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Greener Products
The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands, Second Edition

ISBN 9781138746893
Published August 9, 2017 by CRC Press
272 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Written by a renowned sustainability expert, Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands, Second Edition makes the case for why the people and the planet need products to be made in a different, more sustainable way. The growth of the global middle class, with an additional 3 billion people expected to enter the consumer market by 2030, is putting an unprecedented demand on resources and straining the global supply of raw materials, fossil fuels, food and water. This book provides insights on how to raise the bar on product development and investigates the best practices for making and marketing sustainable brands. Over 40 case studies are analyzed in this book and summarized for the reader to easily see what it is that makes leading companies successful. Analysis on marketing campaigns and greener product development range from leading companies like Apple, Nike, Samsung Electronics, BASF, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Method.

New updated content in this second edition includes:

  • New developments like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with concepts of biomimicry, circular economy, emerging issues management, and eco-innovation.
  • Novel tools and examples for bringing sustainable products to market.
  • New chapter dedicated to natural capital.
  • Analysis of current green marketing methods and market trends.
  • Best practices for making and marketing sustainable brands.
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Table of Contents





Section I The Case for Greener Products.


Things Will Never Be the Same

What Caused This Shift?

Constant Pressures on the Environment

Mainstreaming of Greener Products

Why the Focus on Greener Products?

Things Will Never Be the Same


Market Drivers for Greener Products.

Consumer Demand for Greener Products

Retailer’s Demands

Home Improvement Companies

Lowe’s Policy on Sustainability

Greener Hospitals

B2B Purchasing

Eco-Innovation as a Value Driver

Running an Eco-Innovation Session

Eco-Innovation Session Agenda

Product Rating Systems

Socially Responsible Investment

Shareholder Resolutions

Green Public Procurement



Regulatory Drivers for Greener Products.

A New Set of Rules

Packaging Regulations

Restriction on the Use of Chemicals and Notifications

Extended Producer Responsibility

Supply-Chain Issues

Company Management Systems for Product Regulations

Corporate Reputation

Emerging Issues Management

Examples of Emerging Issues

Discussing Emerging Issues Publicly



Section II Making Greener Products.

Greener Product Design Examples.


Development of Ecomagination

Timberland’s Green Index®

SC Johnson Greenlist™

Results of Greenlist™

Clorox Green Works®

Johnson & Johnson



Apple Inc.

Seventh Generation


Proctor & Gamble




Common Practices among Leaders


Advancement and Applications of the Framework for Greener Products.

A Framework for Greener Products Exists

Product Innovation Tools

Application of Hot-Spots Analysis to Inform Greener Products

Collaboration to Advance Performance and Build Capacity

Maturity Models Create a Framework to Define "How" to Improve

Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply-Chain

Alliance (EUISSCA)

Product Sustainability Roundtable (PSRT)

Engaging the Right Resources to Do the Job—Managed Services

In the End, It Is All about Change Management—Embedding a Product Sustainability Tool—A Change Management Success



Valuing Natural Capital.


Creating Business Value

Natural Capital and Business Value

Why Are Businesses Valuing Natural Capital?

A Proxy for Risk

Quantify and Understand Environmental Impacts in Business Terms

Evaluate Trade-Offs

Science-Based, Context-Based Insights

Communicate in Business Terms for Investors, Customers,

and Consumers

Natural Capital Valuation Standards, Protocols, and Frameworks

Natural Capital Valuation Frameworks

Valuation of Natural Capital Costs

Case Study Examples



Section III Marketing Greener Products.

Green Marketing.

The Case for Green Marketing

Consumer Demand

Top 10 Big Business Response, to Meet Consumer Demand for Greener Products

Sustainable Brands Are Profitable

Greener Products Should Not Command a Higher Price

Business-to-Business Demand

Supplier Scorecards

Examples of Questions from P&G and KP Scorecards

Examples of Green Marketing

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Examples

Business-to-Business (B2B) Green Marketing


Marketing Green: Best Practices from OgilvyEarth.

The New Marketing Brandscape

Putting People First

Nine Ways to Close the Green Gap

Take Courage


Aspects of Green Marketing.


Regulatory Standards for Green Marketing

Cause Marketing and Brand Purpose


Best Practices and Conclusions.

The Sustainable Brands Imperative

Best Practices for Making Greener Products

Best Practices for Green Marketing




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Al Iannuzzi, PhD, is Vice President, Sustainability at The Estée Lauder Companies, where he leads enterprise-wide efforts and establishes and executes on sustainability goals and objectives. He also oversees the publication of the Company’s Corporate Responsibility Report, ESG ratings and rakings, and climate and energy. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Indiana University, where he teaches Product Improvement and Sustainability. 

Al has more than 30 years’ experience in the Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability field. Prior to working at The Estée Lauder Companies, he worked for Johnson & Johnson, where he led Design for the Environment and Green Marketing programs and developed sustainability strategies for Consumer Product, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical sectors. He served as the chief architect of the Earthwards® greener product development program. Al has also worked as an environmental consultant and as a regulator for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

Al has authored three books and has written numerous articles on sustainability and product stewardship.


