Green Building, Environment, Energy and Civil Engineering : Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering (GBMCE 2016), April 26-27 2016, Hong Kong, P.R. China book cover
1st Edition

Green Building, Environment, Energy and Civil Engineering
Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering (GBMCE 2016), April 26-27 2016, Hong Kong, P.R. China

Edited By

Jimmy Kao


Wen-Pei Sung

ISBN 9781138029644
Published December 2, 2016 by CRC Press
424 Pages

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Book Description

This proceedings volume contains select Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering related papers from the 2016 International Conference on Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering (GBMCE2016) which was held in Hong Kong, P.R. China, April 17-18, 2016. This volume of proceedings aims to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in the fields of Energy, Environment and Civil Engineering.

Table of Contents

Safety problems and control measures in the construction of the building project
M.-L. Guo & S.-P. Huang

Study on protecting and inheriting the traditional crafts and the contemporary design education
L.-S. Hao & L.-L. Chen

Financial accounting of long-term equity investment
J. Wu

Workflow design and analysis of the function of a PLC ship power station management system
S.-C. Jiang, X.-P. Sui, Z.-Z. Liu, S. Wu & Y.-Z. Geng

Suitability of electrochemical methods to evaluate the corrosion of reinforcing steel n micro-cell and macro-cell states
Z.-L. Cao, H.-Y. Chen, Z.-C. Su, S.-D. Mi, L.-Y. Wei & M. Hibino

Green consumption attitudes of the tourists lodging in resort hotels
C.-C. Lin & W.-T. Wu

Comparison of prediction models for shrinkage and creep of high-strength, lightweight aggregate concrete
S.-Q. Mei, H.-B. Xie, L. Su, J. Gong, K. Guo & Y.-F. Wang

Social impact assessment of green residential district in China
L. Fan, Y.-X. Zhang, Y.-R. Zhang, B. Pang, J.-J. Wang & W. Luo

Problems of and strategies for financial fund management of enterprises
J. Wu

Mono-layer reticulated shell structure design
L. Mi

Research on the neural network based on an improved PSO algorithm
J. Liu

Study of the consolidation effect of a marginal bank by vacuum preloading based on a network
C.-H. Wang

Design of the man–machine interface for the operating system of two-for-one twister
Q. Shen, Y.-B. Ni & Q.-H. Zhou

Design of the measurement standard for ultrasonic PD tester
Q. Wang, J. Zhang, W. Zhou, B. Lu & X.-C. Rao

Summary of the research on a network fault prediction method
W.-Q. Xu, G.-S. Chen, G. Niu & W.-G. Chen

Study of the green design strategies of the senior housing in Wuhan
J. Lu

Survey and analysis of intellectual capital of scientific research team
F.-L. Chen

A fuzzy DEMATEL method to analyze the criteria for sustainable supplier selection
X.-L. Jiang, Z.-B. Wu & Y. Yang

Research on ecological reconstruction strategies for the Shanghai Shendu Building
M. Gao

Applications of the passive solar energy technology in office buildings in Changchun
J. Qiu & T.-L. Zhao

Study of the effects and applications of fiber art on the indoor space
H.-B. Sun

Finite element analysis on shear lag effect of concrete curved box girder under moving loads
H.-L. Lu, C.-Y. Wan, X.-L. Zhou, J.-Q. Qian, B. Chen & S.-B. Zhu

Application of soundscape in city parks by case study
J.-L. Zhou & L.-F. Xie

RCS terminal test
X.-F. Ren & J.-F. Zhao

Research on Shanghai ecological residence green ecological technology
M. Gao

Study on the modern dilemma of the Chinese traditional literati painting
Z.-H. Zhang

Reliability analysis of pre-stressed concrete continuous girder bridges using the incremental launching method on Chinese code and BS5400
C.H. Lou & F.H. Dong

Stability analysis of underground roadways in large fault zones
Y.-F. Su, P. Wang & J. Zhai

Effect of sputtering time on the micro-hardness of QC-10 alloy
M. Hu, X.-X. Ren, Y.-L. Zhang, J. Gao & P.-L. Ding

