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Handbook of Local and Regional Development

ISBN 9780415548311
Published December 29, 2010 by Routledge
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Book Description

The Handbook of Local and Regional Development provides a comprehensive statement and reference point for local and regional development. The scope of this Handbook’s coverage and contributions engages with and reflects upon the politics and policy of how we think about and practise local and regional development, encouraging dialogue across the disciplinary barriers between notions of ‘local and regional development’ in the Global North and ‘development studies’ in the Global South.

This Handbook is organized into seven inter-related sections, with an introductory chapter setting out the rationale, aims and structure of the Handbook. Section one situates local and regional development in its global context. Section two establishes the key issues in understanding the principles and values that help us define what is meant by local and regional development. Section three critically reviews the current diversity and variety of conceptual and theoretical approaches to local and regional development. Section four address questions of government and governance. Section five connects critically with the array of contemporary approaches to local and regional development policy. Section six is an explicitly global review of perspectives on local and regional development from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. Section seven provides reflection and discussion of the futures for local and regional development in an international and multidisciplinary context.

With over forty contributions from leading international scholars in the field, this Handbook provides critical reviews and appraisals of current state-of-the-art conceptual and theoretical approaches and future developments in local and regional development.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: A Handbook of Local and Regional Development Andy Pike, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and John Tomaney  Section I: Local and Regional Development in a Global Context  2 Globalisation and Regional Development Seán Ó Riain  3 Territorial Competition Ian Gordon  4 Local and Regional ‘Development Studies’ Giles Mohan  Section II: Defining the Principles and Values of Local and Regional Development  5 Regional Disparities and Equalities: Towards a Capabilities Perspective? Diane Perrons  6 Inclusive Growth: Meaningful Goal or Mirage? Ivan Turok 7 The Green State: Sustainability and the Power of Purchase Kevin Morgan  8 Alternative Approaches to Local and Regional Development Allan Cochrane  Section III: Concepts and Theories of Local and Regional Development  9 Spatial Circuits of Value Ray Hudson  10 Labour and Local and Regional Development Andy Herod  11 Local and Regional Development: A Global Production Network Approach Neil M. Coe and Martin Hess  12 Evolutionary Approaches to Local and Regional Development Policy Robert Hassink and Claudia Klaerding  13 Innovation, Learning and Knowledge Creation in Co-localised and Distant Contexts Harald Bathelt  14 Culture, Creativity, and Urban Development Dominic Power and Allen J. Scott  15 Post-socialism and Transition Bolesław Domański  16 Migration and Commuting: Local and Regional Development Links Tony Champion and Mike Coombes  17 Within and Outwith/Material and Political? Local Economic Development and the Spatialities of Economic Geographies Roger Lee  18 Spaces of Social Innovation Frank Moulaert and Abid Mehmood  19 Forging Post-Development Partnerships: Possibilities for Local and Regional Development J.K. Gibson-Graham  Section IV: Government and Governance  20 The State: Government and Governance Bob Jessop  21 Putting ‘the political’ Back into the Region: Power, Agency and a Reconstituted Regional Political Economy Andy Cumbers and Danny MacKinnon  22 Territorial/Relational: Conceptualizing Spatial Economic Governance Martin Jones and Gordon MacLeod  23 Institutional Geographies and Local Economic Development: Policies and Politics Kevin R. Cox  24 Carbon Control Regimes, Eco-State Restructuring and the Politics of Local and Regional Development Andrew E.G. Jonas, Aidan H. While and David C. Gibbs  25 Competitive Cities and Problems of Democracy Colin Crouch  26 The Politics of Local and Regional Development Andrew Wood  27 Spatial Planning and Territorial Development Policy Peter Ache  Section V: Local and Regional Development Policy  28 Endogenous Approaches to Local and Regional Development Policy Franz Tödtling  29 Territorial Competitiveness and Local and Regional Economic Development: A Classic Tale of ‘Theory Led by Policy’ Gillian Bristow  30 Finance and Local and Regional Economic Development Felicity Wray, Neill Marshall and Jane Pollard  31 Green Dreams in a Cold Light Susan Christopherson   32 SMEs, Entrepreneurialism and Local/Regional Development Costis Hadjimichalis  33 Transnational Corporations and Local and Regional Development Stuart Dawley  34 Innovation Networks and Local and Regional Development Policy Mário Vale  35 Universities and Regional Development John Goddard and Paul Vallance  36 Transportation Networks, the Logistics Revolution and Regional Development John T. Bowen Jr. and Thomas R. Leinbach  37 (Im)migration, Local, Regional and Uneven Development Jane Wills, Kavita Datta, Jon May, Cathy McIlwaine, Yara Evans and Joanna Herbert  38 Neoliberal Urbanism in Europe Sara Gonzalez  39 Gender, Migration and Socio-Spatial Transformations in Southern European Cities Dina Vaiou  Section VI: Global Perspectives  40 The Experience of Local and Regional Development in Africa Etienne Nel  41 Globalization, Urbanization and Decentralization : The Experience of Asian Pacific Cities Shiuh-Shen Chien  42 Local Development: A Response to the Economic Crisis. Lessons from Latin America Antonio Vázquez-Barquero  43 North American Perspectives on Local and Regional Development Nancey Green Leigh and Jennifer Clark  44 Area Definition and Classification and Regional Development Finance: The European Union and China Michael Dunford  Section VII: Reflections and Futures  45 The Language of Local and Regional Development Phillip O’Neill  46 The Evaluation of Local and Regional Development Policy Dave Valler  47 The New Regional Governance and the Hegemony of Neoliberalism. All change – No change? John Lovering  48 Local Left Strategy Now Jamie Gough and Aram Eisenschitz  49 Local and Regional Development: Reflections and Futures John Tomaney, Andy Pike and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

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Andy Pike is Professor of Local and Regional Development in the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS), Newcastle University, UK.

Andrés Rodríguez Pose is a Professor of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics, UK.

John Tomaney is Henry Daysh Professor of Regional Development Studies and Director of CURDS, Newcastle University, UK, and Professor of Regional Studies, Institute for Regional Studies, Monash University, Australia.


"This indispensible Handbook is one-stop shopping for any course on regional or urban development. Those seeking to understand how regions can develop or transform their economies in an increasingly competitive global environment must read the groundbreaking analyses assembled by Pike, Rodríguez, and Tomaney."

Joan Fitzgerald, Professor of Urban Policy and Director, Law, Policy and Society Program, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.


"A must read for all those wanting seriously to understand spatial patterns in development and to engage in the difficult art of modern local and regional development policy. Conceptual foundations, governance and the tools of policy delivery are revealed by cleverly bringing together theoretical advances in different fields."

Fabrizio Barca, Director General, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Italy.


"A comprehensive review of the theory and practice of local and regional development, emphasizing the capabilities, learning and governance, with a robustly comparative and international perspective, edited by major scholars in the field."

Michael Storper, Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics; Professor of Economic Sociology, Sciences Po, Paris and Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA, USA.


"This is a path-breaking collection of cutting-edge thinking on local and regional development written by a large number of influential scholars whose collective wisdom has clearly defined this important field of enquiry. The work sets a new benchmark for understanding scholarship and practice."

Henry Yeung, Professor of Economic Geography, National University of Singapore, Singapore.