Handbook of HPLC For the Separation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins : Volume 1 book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of HPLC For the Separation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins
Volume 1

Edited By

William S. Hancock

ISBN 9780367264215
Published January 18, 2022 by CRC Press
489 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1984: This handbook presents initial examples of promising new applications in HPLC in the hope that it will stimulate further studies.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the General Principles of HPLC

Introduction to High Performance Liquid Chromotagraphy

William S. Hancock

The Structure of Microparticulate Silica

K. Unger

Pore Structure of Chemically Modified Silica

Istvan Halsz

Commercially Available Columns

C. Timothy Wehr

HLPC Instrumentation

Requirements for Suitable Instrumentation

John A. Schmit and Robert Lehrer

Example of a Commercially Available Instrument – Micromeritics

John C. Hidgin, Patrick Y. Howard, and Adolf von Wurttenberg

Example of a Commercially Available Instrument – Varian

Jack P. Bell

Example of a Commercially Avaiable Instrument – Shumadzu

Eiji Okada

Mobile Phases

Manipulation of the Ion-Pair Effect in HPLC

Eric Tomlinson

An Ion-Interaction Model

Stanley N. Deming

Phosphates as Mobile Phase Modifiers

Conway A. Bishop

Perfluoroalkanoic Acids as Mobile Phase Modifiers

C. Olieman and D. Voskamp

Hydrochloric Acid as a Mobile Modifier

Hidenori Yamada and Taiji Imoto

Detection Improvement by Use of UV-Absorbing Counter-Ions

Jacques Crommen

Detection Methods

Detection Methods Suitable for Monitoring the Separation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins

William S. Hancock and David R.K. Harding

Post-Column Fluorometric Detection

Randolph V. Lewis

Field Desorption Mass Spectrometry

Dominic M. Desiderio

Reversed-Phase Thin-Layer Chromatography (RC-TLC)

Luciano Lepri, Pier Giorgio Desidieri, and Daniela Heimler


J.G. Loebber

Separation of Free Amino Acids

Review of Separation Conditions

William S. Hancock and David R.K. Harding

Aromatic Amino Acids in Tissues

Ante M. Krstulovic and Henri Colin

m- and o- Tyrosine

Susumu Ishimitsu, Sadaki Fujimoto, and Akira Ohara

Cross-Links of Collagen

K.A. Smolenski

Iodothyronines and Iodotyrosines

Nicholas M. Alexander


F. Nachtmann and M. Andre

Products Formed by Thyroid Peroxidase

Graham G. Skellern

o-Pthaldialdehyde Derivative of Taurine

James D. Stuart and Dennis W. Hill

o- Pthaldialdehyde Derivative of Amino Acids in Cocoa Beans

W. Jeffrey Hurst

Available Lysine Using the Dinitrophenyl Derivative

Wayne R. Peterson and Joseph J. Warthesen

Dansyl Amino Acids

J.M. Wilkinson

Lysinoalnine in Foods as Measured Via Dansyl Derivative

Joseph J. Wasrthesen and Julianne Wood-Rethwill

Dabsyl Amino Acids

Jen-Kun Lin

Amino Acid Phenylthiohydantoins

David H. Schlesinger

Resolution of Amino Acids as Diastereomeric Derivatives

Resolution of Amino Acid Diastereomers

Toshio Nambara

Application of Ligand-Exchange Chromotography to Separation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins

Review of Ligand-Exchange Chromotography (LEC)

Vadim A. Davankov

Separations Where the Ligand Is Bound to a Normal-Phase Column

Marcel H. Caude, Alain P. Jardy, and Robert H. Rosset

Separations Where Ligand Is Bound to a Reversed-Phased System

Keith Sugden

Resolution of α-Amino Acids and Dns- α-Amino Acids by HLPC with Mobile Phases Containing a Chiral Ligand

Emmanuel Gil-Av and Shulamith Weinstein

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Dr. William Hancock is Bradstreet Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry, Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis, Northeastern University.