Automatic incident detection algorithm based on under-sampling for imbalanced traffic data
M.-H. Li, S.-Y. Chen & Y.-C. Lao

Stress calculation and analysis of cut-off wall in the sand gravel foundation
X.-M. Dong, Z.-Z. Wei, J.-T. Niu & W.-L. He

Stress distribution of anchor bolts due to empty pulp defects
S. Zeng, J. Zhang & B. Sun

Damage laws of layered and jointed rock mass under the impact of cyclic loading
B. Sun, X.-S. Deng, J.-H. Xie & S.-Q.-Y. Zhang

Heating characteristics of microwave-absorbing asphalt mixture
W. Liu, P.-H. Miao & S.-Y. Wang

Numerical analysis of the influence range of a tunnel ventilation resistance grid
Y.-X. Xin, Y.-Q. Wang & K. Lai

Degradation of benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) in clay soil by electro-bioremediation
D.N. Huang, Z.S. Ai, J. Tan, Y.J. Zhao & J.X. Fu

Study of the cable breaking effect on the structural characteristics of cable-stayed bridges
W.-F. Tang

Passive and energy-efficient house design based on the climate of Tianjin
Y.F. Zhao, Z.R. Wang & Y.X. Tian

Location information provider framework using the open IoT technology
N. Kim, J. Park & E. Choi

Review of three-dimensional braided piezoelectric ceramic matrix composite
X. Ma & G.-F. Wei

Analysis of deformation of a transmission tower by vacuum-combined surcharge preloading
B.B. Xu & W. Si

Numerical modeling of air flow and pollutant distribution in industrial workshop with different solar chimney on the roof
Y.-F. Xue, X.-Z. Zhang, Y.-X. Su & W.-Y. Deng

Test and analysis of hydration heat for the zero block of a continuous rigid frame bridge
H.B. Zhang, C.L. Lv, M. Ma, S.B. Chai & X. Ren

A review on load forecasting of town gas: Methods, applications, and analyses
H.Y. Tan, N. Li & C.Y. Tang

Distributed temperature sensor- and fiber Bragg grating sensor-based method for gas pipeline leakage detection
T. Li, H.-D. Gong, L.-C. Su & Q. Li

Study on the re-utilization of wasted civil air defense project
X.-Y. Zu & L.-C. Su

GPR scan assessment of pressure mortar quality in a tunnel vault
S.-L. Tian & M. Cui

Research on existing residential building refurbishment in the urban area of cold climate region in China based on the aging population trend
Z.-G. Chen & Y. Zhang

Assessment of isolation methods for the erected tower near soft road embankment
B.B. Xu & W. Si

Research on variable water volume collaborating with a variable water temperature operation scheme
H.Y. Tan & F. Cai

Corrosion resistance of a plasma ion-implanted QC-10 alloy
M. Hu, X.-X. Ren, Y.-L. Zhang, J. Gao & P.-L. Ding

Exploring research theories and methods of rural settlement landscape from a multidisciplinary perspective
N.-X. Wang & Q. Lu

Research on reinforced methods for a concrete structure
M.-X. Zhang, B. Sun & X.-Y. Zhang

Analysis of the factors influencing energy consumption of a passenger transport station
X.-K. Meng, Z. Yan, W.-W. Heng & C. Zeng

Environmental development of the reading room in the university library based on human factors engineering
C.-J. Xu

A study on the optimization of green light sources in subway stations
Z.-C. Zhao

A study on the mechanical properties of mechanism sand mortars subjected to different temperatures
H.-J. Xu & C.-X. Cen

Study on numerical simulation of three-dimensional viscoelastic mechanics for steel deck asphalt pavement
W.-K. Huang, X.-N. Zhang, H.-L. Rong & S.-F. Cai

Analysis of fluctuation in China’s remaining recoverable oil reserves
L. Wang & J.S. Zhang

Research on the recycled brick concrete technology
M.-X. Zhang, X.-Y. Zhang & B. Sun

A comprehensive information system for landslide monitoring based on a three-dimensional geographic information system
M.-W. Xie, Y.-C. Jia, F.-X. Lv & S.-X. Chang

