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1st Edition

Handbook of Photomedicine

ISBN 9781439884690
Published October 22, 2013 by CRC Press
887 Pages 18 Color & 375 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of this exciting biomedical field, Handbook of Photomedicine gathers together a large team of international experts to give you a complete account of the application of light in healthcare and medical science. The book progresses logically from the history and fundamentals of photomedicine to diverse therapeutic applications of light, known collectively as phototherapies. It facilitates your understanding of human diseases caused by light, the rationale for photoprotection, and major applications of phototherapy in clinical practice.

The handbook begins with a series of historical vignettes of pioneers from the last two centuries. It also presents the fundamentals of physics and biology as applied to photomedicine. It next examines conditions and diseases caused by light, including skin cancer, dermatoses, and immunosuppression.

The remainder of the book focuses on the most important clinical therapeutic applications of different kinds of light that vary in both wavelength and intensity. The book discusses ultraviolet phototherapy for skin diseases and infections and presents the basic science of photodynamic therapy and its use in cancer therapy and other medical specialties. It then covers mechanistic studies and clinical applications of low-level laser (light) therapy as well as the use of high power or surgical laser therapy in specialties, such as dentistry and dermatology. The book concludes with a collection of miscellaneous types of phototherapy.

Table of Contents

History and Fundamentals
Introduction: Historical Vignettes from the Field of Photomedicine
Michael R. Hamblin and Ying-Ying Huang

History and Fundamentals of Lasers and Light Sources in Photomedicine
Edward Victor Ross and Lee Miller

Light-Tissue Interactions
Pradeep K. Gupta, Mahesh K. Swami, and Harishankar Patel

History and Fundamentals of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Tyler G. St. Denis and Michael R. Hamblin

History and Fundamentals of Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT)
Asheesh Gupta and Michael R. Hamblin

Diseases Caused by Light
Ultraviolet (UV) Effects on Skin
Kris Nys and Patrizia Agostinis

Photocarcinogenesis Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
Gary M. Halliday, Scott N. Byrne, J. Guy Lyons, and Diona L. Damian

Autoimmune Photodermatoses
John L.M. Hawk

Photoaggravated Dermatoses
PierGiacomo Calzavara-Pinton and Raffaella Sala

Rui Yin and Michael R. Hamblin

UV Radiation (UVR)-Induced Immunosuppression
Mary Norval and Prue H. Hart

The Porphyrias
Eric Gou and Karl E. Anderson

Chanisada Wongpraparut and Henry W. Lim

Botanical Antioxidants for Photochemoprevention
Eiman Mukhtar, Vaqar Adhami, and Hasan Mukhtar

Reversal of DNA Damage in the Skin with DNA Repair Liposomes
Peter Wolf

Climate Change and UVR Exposure
Mohammad Ilyas

Photochemistry and Photobiology of Vitamin D
Michael F. Holick

Ultraviolet Phototherapy
UVB Phototherapy for Psoriasis
Edidiong Ntuen Kaminska, Piergiacomo Calzavara-Pinton, and Bernhard Ortel

PUVA Therapy
Juliana Basko-Plluska, Herbert Hönigsmann, and Bernhard Ortel

Extracorporeal Photopheresis
Fiona Dignan and Julia Scarisbrick

UVC Therapy for Infections
Tianhong Dai and Michael R. Hamblin

Photodynamic Therapy
Recent Advances in Developing Improved Agents for PDT
Penny Joshi, Courtney Saenz, Joseph R. Missert, and Ravindra K. Pandey

5-Aminolevulinic Acid and Its Derivatives
Asta Juzeniene and Patrycja Mikolajewska

Gentically Encoded Photosensitizers: Structure, Photosensitization Mechanisms, and Potential Application to Photodynamic Therapy
Cristina Flors and Santi Nonell

Light Dosimetry for PDT: Basic Concepts
Henricus J.C.M. Sterenborg, Robert L.P. van Veen, Jan-Bonne Aans, Arjen Amelink, and Dominic J. Robinson

Multimodality Dosimetry
Jarod Finlay

Cell Death and PDT-Based Photooxidative (Phox)-Stress
Abhishek D. Garg and Patrizia Agostinis

Vascular and Cellular Targeted PDT
Shannon M. Gallagher-Colombo and Theresa M. Busch

PDT for Increased Delivery of Anticancer Drugs
Elodie Debefve, Yabo Wang, Thorsten Krueger, and Hubert van den Bergh

Targeting Strategies in Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Treatment
Marlène Pernot, Céline Frochot, Régis Vanderesse, and Muriel Barberi-Heyob

Enhancing PDT of Cancer with Mechanism-Based Combination Strategies
Lei Zak Zheng, R. Bryan Sears, Iqbal Massodi, Stanley Kimani, and Tayyaba Hasan

