1st Edition

Handbook of Metal Biotechnology Applications for Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Edited By Michihiko Ike, Mitsuo Yamashita, Satoshi Soda Copyright 2012
    264 Pages 27 Color & 59 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book introduces various fields of metal biotechnology, emphasizing applications for the fields of environment conservation and resource recycling. The topics discussed include wastewater treatment and bioremediation technologies for hazardous metals making use of metal metabolism by microorganisms and other organisms; recovery and recycling of metals from drainage and waste sources; the biological synthesis and processing of new metallic materials and monitoring of metals for industrial uses; and bio-informatics in metal biotechnology. These topics are expected to be of great help for new developments in these new technologies.

      Microbial Manganese(II) Oxidation: A Potential Tool for Treatment of Metal-Contaminated Waters, N. Miyata and Y. Tani
      Biological Treatment for Removal of Iron, Manganese, and Arsenic from Groundwater, I. Suzuki and D. M. Sahabi
      Removal of Selenium from Wastewater Using a Selenium-Reducing Bacterium, M. Ike and  S. Soda
      Microbial Reduction and Mobilization of Arsenic for Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil, S. Yamamura
      Phytoremediation of Boron-Polluted Soil and Water, K. Mori and M. Asada
      Phytoremediation of Cadmium-Contaminated Soil: Acceleration of Phytoremediation by Combination Use of Chelating Agents, K. Sei
      Phytoremediation for Soils Contaminated with Heavy Metals Using the Symbiosis Between Astragalus sinicus with Rhizobia, M. Yamashita
      Construction of Yeast Bioadsorbent by Cell Surface Engineering, K. Kuroda and M. Ueda
      Bioleaching of Metals from Solid Waste Incineration Ash, T. Ishigaki
      Dissolution of Precious Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards by Using Bacteria, T. Takemoto
      Biosorption of Uranium and/or Thorium Using Microorganism , T. Tsuruta
      Characteristics of Biogenous Iron Oxide Microtubes Formed by Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria, Leptothrix ochracea, J. Takada and H. Hashimoto
      Microbial Formation of Semiconductor Nano-Particles Contained Selenium or Tellurium and Metals, T. Sakaguchi
      Biomachining–Micromachining of Metals by Bacteria, Y. Uno and Akira Okada
      Biosensors for Toxic Heavy Metals, H. Miyasaka
      Cell Surface Design for Selective Recovery of Rare Metal Ions, K. Kuroda and M. Ueda
      Bioinformatics Tools for the Next Generation of Metal Biotechnology, H. Nakayama


      Michihiko Ike, Mitsuo Yamashita, Satoshi Soda

      "This book represents a broad sampling of the great diversity of biochemical interactions possible between living biota (microorganisms and plants) with metals and metalloids. A majority of the topics covered are devoted to sequestration mechanisms for toxic metals, but there are also a number of unusual topics addressed, including practical means of capture of precious metals and the use of microorganisms in the formation of nano-size materials with potential industrial applications. The book serves as not only an excellent departure point for students and scientists entering into this realm of research but also a handy reference for those already engaged in the area, as well as a rich primary reference source for educators seeking to expand their course curriculum lectures."
      —Dr. Ronald S. Oremland - U.S. Geological Survey, USA