"Competiveness in our rapidly changing world is defined by those companies that can get an edge – more market share, better access to raw materials, and most importantly, bona fide brand trust. Greener Products is the corporate decision maker’s guide for developing a tangible and substantial competitive advantage through sustainability marketing strategies. Iannuzzi’s scientifically-informed, evidence-based, field-tested guidance for developing cleaner, safer, healthier and more responsible value chains can help any company emerge as an industry leader. With razor-sharp insight, depth and rigor, Iannuzzi has created the definitive guide to sustainability marketing for practitioners and scholars alike. Greener Products is the Rosetta Stone of eco-innovation."
—Anna Clark, EarthPeople Media, Dallas, Texas, USA

"This book is for anyone and everyone interested in cutting through the mythology, hype, and often confusion of ‘green products’. Al Iannuzzi has made it his life’s work to encourage the development and uptake of greener, more sustainable products, and this book is testament to his dedication and huge depth of knowledge and practice. What’s particularly great, is that Al has delivered a ‘goldilocks’ book, not too academic, not to light, just right. Read, learn and do."
—Sally Uren, Forum for the Future, London, United Kingdom

"Iannuzzi has done a great job of making the case that environmental sustainability is no longer a fringe issue in major companies, but needs to become part of their strategic DNA going forward in the 21st century."
—Gary Cohen, Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

"Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands presents a concise, yet comprehensive overview of the growing field of sustainable product design. Consumers, retailers and government authorities are increasingly demanding that brands and product manufacturers sell products that are safer for consumers and healthier for the planet. Industry is responding to these growing demands – both smaller ‘green’ brands as well as larger international ones. Al Iannuzzi draws off of decades of industry experience to provide a book replete with data and examples that make a strong business case for sustainable products as well as effective approaches to market sustainability to customers. This book is a must read for anyone interested in business and sustainability."
— Joel Tickner, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA

"Green is the new black. To say this differently, sustainable products increasingly stand out in the marketplace, translating into faster sales, greater profitability, and deeper brand loyalty. Iannuzzi and his co-authors show the way to this future."
—Dan Esty, Hillhouse Professor, Yale University, and co-author of Green to Gold

"Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands is a practical and highly accessible book for anyone interested in making money, designing and selling better products, or saving the world. Written by a market-savvy eco-business professional, it explains everything from why greener products are desperately needed to how to design, evaluate, and market them. A must read for all business professionals and for environmentalists seeking hope in the rapidly emerging ‘greener’ economy.
— Scot Case, Springboard International, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"The first edition of the Greener Products book has been assigned as required reading for my class at Villanova University, "Advanced Life Cycle Assessment & Introduction to Sustainable Product Design," for the past four years. I am excited to introduce this updated version to my students, which brings to reality the business value and need for greener products. The next generation of engineers will utilize the tools in this book to shape the future of sustainable design."
Tad Radzinski, Sustainable Solutions Corporation, Royersford, Pennsylvania, USA

"Your customers’ demand for greener products is growing. Al Iannuzzi’s timely update to his original book brings valuable real world examples of industry leaders and trailblazers who have successfully responded to these opportunities. Greener Products will challenge your current approaches to developing, enhancing, and marketing your products and services. It provides a rich well of information to critical resources in your company’s product research, development, sustainability, marketing, and sales organizations. Successfully applying these lessons can increase the value delivered to your customers, allow outperforming your competitors, and gain market advantage."
—Gailen A. Hart, Indiana University School of Public Health, USA

"The second edition of Al Iannuzzi’s book Greener Products takes best practices from an array of well-respected organisations from the manufacturing and services sectors who have embedded sustainable thinking into their normal business models – notably into new product development. 3M has also been engaged in our 3P Programme – ‘Pollution Prevention Pays’ for the past 42 years – taking pollution out at source rather than managing it post production. This well-established programme supports this book’s notion that good design is not only environmentally responsible but creates market differentiation and also results in significant financial benefit. Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands is a well thought through, practical book filled with market data from the most responsible sources. Responsible design does make a difference and I am happy and proud to support and endorse this work."
—Rich Miles, Head of Sustainability for 3M Europe

"Al Iannuzzi’s second edition of Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands is a must-read for any sustainability professional or student who is interested in driving real world sustainability improvements. It covers the complete and necessary spectrum from defining a strategy, using appropriate tools and marketing that is necessary to develop, make, and sell products that are better for the planet and for society. Hands-on examples from companies across the globe are an invaluable source for inspiration and give practical guidance on how sustainability is used a driver for innovation and continued business success."
— Gerald Rebitzer, Amcor, Zürich, Switzerland

"Greener Products is a go-to guide for why and how to invest in the development and design of products that are inherently safer and healthier for people and the planet. Mr. Iannuzzi demonstrates the value proposition of greener products for small and large companies across a diversity of business sectors, including apparel, electronics, and consumer goods. The case studies in Greener Products highlight how businesses are tackling the sustainability attributes of products across their life cycle -- feedstock sourcing, manufacturing, toxic chemicals in products, and recycling. He provides a valuable framework for real-world implementation from design to marketing, complete with caveats on greenwashing. Greener Products is a must read for leaders and learners interested in the latest trends that are shaping businesses large and small across the globe."
—Mark S. Rossi, Clean Production Action, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

"Anyone already in or desiring to understand the sustainable business world should have two copies of Greener Products, Second Edition – one to keep as a valuable and inspirational reference, and another to share with others."
Sustainable Brands, September 2017