boundaries and phases -- Interaction between programme components -- Interactions between project and programme portfolios -- References and further reading -- 24 An Overview of the Programme Management Process /Robert Buttrick -- Programme management: process or method? -- Programme management processes and methods: context is key -- Formal, informal, light or tight? -- Ensuring an architecture for programme management processes -- Management processes -- Managing a programme -- Supporting processes -- Specialist or ‘other’ processes -- The importance of change management -- Tailoring -- Documenting processes -- References and further reading -- 25 Programme Identifi cation and Initiation /Colin Bailey -- Introduction -- Part 1: where are we going? -- Part 2: are we there yet? -- Part 3: putting the support in place -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 26 Programme Planning /joel crook -- Introduction -- Case study -- Programme management plan -- Integration -- Scope management -- Work breakdown structure -- Benefi ts realization plan -- Integrated master plan -- Programme schedule -- Stakeholders -- Communications management plan -- Risk management plan -- Supply chain management plan -- Financial management plan -- Quality management plan -- Other plans -- References and further reading -- 27 Controlling Programmes for IT and Business Change /Gerrit Koch and Dennis Lock -- A few golden rules -- The business case for a change programme -- Programmes in an organization -- Project, programme and portfolio management controls -- Defi ning roles -- Cost control -- Benefi ts realization and measurement -- Closing a programme -- Fast systems development -- The bigger picture -- References and further reading -- 28 Using Modern Technologies for Programme Management /Mark Phillips -- Introduction -- Case 1 -- Case 2 -- Concluding case -- 29 Managing Programme Benefi ts /Andrew Hudson -- Introduction -- The nature of programme benefi ts management -- Programme benefi ts management roles -- Programme benefi ts management practices -- Benefi t measures -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 30 Managing Complexity in Programmes /Stephen Hayes -- Introduction -- Characteristics of complexity -- Failures in complex programmes -- Assessing complexity in programmes -- Tools for complex programmes -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 31 Managing Uncertainties in Programmes /Motoh Shimizu -- Introduction -- Explanation of programme uncertainty -- Strategy and uncertainty -- Uncertainty management processes -- Categorized causal elements of programme uncertainties -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 32 Managing Programme Resources /Dennis Lock -- Introduction -- Resource categories -- Managing the resource of time -- Scheduling resources -- Risk management and programme resources -- Managing supplies and materials -- Managing cash as a resource -- Managing offi ce accommodation space -- References and further reading -- 33 Managing People in Programmes /Dennis Lock and Alan Fowler, with Keiko Moebus -- Introduction -- The contribution of early management theorists towards our understanding of people in the workplace -- Understanding how people can react to change -- Communicating for programme success -- Managing the mindsets -- Experience-related performance -- Ways of making change happen -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgement -- References and further reading -- 34 Managing Partners in Programmes /Hubertus C. Tuczek and Jürgen Frank -- Introduction -- Strategic level -- Relationship level -- Cooperation level -- Programme closure -- References and further reading -- 35 Managing Contracts in Programmes /Tim Cummins -- Introduction -- Things that can go wrong -- Achieving better results -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- 36 Creating Knowledge Services for Modern Technical Project Organizations: The REAL Knowledge Approach /Edward J. Hoffman and Jon Boyle -- Introduction -- The project knowledge environment -- Knowledge services governance -- Strategic imperatives in the modern project knowledge environment -- The REAL model -- REAL knowledge services examples at NASA -- Summary and future research -- References and further reading -- PART V Developing Maturity in Programme Management -- 37 Introducing Programme Management into an Organization /Marcus Paulus -- Introduction: the nature of programmes -- Programme governance in the context of portfolio, programme and project management -- Creating clarity in the terminology -- Roles, responsibilities and duties -- Programme initiation, planning, control and closing -- Integration of programmes in the total portfolio -- Revising existing project management reporting and communication structures -- Training and recruitment -- References and further reading -- 38 Assessing and Improving Programme Management Maturity /Matti Haukka and Mirkka Lyytikäinen -- Introduction -- Prerequisites for programme management maturity -- Assessing programme management maturity in a single programme -- Summary and conclusions -- References and further reading -- 39 Developing Competencies of People in Programmes /Michael Young -- Introduction -- Defi ning competence -- Current and emerging competence standards for programme managers -- Competence assessment -- Other uses of competence standards -- Developing competence -- Barriers to competence development -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- Index.


    Dennis Lock has written or edited some of the defining books on project management, including Project Management (now in its Tenth Edition) and Gower Handbook of People in Project Management. Following a career in engineering and management, Dennis has lectured on project management at Masters level.

    Reinhard Wagner is President of IPMA, Past President and Honorary Fellow of GPM (the German Project Management Association), and founder and CEO of Projectivists, a PM Consultancy.

    Review from previous edition: 'Gower's Handbook of Programme Management received an enthusiastic reception at its launch. Andrew Bragg, managing director of the Association for Project Management summed it up as "This is a very significant publication on a very important topic".' Project Manager Today