Nanoparticles for PDT
Girgis Obaid and David A. Russell

Drug Delivery Systems for PDT
Ryan F. Donnelly

Antimicrobial PDT for Clinical Infectious Diseases
Anja Eichner, Fernanda Pereira Gonzales, and Tim Maisch

PDT and the Immune System
Fatma Vatansever and Michael R. Hamblin

Detection of Bladder Cancer by Fluorescence Cystoscopy: From Bench to Bedside—the Hexvix Story
Georges Wagnières, Patrice Jichlinski, Norbert Lange, Pavel Kucera, and Hubert van den Bergh

Photochemical Internalization: From Bench to Bedside with a Novel Technology for Targeted Macromolecule Therapy
Kristian Berg, Anette Weyergang, Anders Høgset, and Pål K. Selbo

The Story of TOOKAD: From Bench to Bedside
Avigdor Scherz and Yoram Salomon

PDT in Ophthalmology
Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska, Andrea Weiss, Michel Sickenberg, and Hubert van den Bergh

PDT in Dermatology
Alexis Sidoroff

PDT in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Drew Schembre

Photodynamic Applications in Brain Tumors
Sam Eljamel

PDT for Malignant Pleural Disease
Charles B. Simone, Melissa Culligan, Joseph S. Friedberg, and Keith A. Cengel

Clinical PDT in the Chinese Region
Yih-Chih Hsu and Zheng Huang

PDT and Fluorescent Diagnostics in the Russian Federation
Elena G. Vakulovskaya

Low-Level Light Therapy
Chromophores (Photoacceptors) for LLLT
Tiina I. Karu

LLLT Signaling Pathways
Da Xing and Shengnan Wu

Irradiation Parameters, Dose Response, and Devices
James D Carroll

LLLT: Clearly a New Paradigm in the Management of Cancer Therapy-Induced Mucositis
Rene-Jean Bensadoun

LLLT for Wound Healing
Lilach Gavish

LLLT in the Treatment of Pain
Roberta Chow

LLLT in Arthritis and Tendinopathies
Jan Magnus Bjordal and Rodrigo A.B. Lopes-Martins

LLLT and Light-Emitting Diode Therapy on Muscle Tissue: Performance, Fatigue, and Repair
Cleber Ferraresi and Nivaldo A. Parizotto

LLLT for Stroke and Brain Disease
Takahiro Ando, Ying-Ying Huang, and Michael R Hamblin

LLLT for Nerve and Spinal Cord Regeneration
Nivaldo A. Parizotto

LLLT in Dentistry
Daiane Thais Meneguzzo and Leila Soares Ferreira

LLLT and Stem Cells
Heidi Abrahamse

LLLT for Cosmetics and Dermatology
Pinar Avci, Theodore Nyame, and Michael R. Hamblin

Surgical Laser Therapy
Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light Treatment of Skin
Rui Yin, Garuna Kositratna, and Rox R Anderson

Therapeutic Uses of Lasers in Eye Care
Charles Wormington

Lasers Used in Dentistry
Kirpa Johar and Vida de Arce

Lasers in Urology
Naeem Bhojani and James Lingeman

Lasers in Otolaryngology
James A. Burns and Anca M. Barbu

Laser Targeting to Nanoparticles for Theranostic Applications
James Ramos, Huang-Chiao Huang, and Kaushal Rege

Laser Immunotherapy
Tomas Hode, Xiaosong Li, Mark Naylor, Lars Hode, Peter Jenkins, Gabriela Ferrel, Robert E. Nordquist, Orn Adalsteinsson, John Lunn, Michael R. Hamblin, Luciano Alleruzzo, and Wei R. Chen

Tissue Repair by Photochemical Cross-Llinking
Irene E. Kochevar and Robert W. Redmond

Other Phototherapy and Future Outlook
Optical Guidance for Cancer Interventions
Brian C. Wilson and Robert Weersink

Phototherapy for Newborn Jaundice
Michael Andrew Choma

Biological Evidence of the Efficacy of Light Therapy in Psychiatric Disorders
Anne-Marie Gagné and Marc Hebert

Future Developments in Photomedicine and Photodynamic Therapy
Thierry J. Patrice

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Michael R. Hamblin, PhD, is a principal investigator in the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, an associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School, and a member of the affiliated faculty of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology. A SPIE Fellow, he is an associate editor for seven journals, serves on the NIH Study Sections, and holds eight patents. Dr. Hamblin has published over 190 peer-reviewed articles, over 150 conference proceedings, and numerous book chapters. His research in photomedicine concentrates on photodynamic therapy for infections, cancer, and heart disease as well as low-level light therapy for wound healing, arthritis, traumatic brain injury, and hair regrowth.

Ying-Ying Huang, MD, is an instructor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Huang has published 40 peer-reviewed articles, 15 conference proceedings, and several book chapters. Her research focuses on photodynamic therapy for infections and cancer as well as the mechanisms of low-level light therapy.