1st Edition

Great Ormond Street Handbook of Congenital Ear ‎Deformities An Illustrated Surgical Guide

    159 Pages 602 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    159 Pages 602 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    This Great Ormond Street Handbook provides a stepwise illustrated description of the surgical procedures used for correction of congenital deformities of the auricle. The content features over 600 intraoperative high-quality photographs of every step of each of the surgical procedures in addition to photographs of the preoperative planning and preparation.Chapters and topics covered: Microtia reconstruction, Prominent ear correction, Lop ear, Cryptotia, Stahl’s ear, Mirror ear, Cleft earlobe correction, Reconstruction of absent earlobe. Registrars and Residents aswell as more experienced surgeons in the specialties of Plastic Surgery, and Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery will benefit from this useful surgical guide.




    1. Introduction

    1.1 Microtia

    1.2 Techniques of Microtia Reconstruction

    1.3 The Challenge of Autologous Microtia Reconstruction

    2. First Stage Ear Reconstruction

    2.1 Preoperative Preparation

    2.2 Cartilage Harvest, Banking and Rib Reconstruction

    2.3 Framework Carving

    2.4 Skin Approaches (Incisions)

    2.5 Postoperative Care

    2.6 Complications

    3. Second Stage Ear Reconstruction

    3.1 Preoperative Preparation

    3.2 Harvest of the Skin Graft

    3.3 Elevation of the Cartilaginous Framework

    3.4 Covering the Back of Framework by Fascial Flap

    3.5 Grafting the Retroauricular Sulcus

    3.6 Dressing

    3.7 Postoperative Care

    4. Other Procedures for Microtia

    4.1 Complementary Procedures

    4.2 Ear Splinting to Maintain Ear Projection

    4.3 Earlobe Piercing

    4.4 Laser Hair Removal from the Helix


    5. Prominent Ears

    5.1 History and Evolution of Otoplasty Techniques

    5.2 Timing of Otoplasty

    5.3 Anatomy of Ear Cartilage

    5.4 Prominent Ear Correction Technique

    5.5 Preoperative Preparation

    5.6 Approach and Exposure

    5.7 Creating the Antihelical Fold and Reducing Lobule Protrusion

    5.8 Reducing Conchal Depth

    5.9 Wound Closure and Dressing

    5.10 Postoperative Care

    5.11 Complications

    6. Cryptotia

    6.1 Cryptotia Correction Technique

    6.2 Preoperative Preparation

    6.3 Flap Marking and Design

    6.4 Z-Plasty

    6.5 Postoperative Care

    7. Lop Ear

    7.1 Extended Otoplasty Technique

    8. Other Anomalies

    8.1 Stahl’s Ear

    8.2 Mirror Ear

    8.3 Absent Earlobe

    8.4 Cleft Earlobe



    Neil W Bulstrode BSc(Hons) MBBS MD FRCS(Plast) Head of Clinical Services for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery /Maxilofacial/Cleft/Craniofacial/ Dental Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Honorary Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Erasmus Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Co-Founder and Secretary General International Society for Auricular Reconstruction, ISAR European Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Full Member EURAPS. EURAPS council member and UK Representative Overseas Work Auricular Reconstruction Fuzhou, China Ear Reconstruction and Lecturing Leuven Belgium Congenital Melanocytic Naevus, Bogota, Colombia Facial Reconstruction with Charity Facing Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


    Ahmed Salah Mazeed MBBS MSc is a plastic surgeon who specialises in auricular reconstruction. He was the recipient of the Francoise Firmin Travel Award 2017 for the International Societry of Auricular Reconstruction. Dr Mazeed trained to be a surgeon in Egypt and is leading an ongoing MD/PhD Thesis Project: Developing an Auricular Reconstruction Service to Improve Aesthetic, Functional and Patient-reported Outcome Measures. Joint supervision project between Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK & Sohag University, Egypt.