1st Edition

Handbook of Hazardous Waste Management for Small Quantity Generators

By Russell W. Phifer Copyright 1988

    Special features of this book include: practical "how to" instructions, state/federal regulations-plus overview, lab waste management, interpretations of regulations, enforcement, generator checklist, and complete coverage. This handbook is an excellent resource for hazardous waste managers, safety managers, lab managers, occupational health/safety workers, hazardous waste brokers, and small business managers. Disposal facilities, trade associations, consultants, administrators, attorneys, unions, and industrial hygienists will find this practical guide useful as well.

    Introduction. Regulatory Scheme, Structure, and Definitions with Hazardous Waste Determination. Types of Waste Generated by Small Quantity Generators. Generator Requirements. Using the Code of Federal Regulations. On-Site Storage and Handling of Hazardous Waste. Limiting Liabilities-Environmental Audits and Choosing Hazardous Waste Management Facilities. Enforcement-Inspections-What to Expect-How to Respond, and Penalties. Laboratory Waste Management. Disposal Options-e.g. Landfill, Treatment, Incineration. Trends in Hazardous Waste Management.


    Mr. Phifer has specialized in the management of small quantity generator wastes since 1980. As Chairman of the American Chemical Society's Task Force on RCRA, he is involved in establishing policies on hazardous waste management for laboratories and other small gener­ators of waste. Other responsibilities include the development of training programs and publications on hazardous waste management. Mr. Phifer has served as a guest lecturer at a number of colleges and universities, and has advised a number of state and federal regulatory agencies on waste management policies and regulations. He has pub­lished technical papers on laboratory waste management, laboratory safety, risk assessment, and the problems of small quantity genera­tors. Mr. Phifer is a graduate of the College of Wooster (Ohio) and currently serves as an Environmental Planner for Fitch & Sandell, Inc. in Wayne, Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager. Mr. Phifer is married and resides in Mont Clare, Pennsylvania. Mr. McTigue has served in the hazardous waste management industry in numerous capacities, including: manager of a commercial hazardous waste storage facility; project coordinator in emergency response actions; permit administrator for commercial TSD facilities; environmental regulatory consultant; health and safety manager for a hazardous waste remediation firm. His experience has required him to interact extensively with governmental bureaus, dealing particularly with enforcement agents and permit writers at the federal and state levels. His approach to regulatory problem solving is based firmly in understanding a situation in the context of applicable regulations and designing a cost-effective solution which is sensitive to a business firm's resource base. Mr. McTigue received his BA from Temple University and his MBA from La Salle University in Philadelphia. Approved by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management as a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM), he is currently the manager of health and safety for Envirite Field Services, Inc., Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.