1st Edition

Handbook of Energy-Aware and Green Computing, Volume 2

Edited By Ishfaq Ahmad, Sanjay Ranka Copyright 2012

    This book provides basic and fundamental knowledge of various aspects of energy-aware computing at the component, software, and system level. It provides a broad range of topics dealing with power-, energy-, and temperature-related research areas for individuals from industry and academia.

    Part VI Monitoring, Modeling, and Evaluation 1. Power-Aware Modeling and Autonomic Management Framework for Distributed Computing Systems 2. Power Measuring and Profiling: State of the Art 3. Modeling the Energy Consumption of Distributed Applications 4. Comparative Study of Runtime Systems for Energy-Aware High-Performance Computing 5. Tool Environments to Measure Power Consumption and Computational Performance 6. BlueTool: Using a Computing Systems Research Infrastructure Tool to Design and Test Green and Sustainable Data Centers Part VII Software Systems 7. Optimizing Computing and Energy Performances in Heterogeneous Clusters of CPUs and GPUs 8. Energy-Efficient Online Provisioning for HPC Workloads 9. Exploiting Heterogeneous Computing Systems for Energy Efficiency 10. Code Development of High-Performance Applications for Power-Efficient Architectures 11. Experience with Autonomic Energy Management Policies for JavaEE Clusters Part VIII Data Centers and Large-Scale Systems 12. Power-Aware Parallel Job Scheduling 13. Toward Energy-Efficient Web Server Clusters 14. Providing a Green Framework for Cloud Data Centers 15. Environmentally Opportunistic Computing 16. Environmentally Opportunistic Computing 17. Energy-Efficient Data Transfers in Large-Scale Distributed Systems 18. Overview of Data Centers Energy Efficiency Evolution 19. Evaluating Performance, Power, and Cooling in High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centers Part IX Green Applications 20. GreenGPS-Assisted Vehicular Navigation 21. Energy-Aware Mobile Multimedia Computing 22. Ultralow-Power Implantable Electronics 23. Energy-Adaptive Computing: A New Paradigm for Sustainable IT Part X Social and Environmental Issues 24. Evolution of Energy Awareness Using an Open Carbon Footprint Calculation Platform 25. Understanding and Exploiting User Behavior for Energy Saving 26. Predicting User Behavior for Energy Saving 27. Toward Sustainable Portable Computing


    Ishfaq Ahmad, Sanjay Ranka