1st Edition

Grendel and His Mother Healing the Traumas of Childhood Through Dreams, Imagery, and Hypnosis

By Nicholas Brink, PhD. Copyright 2002
    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    One cause of the behavioral, emotional and mental torment in a person's life is the psychological trauma that results from the actions and words of parents and others. This volume, "Grendel and His Mother: Healing the Traumas of Childhood Through Dreams, Imagery and Hypnosis" by Nicholas E. Brink examines the effect of such trauma on a child's development and how the resulting torment eventually brings this child as an adult to psychotherapy. This trauma may be as subtle as a parental sigh of disappointment or as direct as physical or sexual abuse. Six clients are then led on a journeying through the unconscious mind using dream work, hypnosis and imagery in the course of therapy to uncover and heal these traumas to free the client of torment.

    I The Imagery of Dreams, Hypnosis, and Myth

    II The Lineage of Hrothgar: Dissociation from Trauma
     The Nature of Trauma
     The First Generation:Exacting Tribute
     The Second Generation:Seeking to Please
     The Death of Scyld:The Time for Dissociation
     The Third Generation: The Payoff of Success
     The Fourth Generation:Becoming Established

    III Grendel, Our Despair
     Grendel of the Borderlands
     Grendel, The Descendant of Cain
     The Grendel of Envy
     The Grendel of Self-Blame
     God and Abuse
     Attacked While Asleep
     Further Attacks
     Withdrawal to Outlying Buildings
     The Spirit is Broken
     The Treasure-Throne is Safe
     Prayers to Heathen Shrines

    IV The Coming of Beowulf
     Beowulf Comes from Across the Sea
     Beowulf Comes Unexpectedly
     The Sentry Trusts Beowulf
     Beowulf’s Weapons are Left at the Door
     Hrothgar’s Chieftain Trusts Beowulf
     Hrothgar Knows, Trusts, and Appreciates Beowulf
     Beowulf Proclaims His Prowess
     Hrothgar Saves Face
     Unferth’s Jealousy
     Wealhtheow Nurtures

    V Beowulf’s Preparation for Battle
     Hrothgar Leaves, Entrusting Heorot to Beowulf
     God is Recognized—The Divine Inspiration
     Beowulf Lays Down His Weapons
     Beowulf’s Men Fall Asleep
     Only Beowulf Remains Awake

    VI The Death of Grendel
     Grendel Enters Heorot
     Grendel Destroys the Door of Heorot
     Grendel Devours a Geat
     The Death of Grendel
     Beowulf Rises
     Beowulf Grips Grendel
     Everyone is Seized in Panic
     The Hall Stands
     The Geats Brandish Their Swords
     The Wound

    VII The Celebration
     Grendel’s Arm is Displayed
     The People Rejoice
     Tracking the Blood of Grendel
     A Poet Immortalizes Beowulf
     Hrothgar Arrives
     The Celebration Gifts
     A Ballad is Sung
     Wealthrerow Arrives
     Flushed with Wine

    VIII Grendel’s Mother
     Grendel’s Mother
     Grendel’s Mother Enters Heorot
     Grendel’s Mother Seizes Aeschere and Runs
     Hrothgar is Broken Hearted
     Beowulf Learns of the Night
     Beowulf Accepts the Challenge
     Following the Blood of Aeschere
     Arriving at the Lake
     Beowulf’s Preparation to Dive

    IX The Death of Grendel’s Mother
     Getting to the Bottom
     The She-Beast’s Awareness
     Grabbed by the She-Beast
     The She-Beast’s Den
     The Beginning of the End
     The Warrior and Beast Grapple
     Finding the Needed Weapon
     Hrothgar Returns Home
     Beowulf Gathers the Evidence

    X The Final Celebration
     Beowulf Swims Ashore
     The Return to Heorot and Queen Wealtheow
     The Audience with the King
     The King’s Oration
     Bedding Down for the Night
     Beowulf’s Preparation for Returning Home
     The Gifts from the King
     Setting Sail
     In Conclusion





    Nicholas Brink PhD