2nd Edition

Handbook of Fungal Biotechnology

Edited By Dilip K. Arora Copyright 2004
    608 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The Handbook of Fungal Biotechnology offers the newest developments from the frontiers of fungal biochemical and molecular processes and industrial and semi-industrial applications of fungi. This second edition highlights the need for the integration of a number of scientific disciplines and technologies in modern fungal biotechnology and reigns as the top source on current molecular, biochemical, and medical technologies and commercial usages for fungi. Authored by 81 world-renowned scientists from both industry and academia, it addresses contemporary issues pertaining to intellectual property rights, biodiversity, and biosafety, and devotes an entire section to medical biotechnology.

    Cell Biology of Hyphae, O. Yarden
    Protoplast Isolation, Regeneration, and Fusion in Filamentous Fungi, S.P. Kale and D. Bhatnagar
    Metabolic Pathway Regulation, P.-K. Chang and R.B. Todd
    Fungal Nuclei and Chromosomes, B.C.K. Lu
    Genomics of Filamentous Fungi: A General Review, A.M. Fakhoury and G.A. Payne
    Stability and Instability of Fungal Genomes, A.J. Clutterbuck
    Secondary Metabolic Gene Clusters in Filamentous Fungi, J.W. Cary
    Application of Gene Cloning in Fungal Biotechnology, L. Hornok and G. Giczey
    Transformation and Gene Manipulation in Filamentous Fungi: An Overview, R.L. Mach
    Genetic Manipulation Systems for Nonconventional Fungi, J.W Wöstemeyer, A. Burmester, and C. Schimek
    Fungal Mitochondria: Genomes, Genetic Elements, and Gene Expression, J.C. Kennell and S.M. Cohen
    Fungal Evolution Meets Fungal Genomics, J. Leigh, E. Seif, N. Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, Y. Jacob, and B.F. Lang
    Genome Sequence Patterns and Gene Regulation: A Bioinformatics Perspective, G.B. Singh
    DNA Chips and Microarray Analysis: An Overview, S. Choi
    Signal Transduction in Fungi: Signaling Cascades Regulating Virulence in Filamentous Fungi, S. Zeilinger

    Application of Genetic Engineering for Strain Improvement in Filamentous Fungi, H. Nevalainen, V. Te 'o, and M. Penttilä
    The Genetic Improvement of Wine Yeasts, I.S. Pretorius
    Fungi in Brewing: Biodiversity and Biotechnology Perspectives, J. Hansen and J. Piskur
    Ethanol-Tolerance and Production by Yeast, T. Benítez and A. C. Codón
    Solid-State Fermentation: An Overview, P. Nigam, T. Robinson, and D. Singh
    Basic Principles for the Production of Fungal Enzymes by Solid-State Fermentation, G. Viniegra-González and E. Favela-Torres
    Commercial Importance of Some Fungal Enzymes, R. K. Saxsena, B. Malhotra, and A. Batra
    Xylanases of Thermophilic Molds and Their Application Potential, S. Rawat and B.N. Johri
    Chitin Biosynthesis in Fungi, J. Ruiz-Herrera and R. Ruiz-Medrano
    Bioactive Fungal Polysaccharides and Polysaccharopeptides, T.B. Ng
    Biotechnological Potential of Fungal Lipids, M. Sancholle, F. Laruelle, D.M.L Lösel,and J. Muchembled
    Introduction to the Theory of Metabolic Modeling and Optimization of Biochemical Systems: Application to Citric Acid Production in Aspergillus niger, N.V. Torres, F. Alvarez-Vasquez, and E.O. Voit
    Fungal Carotenoid Production, J. Avalos and E. Cerdá-Olmedo
    Fungal Terpenoid Antibiotics and Enzyme Inhibitors, S. Inouye, S. Abe, and H. Yamaguchi
    Commercial Production and Biosynthesis of Fungal Antibiotics: An Overview, S. Gutiéerrez, R.E. Cardoza, J. Casqueiro, and J.F. Martín
    Molecular Biology of Trichoderma and Biotechological Applications, M. Pentillä, C. Limón, and H. Nevalainen
    Plectomycetes:Biotechnological Importance and Systematics, J. Sugiyama and H. Ogawa
    Exploitation of GFP-Technology with Filamentous Fungi, D.F. Jensen and A. Schulz

    Antifungal Drugs in Fungal Infections, Y. Niwano
    Antitumor and Immunomodulatory Compounds from Fungi, T.B. Ng
    Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections, M. Richardson and S. Nikkari
    Candidiasis, A.G. Palma-Carlos and M.L. Palma-Carlos
    Immunizations Against Fungal Diseases in Man and Animals, E. Segal and D. Elad
    Fungal Allergy, V.P. Kurup

    Current Status of Fungal Collections and Their Role in Biotechnology, D. Smith and M.J. Ryan
    Benefits and Risks of Genetically Modified Foods: An Overview, F. Goodyear-Smith
    Transgenic Mycoherbicides:Needs and Safety Considerations, J. Gressel
    Recent Developments in Biotechnology and Intellectual Property, Access to Genetic Resources, and Benefit-Sharing, P. Cheyne


    Dilip K. Arora

    "well written…a good balance between the basic biology of the fungi and their commercial applications…excellent."

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