Handbook of Industrial Engineering Equations, Formulas, and Calculations: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Handbook of Industrial Engineering Equations, Formulas, and Calculations

1st Edition

By Adedeji B. Badiru, Olufemi A. Omitaomu

CRC Press

456 pages | 98 B/W Illus.

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The first handbook to focus exclusively on industrial engineering calculations with a correlation to applications, Handbook of Industrial Engineering Equations, Formulas, and Calculations contains a general collection of the mathematical equations often used in the practice of industrial engineering. Many books cover individual areas of engineering and some cover all areas, but none covers industrial engineering specifically, nor do they highlight topics such as project management, materials, and systems engineering from an integrated viewpoint.

Written by acclaimed researchers and authors, this concise reference marries theory and practice, making it a versatile and flexible resource. Succinctly formatted for functionality, the book presents:

  • Basic Math Calculations
  • Engineering Math Calculations
  • Production Engineering Calculations
  • Engineering Economics Calculations
  • Ergonomics Calculations
  • Facility Layout Calculations
  • Production Sequencing and Scheduling Calculations
  • Systems Engineering Calculations
  • Data Engineering Calculations
  • Project Engineering Calculations
  • Simulation and Statistical Equations

It has been said that engineers make things while industrial engineers make things better. To make something better requires an understanding of its basic characteristics and the underlying equations and calculations that facilitate that understanding. To do this, however, you don’t have to be computational experts; you just have to know where to get the computational resources that are needed. This book elucidates the underlying equations that facilitate the understanding required to improve design processes, continuously improving the answer to the age-old question: What is the best way to do a job?

Table of Contents

Computational Foundations of Industrial Engineering

Efficacy of Mathematical Modeling

Industrial Engineering and Computations

Definition and Applications

Orientation to STEM

IE Catchphrases

Span and Utility of IE

Heritage from Industrial Revolution

Historical Accounts

Chronology of Applications

Importance of Calculations Guide

Basic Queuing Equations

Queuing Birth–Death Processes

Laws of Motion of Queuing Birth and Death

Data Types for Computational Analysis


Basic Mathematical Calculations

Quadratic Equation

Overall Mean

Chebyshev’s Theorem



Probability Distribution


Distribution Function

Expected Value


Binomial Distribution

Poisson Distribution

Mean of a Binomial Distribution

Normal Distribution

Cumulative Distribution Function

Population Mean

Standard Error of the Mean


Chi-Squared Distribution

Definition of Set and Notation

Set Terms and Symbols

Venn Diagrams

Operations on Sets

De Morgan’s Laws

Counting the Elements in a Set



Probability Terminology

Basic Probability Principles

Random Variable

Mean Value ˆx or Expected Value μ

Series Expansions

Mathematical Signs and Symbols

Greek Alphabets


Harmonic Mean of n Quantities, H

Solution of Quadratic Equations

Partial Fractions

General Terms

Factors of Higher Degree


Menelaus’ Theorem

Ceva’s Theorem



Cyclic Quadrilateral

Prolemy’s Theorem

Cyclic-Inscriptable Quadrilateral

Solids Bounded By Planes

Circular Cylinder of Radius r and Slant Height


Formulas from Plane Analytic Geometry


Logarithmic Identities

Series Expansions

Limiting Values


Polynomial Approximations

Exponential Function Series Expansion

Fundamental Properties

Definition of General Powers

Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

Trigonometric Ratios


Roots of a Quadratic Equation


Statistical Distributions, Methods, and Applications

Discrete Distributions


Variate Generation Techniques

Variate Generation Algorithms


Computations with Descriptive Statistics

Sample Average

Sample Variance

Sample Standard Deviation

Sample Standard Error of the Mean

Estimation and Testing

Distribution Functions and Parameter Estimation



Statistical Quality Control

Time-Series Analysis

Categorical Analysis

Computations for Economic Analysis

Fundamentals of Economic Analysis

Interest and Equity Computations

Equity Break-Even Formula

Economic Methods of Comparing Investment Alternatives

Incremental Analysis

Asset Replacement and Retention Analysis

Replacement Analysis Computation

Depreciation Methods

Cost and Value Computations

Cash-Flow Calculations

Profit Ratio Analysis

Project Cost Estimation

Cost Performance Index

Cost Control Limits

Project Balance Computation

Industrial Production Calculations

Learning Curve Models and Computations

Productivity Calculations Using Learning Curves

Takt Time for Production Planning

Production Crew Work Rate Analysis

Case of Multiple Resources Working Together

Calculation of Personnel Requirements

Calculation of Machine Requirements


Forecasting Calculations

Forecasting Based on Averages

Simple Average Forecast

Regression Analysis

Time-Series Analysis

Six Sigma and Lean

Concept of Six Sigma

Taguchi Loss Function

Statistical Techniques for Six Sigma

Process Capability Analysis for Six Sigma

Lean Principles and Applications

Lean Task Value Rating System

Risk Computations

Cost Uncertainties

Decision Tables and Trees

Reliability Calculations

Computations for Project Analysis





CPM Scheduling

Activity Precedence Relationships

Calculation of Slacks

Calculations for Subcritical Paths

Plotting of Gantt Charts

Calculations for Project Crashing

Calculations for Project Duration Diagnostics

PERT Formulas

Activity Time Distributions

Project Duration Analysis

Product Shape and Geometrical Calculations

Equation of a Straight Line

Quadratic Equation

Conic Sections

Conic Section Equation

Quadric Surface (Sphere)


Polar Coordinates



Progressions and Series

Differential Calculus

L’Hospital’s Rule

Integral Calculus

Derivatives and Indefinite Integrals


Mensuration of Areas and Volumes

Centroids and Moments of Inertia

Difference Equations

Numerical Methods

Calculation of Best-Fit Circle


General Engineering Calculations

Six Simple Machines for Materials Handling

Mechanics: Kinematics

Simple Harmonic Motion

Mechanics: Dynamics

General Law of Gravity

Appendix A: Mathematical Patterns, Series, and Formulae

Appendix B: Measurement Units, Notation, and Constants

Appendix C: Conversion Factors

Appendix D: Factors and Tables



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