1st Edition

Group Theoretical Methods in Physics Proceedings of the XXV International Colloqium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Cocoyoc, Mexico, 2-6 August, 2004

Edited By G.S Pogosyan, L.E Vincent, K.B Wolf Copyright 2005

    Symmetry is permeating our understanding of nature: Group theoretical methods of intrinsic interest to mathematics have expanded their applications from physics to chemistry and biology. The ICGTMP Colloquia maintain the communication among the many branches into which this endeavor has bloomed. Lie group and representation theory, special functions, foundations of quantum mechanics, and elementary particle, nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics are among the traditional subjects. More recent areas include supersymmetry, superstrings and quantum gravity, integrability, nonlinear systems and quantum chaos, semigroups, time asymmetry and resonances, condensed matter, and statistical physics. Topics such as linear and nonlinear optics, quantum computing, discrete systems, and signal analysis have only in the last few years become part of the group theorists' turf. In Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, readers will find both review contributions that distill the state of the art in a broad field, and articles pointed to specific problems, in many cases, preceding their formal publication in the journal literature.

    The 2004 Wigner Medal
    The 2004 Herman Weyl Prize
    Plenary Papers
    Invited Papers


    G.S Pogosyan, L.E Vincent, K.B Wolf