Handbook of Obesity -- Volume 1: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology, Third Edition, 3rd Edition (Pack - Book and Ebook) book cover

Handbook of Obesity -- Volume 1

Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology, Third Edition, 3rd Edition

Edited by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard

CRC Press

736 pages

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In recent years, we’ve developed a much better grasp of the biological and other factors associated with the development of obesity. Reflecting our evolving understanding of causes and consequences,Handbook of Obesity: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology provides comprehensive coverage of the biological, behavioral, and environmental determinants of this critical condition. This new edition is divided into five sections exploring essential factors involved in obesity research:

  • History, Definitions, and Prevalence: Changes over time surrounding our notion of obesity, adiposity traits, and the epidemiology of obesity in various populations
  • Biological Determinants of Obesity: Genetic and epigenetic evidence, fetal life and postnatal influences, the use of animal models in research, endocrine issues, molecular aspects, and issues related to viral infection and adiposity
  • Behavioral Determinants of Obesity: The effects of food and ingestive behavior, smoking, breastfeeding, sleep duration, work/leisure time activity, and sedentary behavior
  • Environmental, Social, and Cultural Determinants of Obesity: The role of agriculture and the food industry, the urban environment, social and economic aspects, cultural factors, environmental pollutants, and economic costs
  • Consequences of Obesity: How excess weight affects and exacerbates a range of comorbid conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disorders, arthritis, and cancer

This volume assembles the work of worldwide experts to deliver an up-to-date survey of the most essential information related to the causes of the obesity epidemic.


"This two-volume set of books is the most comprehensive encyclopaedia of obesity that I have read … Name any aspect of obesity and this book has it covered! Reading it from beginning to end is a pleasurable education, whilst digital access via VitalBook (eBook) on your VitalSource Bookshelf (included in the price) will enable immediate offline access in the clinic or seminar…The book is the product of a huge international college of contributors whose presentations are ably and intuitively orchestrated by the editors. As a comprehensive treatise on all aspects of obesity I cannot recommend it enough."

—Jim Young, Editor-in-Chief, Glycosmedia

Table of Contents

History, Definitions, and Prevalence

Obesity Has Always Been with Us: An Historical Introduction; George A. Bray

Measurement of Total Adiposity, Regional Fat Depots, and Ectopic Fat; Steven B. Heymsfield, Houchun Harry Hu, ZiMian Wang, Wei Shen, and Ye Jin

Anthropometric Indicators in Relation to the Gold Standards; Peter T. Katzmarzyk

Worldwide Prevalence of Obesity in Adults; Jacob C. Seidell

Prevalence and Consequences of Pediatric Obesity; Nazrat M. Mirza and Jack A. Yanovski

Obesity in Older Adults in the United States; Tala H.I. Fakhouri, Brian K. Kit, Margaret D. Carroll, Katherine M. Flegal, and Cynthia L. Ogden

Gender, Ethnic, and Geographic Variation in Adiposity; Timothy Olds and Carol Maher

Biological Determinants of Obesity

Genetic Component to Obesity: Evidence from Genetic Epidemiology; Louis Pérusse, Treva K. Rice, and Claude Bouchard

Genes and the Predisposition to Obesity; Marcel den Hoed and Ruth J. F. Loos

Epigenetic Mechanisms in Obesity; Robert A. Waterland

Fetal and Early Postnatal Life Determinants of Adiposity; Felicia M. Low, Peter D. Gluckman, and Mark A. Hanson

Animal Models of Obesity: Perspectives on Evolution of Strategies for Their Development and Analysis of Their Phenotypes; Heike Münzberg, Tara M. Henagan, and Thomas W. Gettys

Animal Models of Obesity: Nonhuman Primates; Barbara C. Hansen

CNS Regulation of Energy Balance; Hans-Rudolf Berthoud and Barry E. Levin

Gastrointestinal Regulation of Energy Balance; Timo D. Müller, Kristy Heppner, Chun-Xia Yi, Paul T. Pfluger, and Matthias H. Tschöp

Gut Microbiome and Obesity; Patrice D. Cani

Sympathetic Nervous System and Endocrine Determinants of Energy Balance; Hamid R. Farshchi and Ian A. Macdonald

Insulin Resistance and Obesity; Charmaine S. Tam, Morvarid Kabir, Richard N. Bergman, and Eric Ravussin

White and Brown Adipose Tissue Development; Meghan E. McDonald and Stephen R. Farmer

Adipose Tissue Metabolism, Adipokines, and Obesity; Dominique Langin and Max Lafontan

Visceral Adipose Tissue and Ectopic Fat Deposition; Amalia Gastaldelli

Skeletal Muscle Metabolism and Obesity; Jeffrey J. Brault, G. Lynis Dohm, and Joseph A. Houmard

