1st Edition

Guide to SRv6 Network Deployment

Edited By Minwei Jin, Zhenbin Li, Lanjun Luo, Weidong Li Copyright 2025
    472 Pages 231 Color & 17 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book shows how SRv6 can be used in real-world network deployments, providing real-world project cases from multiple carriers and enterprises.

    Segment Routing (SR) has matured significantly over the past decade. Its derivative, SR over IPv6 dataplane (SRv6), has experienced rapid development in recent years and has gained wide acceptance among carriers. However, despite the growing interest in SRv6 deployment and the desire for detailed information, no reference material is available. This book aims to fill this gap by providing a comprehensive description of how SRv6 can be used in real network deployment scenarios. Written by participants in Huawei's SRv6 project, this book provides an in-depth look at the project's solution design and deployment guidelines. It also provides insights into the latest progress of SRv6 header compression standards and provides examples.

    This book is a valuable reference for academics and students majoring in data communications, as well as data communications professionals and managers responsible for network planning and design, and network operation and maintenance management.

    1. SRv6 Overview

    Zhenbin Li and Lanjun Luo

    2. SRv6 Compression

    Cheng Li, Ting Xie

    3. SRv6 Enables Network Innovation

    Xuesong Geng, Xiaoyang Liu, and Yi Cai

    4. Overview of Strategies for Evolution to SRv6

    Minwei Jin, Da Chen, and Jingyi Chen

    5. SRv6 Network Evaluation and Planning Suggestions

    Jing Han and Lanjun Luo

    6. Carrier Solution Design and Deployment: E2E VPN

    Minwei Jin, Zhaoyang Yan, Weidong Li, Jianhua Su, Qiang Li, and Lanjun Luo

    7. Carrier Solution Design and Deployment: HoVPN

    Weidong Li, Ming Li, Qiaoping Liu, Bohan Yao, and Lanjun Luo

    8. SRv6 Design and Deployment: Enterprise Financial Backbone Network

    Jimei Kong and Lanjun Luo

    9. SRv6 Design and Deployment: Enterprise Intelligent Power Data Network

    Lei Bao and Lanjun Luo

    10. SRv6 O&M Guide

    Feng Wang, Junxiang Sun, and Zhuoran Wu

    11. SRv6 Development Prospect

    Bing Liu and Xiaopan Li


    Minwei Jin is the chief expert of metro router solutions at Huawei, responsible for the next-generation technology research and product solution design of Huawei routers. 

    Zhenbin Li is the chief protocol expert of Huawei, responsible for IP protocol research and standards promotion at Huawei. His publications with CRC Press also include SRv6 Network Programming: Ushering in a New Era of IP Networks and IPv6 Network Slicing: Offering New Experience for Industries.

    Lanjun Luo is an information experience expert of datacom products at Huawei. He has been engaged in the design and development of router product documentation, accumulating 13 years of experience in writing technical documents.

    Weidong Li is a metro router solution expert at Huawei, responsible for planning, designing, and promoting IPv6-related solutions for Huawei routers.