Handbook of Gender, Culture, and Health (Acquisition eBook) book cover

Handbook of Gender, Culture, and Health

Edited by Richard M. Eisler, Michel Hersen

© 2000 – Psychology Press

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This Handbook illustrates how gender, ethnicity, age, and even sexual orientation and understanding influence the health practices and risk factors for health problems in diverse groups of people. Contributions from leading researchers in psychology, health, and epidemiology provide an interdisciplinary approach to the topic. In addition to epidemiological issues, this book discusses the view that public health policy and programs must be individually tailored to specific groups to maximize their effectiveness.

Part I deals with the effects of stress on the health of diverse populations. Part II of the book raises the issues of varied health risk factors and health practices for different cultural and socioeconomic groups. Part III examines specific health problems and issues common to women and men of varying ethnicity. The last section deals with the health problems of specific populations.

Featuring the latest information for understanding how diverse groups of people perceive and respond to issues relating to their health, this Handbook should prove to be a valuable resource to a wide range of practitioners and researchers in psychology, medicine, psychiatry, sociology, social work, nursing, exercise science, and counseling.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Part I: Stress in Diverse Populations. T.Y. Schooler, A. Baum, Neuroendocrine Influences on the Health of Diverse Populations. U. Lundberg, D. Parr, Neurohormonal Factors, Stress, Health, and Gender. P.L. Watkins, D. Whaley, Gender Role Stressors and Women's Health. G.E. Good, N.B. Sherrod, M.G. Dillon, Masculine Gender Role Stressors and Men's Health. Part II: Differences in Health Issues. D. Sue, Health Risk Factors in Diverse Cultural Groups. N.E. Penn, J. Kramer, J.F. Skinner, R.J. Velasquez, B.W.K. Yee, L.M. Arellano, J.P. Williams, Health Practices and Health-Care Systems Among Cultural Groups. M.F. Kelty, R.R. Hoffman, III, M.G. Ory, J.T. Harden, Behavioral and Sociocultural Aspects of Aging, Ethnicity, and Health. Part III: Specific Health Problems. T. Theorell, A. Härenstam, Influence of Gender on Cardiovascular Disease. D.F. Gordon, T. Cerami, Cancers Common in Men. B.E. Meyerowitz, A.A. Bull, M.A. Perez, Cancers Common in Women. R.H. Striegel-Moore, L. Smolak, The Influence of Ethnicity on Eating Disorders in Women. B.W. Lex, Gender and Cultural Influences on Substance Abuse. K.J. Sikkema, L.I. Wagner, L.M. Bogart, Gender and Cultural Factors in the Prevention of HIV Infection Among Women. J.C. Chrisler, E.L. O'Hea, Gender, Culture, and Autoimmune Disorders. J.A. Whiteley, R.A. Winett, Gender and Fitness: Enhancing Women's Health Through Principled Exercise Training. Part IV: Health Problems of Special Populations. K. O'Hanlan, Health Concerns of Lesbians. C.B. Kamilar, D.L. Segal, S.H. Qualls, Role of Gender and Culture in the Psychological Adjustment to Aging. P.A. Wisocki, J. Skowron, The Effects of Gender and Culture on Adjustment to Widowhood. G.R. Brooks, The Role of Gender in Marital Dysfunction. M.P. Koss, K. Hoffman, Survivors of Violence by Male Partners: Gender and Cultural Considerations.

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