Mitochondrial Bioenergetic Aspects of Obesity and Weight Loss; Mary-Ellen Harper, Robert Dent, and Ruth McPherson

Resting Metabolic Rate, Thermic Effect of Food, and Obesity; Yves Schutz and Abdul G. Dulloo

Energy Cost of Exercise, Postexercise Metabolic Rates, and Obesity; Einat Shalev-Goldman, Trevor O’Neill, and Robert Ross

Energy Partitioning, Substrate Oxidation Rates, and Obesity; Angelo Tremblay, Yves Deshaies, and Katherine Cianflone

Viral Infections and Adiposity; Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, Emily J. Dhurandhar, and Richard L. Atkinson

Behavioral Determinants of Obesity

Obesity: Influence of the Food Environment on Ingestive Behaviors; Richard D. Mattes and Sze Yen Tan

Obesity and Related Eating Disorders; Brooke A. Bailer, Lauren E. Bradley, and Kelly C. Allison

Tobacco Use, Smoking Cessation, and Obesity; Carole Clair, Semira Gonseth, Jacques Cornuz, and Ivan Berlin

Breastfeeding and Later Obesity; Nancy F. Butte

Beverages and Obesity: Biology, History, Trends; Barry M. Popkin and Frank B. Hu

Sedentary Time and Obesity; Neville Owen and Marc Hamilton

Occupational Work and Obesity; Nicholas D. Gilson and Catrine Tudor-Locke

Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Obesity; Thrudur Gunnarsdottir, Renee J. Rogers, John M. Jakicic, and James O. Hill

Sustained Short Sleep and Risk of Obesity: Evidence in Children and Adults; Michelle A. Miller, George Smith, Andrew O’Keeffe, and Francesco P. Cappuccio

Environmental, Social, and Cultural Determinants of Obesity

Role of Agriculture and the Food Industry in America’s Obesity; James E. Tillotson

Transportation Policies and Obesity; David R. Bassett Jr.

Urban Environment, Building Design, and Obesity; Reid Ewing and Gail Meakins

Social and Economic Determinants of Obesity; Lindsay McLaren

Influence of Culture on Obesity; Alison Tovar and Aviva Must

Bias, Discrimination, and Obesity; Rebecca M. Puhl, Kelly D. Brownell, and Jenny A. DePierreEnvironmental Chemicals and Obesity; Amanda S. Janesick, Thaddeus T. Schug, Jerrold J. Heindel, and Bruce Blumberg

Economic Costs of Obesity; Ping Zhang, Sundar S. Shrestha, and Rui Li

Consequences of Obesity

Obesity and Mortality Rates; Gary Whitlock and Rachel R. Huxley

Obesity and Heart Disease; Peter W.F. Wilson

Obesity and Hypertension; Raj S. Padwal and Arya M. Sharma

Obesity and Lipoprotein Metabolism; Sally Chiu and Ronald M. Krauss

Obesity and Type Diabetes; Henna Cederberg and Markku Laakso

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome; Jean-Pierre Després

Obesity and Cancer: Clinical Epidemiology; Andrew G. Renehan

Inflammatory Causes of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases; Ebru Erbay and Gökhan S. Hotamıs¸lıgil

Obesity and Gallbladder Disease; Cynthia W. Ko and Sum P. Lee

Obesity and Liver: Cell Death, Compensatory Growth, and Repair of Damage; Giovanni Tarantino

Obesity, Lung Function, and Lung Disease; Nour A. Assad, Jesse H. Alvarado, and Akshay Sood

Obesity, Arthritis, and Gout; Luke Dawson, Anita E. Wluka, Yuanyuan Wang, and Flavia M. Cicuttini

Obesity and Mental Health; Lucy F. Faulconbridge and Anthony Fabricatore

Obesity and Health-Related Quality of Life; Donald A. Williamson and W. Jack Rejeski

Obesity and Pregnancy Outcomes; Raul Artal and Sarah Hopkins

Obesity, an Inactive Lifestyle and Low Fitness: The Most Unhealthy Combination; Paul A. McAuley and Steven N. Blair


About the Editors

George A. Bray, MD, MACP, MACE, is a former executive director and current Boyd Professor at Pennington Biomedical Research Center of the Louisiana State University System in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is also a professor of medicine at the Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans, an adjunct professor of physiology in the School of Veterinary Medicine, and an adjunct professor of food science in the College of Agriculture at Louisiana State University. His research focuses on physiological mechanisms for obesity and the evaluation of treatment for obesity and diabetes.

Claude Bouchard, PhD, is a former executive director and current John W. Barton, Sr. Endowed Chair in Genetics and Nutrition at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center of the Louisiana State University System in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His research focuses on the genetics of obesity and its comorbidities, as well as on the genetics of adaptation to regular exercise in terms of cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors.

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