1st Edition

Handbook of Chemical Mass Transport in the Environment

ISBN 9781420047554
Published October 21, 2010 by CRC Press
119 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

A comprehensive account of the state of the science of environmental mass transport

Edited by Louis J. Thibodeaux and Donald Mackay, renowned experts in this field, the Handbook of Chemical Mass Transport in the Environment covers those processes which are critically important for assessing chemical fate, exposure, and risk. In a comprehensive and authoritative format, this unique handbook provides environmental chemists, geoscientists, engineers, and modelers with the essential capabilities to understand and quantify transport. In addition, it offers a one-stop resource on environmental mass transfer and mass transport coefficient estimation methods for all genres.

The book begins by discussing mass transport fundamentals from an environmental perspective. It introduces the concept of mobility — key to environmental fate, since transport must occur prior to any reaction or partitioning within the natural multimedia compartments. The fugacity approach to environmental mass transfer and the conventional approach are examined. This is followed by a description of the individual mass transport processes and the appropriate flux equations required for a quantitative expression. The editors have identified 41 individual processes believed to be the most environmentally significant, which form the basis for the remainder of the book

Using a consistent format for easy reference, each chapter:

  • Introduces the specific processes
  • Provides a detailed qualitative description
  • Presents key theoretical mathematical formulations
  • Describes field or laboratory measurements of transport parameters
  • Gives data tables and algorithms for numerical estimates
  • Offers a guide for users familiar with the process who are seeking a direct pathway to obtain the numerical coefficients
  • Presents computed example problems, case studies and/or exercises with worked-through solutions and answers

The final chapter presents the editors’ insight into future needs and emerging priorities. Accessible and relevant to a broad range of science and engineering users, this volume captures the state of the transport science and practice in this critical area.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Chemical Mobility in the Environment; Louis J. Thibodeaux and Donald Mackay

Mass Transport Fundamentals from an Environmental Perspective; Louis J. Thibodeaux and Donald Mackay

The Fugacity Approach to Mass Transport and MTCs; Donald MacKay

Flux Equations for Mass Transport Processes Across Interfaces; Louis J. Thibodeaux

Estimating Molecular Diffusivities in Environmental Media; J.E. Birdwell and T.R. Marrero

Deposition from the Atmosphere toWater and Soils with Aerosol Particles and Precipitation; Matthew MacLeod, Martin Scheringer, Christian Götz, Konrad Hungerbühler, Cliff I. Davidson, and Thomas M. Holsen

Mass Transfer Between the Atmosphere and Plant Canopy Systems; Michael S. McLachlan

Mass Transfer Within Surface Soils; T.E. McKone, A Fugacity Box Model; Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, Mira S. Olson, and Fred D. Tillman

Transport in Surface Soils

Air-Water Mass Transfer Coefficients; John S. Gulliver

Deposition and Resuspension of Particles and Associated Chemical Transport Across the Sediment-Water Interface; Joseph V. DePinto, Richard D. McCulloch, Todd M. Redder,John R. Wolfe, and Timothy J. Dekker

Advective Porewater Flux and Chemical Transport in Bed-Sediment; Louis J. Thibodeaux, John R.Wolfe, and Timothy J. Dekker

Diffusive Chemical Transport AcrossWater and Sediment Boundary Layers; Louis J. Thibodeaux, Justin E. Birdwell, and Danny D. Reible

Biotubation and Other Sorbed-Phase Transport Processes in Surface Soils and Sediments; Louis J. Thibodeaux, Gerald Matisoff, and Danny D. Reible

Mass Transport from Soil to Plants; William Doucette, Eric Dettenmaier, Bruce Bugbee, and Donald Mackay

Dispersion and Mass Transfer in Groundwater Near-Surface Geological Formations; Tissa H. Illangasekare, Christophe C. Frippiat, and Radek Fučík

Dust Resuspension and Chemical Mass Transport from Soil to Atmosphere; Cheryl L. McKenna-Neuman

Deposition of Dissolved and Particulate-Bound Chemicals from the Surface Ocean; Rainer Lohmann and Jordi Dachs

Chemical Exchange Between Snow and the Atmosphere; Torsten Meyer and Frank Wania

Chemical Dynamics in Urban Areas; Miriam Diamond and Louis Thibodeaux

Mixing in the Atmosphere and SurfaceWaters with Application to Compartmental Box Models; Ellen Bentzen, Matthew MacLeod, Brendan Hickie, Bojan Gasic, Konrad Hungerbühler, and Don Mackay

Environmental Mass Transfer State-of-the-Art, Deficiencies, and Future Directions; Justin E. Birdwell, Louis J. Thibodeaux, and Donald Mackay


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