3rd Edition

Green Political Thought

By Andrew Dobson Copyright 2000

    Andrew Dobson's highly acclaimed introduction to green political thought is now available in a new edition. It has been fully revised and updated to take into account the areas that have grown in importance since the last edition was published.

    The third edition includes:

    * a comparison of ecologism with other principal modern ideologies, such as liberalism, conservatism, fascism, socialism, feminism and anarchism
    * an assessment of the relationship between green thinking and democracy, justice and citizenship
    * an exploration of 'sustainable development' addressing the fundamental question of 'what to sustain?'
    * real environmental problems and how green thinking relates to them.

    Part 1: Thinking About Ecologism 1. Sustainable Societies 2. Reasons to Care for the Environment 3. Crisis and its Political-strategic Consequences 4. Universality and Social Change 5. Lessons from Nature 6. Left and Right: Communism and capitalism 7. Historical Specificity 8. Conclusion Part 2: Philosophical Foundations 9. Ethics: A code of conduct 10. Ethics: A state of being 11. Anthropocentrism Part 3: The Sustainable Society 12. Limits to Growth 13. Possible Positions 14. More Problems with Growth 15. Questioning Consumption 16. Questioning Consumption: Need 17. Questioning Consumption: Population 18. Questioning Consumption: Technology 19. Energy 20. Trade and Travel 21. Work 22. Bioregionalism 23. Agriculture 24. Diversity 25. Decentralization and its Limits Part 4: Strategies for Green Change 26. Democracy and Authoritarianism 27. Action Through and Around the Legislature 28. Lifestyle 29. Communities 30. Direct Action 31. Class 32. Conclusion Part 5: Ecologism and Other Ideologies 33. Liberalism 34. Conservatism 35. Socialism 36. Eco-feminism 37. Conclusion


    Dobson, Andrew

    Reviews from the second edition:

    'This is the best text yet written on the subject.' - Times Educational Supplement

    'Green Political Thought confirms Andrew Dobson's status as a leading teacher and thinker of ecological thought' - Environmental Politics

    'If you thought you knew what green politics was all about, the arguments [this book] contains will probably come as a surprise' - Talking Politics