Great Assistant Principals and the (Great) Principals Who Mentor Them : A Practical Guide book cover
1st Edition

Great Assistant Principals and the (Great) Principals Who Mentor Them
A Practical Guide

ISBN 9781596671621
Published September 24, 2010 by Routledge
168 Pages

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Book Description

Written for principals and assistant principals to read and reflect on together, this book describes the most common challenges facing today’s assistant principals – and provides practical solutions. Authors Carole Goodman and Christopher Berry examine how principals and assistant principals can develop the kinds of relationships that serve to meet the needs of students, staff, and parents. Contents include: The Difference between the Principal’s Job and the Assistant Principal’s Job, The Assistant Principal Role: What the Students Need, The Assistant Principal Role: What the Staff Needs, and Principal and Assistant Principal Communication: The Honest High-Wire Act.

Table of Contents

Meet the Authors Preface
What This Book Is, What it Isn't, and How to Use It
Making the Case for Strong Relationships
Roadblocks to Assistant Principal Development: Two Perspectives
What This Book Is and Isn't
1. The Traditional Assistant Principal in Nontraditional Times
Once Upon a Time
Assistant Principal 2.0: The Evolution From Training to Leadership Development
The Assistant Principal Assignment: Old School vs. New School of Thought
A New Approach to the Assistant Principal Assignment: Shuffle and Deal
2. The Difference Between Principal's Job and the Assistant Principal's Job
The Deceiving Look of the "Glamorous Principalship"
The Rhyme and Reason of Delegation
The (Temporary) View from the Big Chair
Shining a Spotlight on the Assistant Principal
3. The Assistant Principal Role: What the Students Need
"Getting to Know You..."
Keeping It Positive, Keeps It Productive
Knowing Their Name Isn't Enough: Knowing What They Need
When What the Student Needs Has Little to Do with the Classroom
4. The Assistant Principal Role: What the Staff Needs
Recognizing the Difference Between What Teachers Want and Need
Implementing the Principal's Vision: Do You See What I See?
Follow the (Instructional) Leader: What Does the Data Tell Us?
Collaboration Beyond "Playing Well with Others"
5. The Assistant Principal Role: What the Parents and Community Need
A Conversation with a Parent Is Rarely a One-on-One Proposition
The Assistant Principal as Community Organizer
The Most Important Question Concerning Parents
Why Don't Parents Come with an Instruction Manual?
6. Hey! What About What I Need? And How Do I Know This?
Examining Both Sides of the Equation: Personal and Professional Needs
Experience (and the Experience of Others) Is the Best Teacher
The Care and Feeding of an Assistant Principal
You Can't Take Care of Others If You Don't Take Care of Yourself
7. Principal and Assistant Principal Communication: The Honest High-Wire Act
Walking the Walk
Metacognitive Processing: Was I Just Thinking That or Did I Say it Out Loud?
In the Loop, Part I: The Principal Never Likes Surprises
In the Loop, Part II: The Principal's Eyes and Ears
8. Assistant Principal Communication: How to Effectively Connect with Others
Learning from "The Great Communicator"
The Risks of Putting It Out There
...And Speaking of E-mail
Administrators Sometimes Need Extended Time, Too
9. Building the Administrative Team
Two Powerful Building Blocks
Assistant Principal Assignments: The Great Balancing Act
Hey! I'm Doing All the Heavy Lifting Here!
Competition Is Not Always a Healthy Thing
10. Fostering Other Productive Relationships
Choosing Your Professional Friends Wisely
Who Is On Your Speed Dial?
The Value of the Cohort: Mix and Match Your Own
The Person Who Really Runs the School
11. Help! I'm a Brand-New Assistant Principal and I'm Drowning!
The New Assistant Principal: Bring Your Life Vest
Your Assignment: How to Avoid Drawing the Short Straw
Piling Your Plate Too High and Other Hazards
Lines of Communication: Keeping Them Untangled
12. Why Try New Things If I Know What I Do Well?
Logic Doesn't Always Make the Most Sense
Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Without "Stepping In It"
Venturing WAY Out of Your Comfort Zone
It Isn't the "What" of New Things, It's the "Who"
13. When a Crisis Hits (and It Will)
The Lessons of 9/11
The Most Important Resource in a Crisis: Quick Thinking and Common Sense
When the Principal's Away
No One Crisis is the Same as the Next
14. Creating Opportunities: Is There a Road Map Out There?
Wanted: A Career GPS
The Principal as Tour Guide
Opportunity Comes in Different Packages for Different Reasons
Asking for Directions Before You Get Lost
15. What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? Suppose It's an Assistant Principal?
I'm "Just" An Assistant Principal
Why Have I Remained an Assistant Principal? Plenty of Good Reasons!
I'm a Career Assistant Principal - Am I Stuck?
Working with the Principal and (Sometimes) as the Principal
16. What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? Suppose It's a Principal?
"When You Get to the Fork in the Road, Take It"
Being in the Right Place
...At the Right Time
The Prospective Principal (and Boy Scout) Motto: Be Prepared
17. "I Love My Job, But..."
It's All About Time
It's Really All About How I Coordinate My Time with Others
OK, So It's REALLY All About How and When I Structure My Day, In General
The True Bigger Picture
18. A Final Word
So What's the Priority?
Now More Than Ever: the Principal as Mentor
The Ultimate Principal Responsibility: Mentor and Develop Your Replacement
Keeping It All in Perspective

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