Study on the compatibility of the art design major and the Chinese language course in the colleges and universities of fine arts
M.-Y. Liang & Z.-X. Ge

The calibration of refinery wastewater treatment process
D.-L. Cheng & L.-H. Yan

Relationship between microcell corrosion and macrocell corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete structures
Z.-L. Cao, S.-D. Mi, H.-Y. Chen, Z.-C. Su, L.-Y. Wei & M. Hibino

The application of an active filter based on FPGA in a large building
Y. Lou & X.-J. Wang

Crouching suspicions, hidden potential: A literature review on US–China clean energy cooperation since 2009
Y.-N. Ding & J. Shi

Research on the crack resistance ability of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete
X.-K. Liu, Z.-Q. Du, J.-X. Hui & Y. Gao

Fabrication and characterization of B4C ceramics with Al2O3-La2O3 aids
Y.-L. Zhang, Y.-M. Zhang, X.-S. Ding, M. Hu, C.-L. Ma & C.-H. Li

An experimental study on eccentric compression reinforced concrete columns strengthened with HDPFs
Y. Qiao, C.Z. Sun, Z.B. Wang & G. Zuo

Road traffic conflict prediction model based on speed dispersion in mixed traffic environment
X. Xia & J.-Y. Gai

A review on the current development and debate of the global green new deal
Y.-N. Ding & J. Tang

Toward a more compact and sustainable city—the use of underground space for Chinese mainland cities
J.-Y. Chen, L.-M. Huang & L.-C. Su

Natural ventilation and seismic performance analysis of the special L-shaped spiral layout green building
X.-D. Li, W.-J. Li, H. Yang & Z.-T. Chen

Effect of freezing and thawing on the physical properties of red sandstone
H.-M. Zhang, X.-N. Liu, C. Peng & X.-Z. Meng

Effect of surface microstructural features of injection-molded zirconia on the construction of dental implants
C.-C. Wang, M.-H. Lin, S.-L. Chen, C.-C. Lin, Y.-C. Liu & C.-Y. Lin

Application of the catenary method and FBG sensors to monitoring ice thickness of power transmission lines
L.-M. Li, Z.-M. Liu, Z.-G. Zhang & C.-L. Liu

Low temperature synthesis of CNTs on the micron-sized Cup surface
P.-L. Ding, Y.-L. Zhang, M. Hu & J. Gao

An experimental study on stiffness degradation of reinforced concrete columns strengthened with HDPF
Y. Qiao, C.Z. Sun, Z.B. Wang & G. Zuo

Architectural design strategies of zero-energy houses in a solar decathlon competition
C. Chen & X.-P. Liu

Hot pressure sintering of BN-SiC composites with La2O3–Al2O3 aids
Y.-L. Zhang, Y.-M. Zhang, Z.-H. Shao, M. Hu, Y. Li, J.-P. Gong, B. Li & Y.-H. Zhang

Optimization of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and model simulation through the Jeju electric vehicle demonstration project
J. Gu, J. Lee & J. Lee

Research on the impact of the fault’s thickness on underground roadways
M.-H. Zhang, P. Wang & L.-L. Shao

Study on the selection of adaptable plants in the area polluted with lead–zinc tailings in Hunan Province
Q. Wang, W. Sun & L.-L. Wu

Research on development and utilization of the empty layer space of Nanjing Weisanlu Yangtze River Tunnel
L.-C. Su, X.-P. Zhu, X.-Y. Zu & W.-N. Hou

Study of rural landscape design ideas
X.-Y. Zhang

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Professor Wen-Pei Sung is currently a Distinguished Professor and Dean at the Integrated Research Center for Green Living Technologies, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan. He serves as the Project Investigator for the National Energy and Hazard Prevention Project of Taiwan National Science Council. Wen-Pei’s research interests are in areas of energy, architecture and building materials.

Jimmy Chih-Ming Kao is a distinguished Professor in Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University. Jimmy's research interests are in areas of materials in energy and environment, nano materials and building materials.