1st Edition

Handbook of Data Science with Semantic Technologies

    560 Pages 144 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    As the world has entered the era of big data, there is a need to give a semantic perspective to the data to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful information, and make intelligent decisions. This 2-volume handbook set is a unique, comprehensive, and complete presentation of the current progress and future potential explorations in the field of data science and related topics.

    Handbook of Data Science with Semantic Technologies provides a roadmap for a new trend and future development of data science with semantic technologies. The first volume serves as an important guide towards applications of data science with semantic technologies for the upcoming generation and thus becomes a unique resource for both academic researchers and industry professionals. The second volume provides a roadmap for the deployment of semantic technologies in the field of data science that enables users to create intelligence through these technologies by exploring the opportunities while eradicating the current and future challenges. The set explores the optimal use of these technologies to provide the maximum benefit to the user under one comprehensive source.

    This set consisting of two separate volumes can be utilized independently or together as an invaluable resource for students, scholars, researchers, professionals, and practitioners in the field.

    Vol 1: 1. What is Data Science. 2. Big Data and its Future. 3. Smart Warehouse Testbed: From Conceptual Framework to a Real Project. 4. Empirical Study on Sentiment Analysis. 5. Forecasting on Covid-19 data using ARIMAX model. 6. ML-Based Method for Detecting and Alerting to Cyber Attacks. 7. Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing- Emerging Trends and Challenges. 8. Machine Learning and Future Directions. 9. Towards a Web Standard for Neurosymbolic Integration and Knowledge Representation Using Model Cards. 10. Semantic Web Technologies. 11. Data Science with Semantic Technologies. 12. Ontological Perspective in Cancer Care system. 13. Interoperability Frameworks: Data Fabric and Data Mesh Architectures. 14. Recommender System for E-commerce: How Ontologies Support Recommendations.

    Vol 2: 1. Machine Learning Meets the Semantic Web. 2. Knowledge Graphs: Connecting Information over the Semantic Web. 3. Latest Trends In Language Processing To Make Semantic Search More Semantic. 4. Semantic Information Retrieval Models. 5. Enterprise Application Development Using Semantic Web Languages for Semantic Data Modeling. 6. The Metadata Management for Semantic Ontology in Big Data. 7. Role of Knowledge Data Science During Covid-19. 8. Semantic Technologies in Next Era of Industry Revolution: Industry 4.0. 9. Semantic Interoperability Framework and its Application in Agriculture. 10. Design and Implementation of a Short Circuit Detection System using Data Stream and Semantic Web techniques. 11. Semantic-Based Access Control for Data Resources. 12. Ontological Engineering: Research Directions and A Real-life Applications. 13. Expert Systems in AI - Components, Applications, and Characteristics focusing on Chatbot.


    Dr. Archana Patel is an Assistant Professor, School of Law, Forensic Justice, & Policy Studies, (General Computer Applications/IT), National Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. She has worked as a full time faculty at School of Computing and Information Technology, Eastern International University, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. She has completed her Postdoc from the Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany. She has filed a patent entitled "Method and System for Creating Ontology of Knowledge Units In A Computing Environment" in Nov 2019. She has received Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computer Applications and PG degree both from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Kurukshetra, India in 2020 and 2016 respectively. She has qualified GATE and UGC-NET/JRF exams in year 2017. Dr. Patel has also contributed in research project funded by Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), for the period of two year. Dr. Patel is an author or co-author of more than 40 publications in numerous referred journals and conference proceedings. She has been awarded best paper award (four times) in the international conferences. She has served as a reviewer in various reputed journal and conferences. Dr. Patel has received various awards for presentation of research work at various international conferences, teaching and research institutions. She has edited six books and served as a guest editors in many well reputed journals. Dr. Patel served as a keynote at ICOECA-2022 and ICSADL 2022. Her research interests are Ontological Engineering, Semantic Web, Big Data, Expert System and Knowledge Warehouse.  


    Dr. Narayan C. Debnath is currently the Founding Dean of the School of Computing and Information Technology at Eastern International University, Vietnam. He is also serving as the Head of the Department of Software Engineering at Eastern International University, Vietnam. Dr. Debnath has been the Director of the International Society for Computers and their Applications (ISCA) since 2014. Formerly, Dr. Debnath served as a Full Professor of Computer Science at Winona State University, Minnesota, USA for 28 years (1989-2017). He was elected as the Chairperson of the Computer Science Department at Winona State University for 3 consecutive terms and assumed the role of the Chairperson of the Computer Science Department at Winona State University for 7 years (2010-2017). Dr. Debnath earned a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree in Computer Science and also a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Physics. He has served as the elected President for 2 separate terms, Vice President, and Conference Coordinator of the International Society for Computers and their Applications and has been a member of the ISCA Board of Directors since 2001. Dr. Debnath has been an active member of the ACM, IEEE Computer Society, Arab Computer Society, and a senior member of the ISCA.