1st Edition

Handbook of Applied Mycology Volume 5: Mycotoxins in Ecological Systems

By Arora Copyright 1991
    464 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The final volume in a series for mycologists, microbiologists, biotechnologists, and others scientists, from advanced undergraduate to professional, who are concerned with fungal infection in medicine, agriculture, food, and industrial processes. Summarizes the current knowledge on the causal intera

    Handbook Introduction -- Preface -- Contributors -- 1. Aflatoxin: Genetic Mobilization Agent /Eivind B. LHlehoj -- 2. Aflatoxin in Developing Maize: Interactions Among Involved Biota and Pertinent Econiche Factors /Neil W. Widstrom -- 3. Aflatoxins: Their Biological Effects and Ecological Significance /Krishna S. Bilgrami and Kaushal K. Sinha -- 4. Development and U se of Immunoassays in the Detection of Ecologically Important Mycotoxins /Fun S. Chu -- 5. Insect Interactions with Mycotoxin-Producing Fungi and Their Hosts /Patrick F. Dowd -- 6. Species- and Diet-Related Differences in Aflatoxin Biotransformation /David L. Eaton and Howard S. Ramsdell -- 7. Formation of Aflatoxin-DNA Adducts in Trout and Their Use as Molecular Dosimeters for Tumor Prediction /Roderick H. Dashwood, Koenraad Marien, Patricia M. Loveland, David E. Williams, J. D. Hendricks, and George S. Bailey -- 8. Human Exposure to Aflatoxins-Biological Monitoring Herman Autrup and Judith L. Autrup -- 9. Genotoxicity of Naturally Occurring Metabolites: Structural Analogs of Aflatoxin and Related Chemicals /Hideki Mori -- 10. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions in Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites /Deepak Bhatnagar, Kenneth C. Ehrlich, and Thomas E. Cleveland -- 11. A Molecular Approach Towards Understanding Aflatoxin Production /Nancy P. Keller, Thomas E. Cleveland, and Deepak Bhatnagar -- 12. Strain Instability in Filamentous Fungi /Shubha Kale and J. W. Bennett -- 13. Genetic Approaches to the Chemical Ecology of Phytopathogenic Fusarium Species /Anne E. Desjardins -- 14. Biosynthesis and Regulation of Trichothecene Production by Fusarium Species /Marian N. Beremand and Susan P. McCormick -- 15. Cyclopiazonic Acid: Speculation on its Function in Fungi /Ronald T. Riley and Douglas E. Goeger -- 16. Ochratoxin A-A Mycotoxin of Concern /Fredrik Carl Stermer -- Index.