1st Edition

Handbook of Fruit Set and Development

By Shaul. P Monselise Copyright 1986

    Different phases of fruit development and utilization have been treated in many textbooks, reviews, and a host of scientific and professional papers. This seems, however, to be the first attempt to bring together case histories of so many different fruits and to present a balanced account of the whole period from set to harvest. Postharvest physiology, which has been in the centre of the picture in many former books, is at the bored line of the subject matter of this book, and has not been fully covered, except in a few cases. For this reason, two separate chapters deal with physiological and pathological aspects of fruit life after harvest.

    1. Apple 2. Banana 3. Blueberry 4. Citrus 5. Cranberry 6. Date 7. Eggplant 8. Fig 9. Grape 10. Hazelnut 11. Kiwifruit 12. Litchi 13. Macadamia 14. Oil Palm 15. Olive 16. Papaya 17. Peach 18. Pecan 19. Pepper 20. Persimmon 21. Pineapple 22. Pistachio 23. Plum 24. Strawberry 25. Sycamore fig 26. Tomato 27. Maturation, ripening, senescence, and their control- A comparison between fruit and leave 28. Prolongation of fruit life after harvest 29. Closing remarks


    Shaul. P Monselise