Handbook of Health Psychology (Acquisition eBook) book cover

Handbook of Health Psychology

Edited by Andrew S. Baum,, Tracey A. Revenson, Jerome E. Singer

© 2000 – Psychology Press

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This comprehensive Handbook, the first in a decade, provides an intensive review, integration, and evaluation of the first quarter-century of health psychology research and intervention. Because of research advances in behavioral, psychological, and social aspects of health, health psychology has created a new way of thinking about health and well-being. Working within biobehavioral and sociocultural frameworks, the 51 chapters address basic theories underlying health-behavior relationships while, at the same time, applying those theories to specific disease conditions and the promotion of health.

This book is intended for teachers of undergraduate, graduate or professional courses, students in psychology and other applied health fields, health researchers, and health practitioners.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. T.A. Revenson, A. Baum, Introduction. Part I: Basic Processes. M. Fishbein, H.C. Triandis, F.H. Kanfer, M. Becker, S.E. Middlestadt, A. Eichler, Factors Influencing Behavior and Behavior Change. H. Leventhal, E.A. Leventhal, L. Cameron, Representations, Procedures, and Affect in Illness Self-Regulation: A Perceptual-Cognitive Model. K.A. Wallston, Conceptualization and Operationalization of Perceived Control. R.J. Contrada, M. Guyll, On Who Gets Sick and Why: The Role of Personality and Stress. B.T. Engel, Visceral Learning. R.J. Gatchel, Biofeedback and Self-Regulation of Physiological Activity: A Major Adjunctive Treatment Modality in Health Psychology. A.W. Kusnecov, Behavioral Conditioning of the Immune System. D.C. Turk, Physiological and Psychological Bases of Pain. T.W. Smith, L.C. Gallo, Personality Traits as Risk Factors for Physical Illness. S.C. Ouellette, J. DiPlacido, Personality's Role in the Protection and Enhancement of Health: Where the Research Has Been, Where It Is Stuck, How It Might Move. J. Suls, R. Martin, Social Comparison Processes in the Physical Health Domain. T.A. Wills, M. Filer, Social Networks and Social Support. B.M. DeVellis, R.F. DeVellis, Self-Efficacy and Health. N.E. Grunberg, M.M. Faraday, M.A. Rahman, The Psychobiology of Nicotine Self-Administration. R.R. Wing, B.A. Polley, Obesity. M.D. Wood, D.C. Vinson, K.J. Sher, Alcohol Use and Misuse. Part II: Crosscutting Issues. A.L. Dougall, A. Baum, Stress, Health, and Illness. J.M. Smyth, J.W. Pennebaker, What Are the Health Effects of Disclosure? D.L. Nelson, J.C. Quick, B.L. Simmons, Preventive Management of Work Stress: Current Themes and Future Challenges. G.W. Evans, Environmental Stress and Health. A.L. Stanton, C.A. Collins, L. Sworowski, Adjustment to Chronic Illness: Theory and Research. A.A. Gorin, A.A. Stone, Recall Biases and Cognitive Errors in Retrospective Self-Reports: A Call for Momentary Assessments. M.P. Leiter, C. Maslach, Burnout and Health. C.A. Macera, C.A. Armstead, N.B. Anderson, Sociocultural Influences on Health. D.A. Obeidallah, S.T. Hauser, A.M. Jacobson, The Multiple Contexts of Chronic Illness: Diabetic Adolescents and Community Characteristics. B.G. Melamed, B. Roth, J. Fogel, Childhood Health Issues Across the Life Span. R.I. Evans, Social Influences in Etiology and Prevention of Smoking and Other Health Threatening Behaviors in Children and Adolescents. I.C. Siegler, L.A. Bastian, H.B. Bosworth, Health, Behavior, and Aging. L.M. Martire, R. Schulz, Informal Caregiving to Older Adults: Health Effects of Providing and Receiving Care. C. Dunkel-Schetter, R.A.R. Gurung, M. Lobel, P.D. Wadhwa, Stress Processes in Pregnancy and Birth: Psychological, Biological, and Sociocultural Influences. B.K. Rimer, C.M. McBride, C. Crump, Women's Health Promotion. M.P. Koss, M. Ingram, S.L. Pepper, Male Partner Violence: Relevance to Health Care Providers. L.A. Pasch, Confronting Fertility Problems: Current Research and Future Challenges. J. Dunbar-Jacob, E. Schlenk, Patient Adherence to Treatment Regimen. R.G. Frank, Rehabilitation. D.G. Altman, R.M. Goodman, Community Intervention. F. Butterfoss, A. Wandersman, R.M. Goodman, Citizen Participation and Health: Toward a Psychology of Improving Health Through Individual, Organizational, and Community Involvement. W.T. Phillips, M. Kiernan, A.C. King, The Effects of Physical Activity on Physical and Psychological Health. Part III: Applications to the Study of Disease. R.B. Williams, Hostility (and Other Psychosocial Risk Factors): Effects on Health and the Potential for Successful Behavioral Approaches to Prevention and Treatment. W.J. Kop, J.S. Gottdiener, D.S. Krantz, Stress and Silent Ischemia. A.L. Marsland, E.A. Bachen, S. Cohen, S.B. Manuck, Stress, Immunity, and Susceptibility to Infectious Disease. A.P. Shapiro, Nonpharmacological Treatment of Hypertension. B.L. Andersen, D.M. Golden-Kreutz, V. DiLillo, Cancer. L.S. Aiken, M.A. Gerend, K.M. Jackson, Subjective Risk and Health Protective Behavior: Cancer Screening and Cancer Prevention. D.L. Delahanty, A. Baum, Stress and Breast Cancer. W.H. Redd, P. Jacobsen, Behavioral Intervention in Comprehensive Cancer Care. J.A. Catania, D. Binson, M.M. Dolcini, J.T. Moskowitz, A. van der Straten, Frontiers in the Behavioral Epidemiology of HIV/STDs. V.M. Mays, B.T. So, S.D. Cochran, R. Detels, R. Benjamin, E. Allen, S. Kwon, HIV Disease in Ethnic Minorities: Implications of Racial/Ethnic Differences in Disease Susceptibility and Drug Dosage Response for HIV Infection and Treatment. J.R. Ickovics, B. Thayaparan, K.A. Ethier, Women and AIDS: A Contextual Analysis. S.L. Catz, J.A. Kelly, Living With HIV Disease. H. Landrine, E.A. Klonoff, Cultural Diversity and Health Psychology.

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