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    Reliable and quickly accessible information concerning the physical phenomena and properties of various media is in great demand by many scientists in their everyday work. This extensive reference provides such information, presenting basic physical parameters and properties of substances employed in modern science and industry.
    The material is divided into the following branches:

  • Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Optics and Lasers
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Geophysics
  • Units of Physical Quantities, A.G. Chertov
    Periodic Table of Elements, K.A. Kikoin
    Mechanical Properties of Materials, N.V. Kadobnova and A.M. Bratkovski
    Compressibility, B.V. Vinogradov
    Density of Substances, A.P. Babichev
    Friction, I.I. Karasik
    Acoustics, L.K. Zarembo
    Thermometry, A.V. Inyushkin
    Heat Capacity, M.N. Khlopkin
    Temperature Coefficients of Expansion, E.B. Gel 'man
    Saturated Vapor Pressure, V.V. Ignatiev, V.A. Krivoruchko and A.I. Migachev
    Melting and Boiling, E.B. Gel 'man
    Equation of State and Critical Parameters of Substances, E.B. Gel 'man
    Surface Tension, B.D. Summ
    Heat Conduction, A.V. Inyushkin
    Viscosity, A.V. Eletskii
    Diffusion, A.V. Eletskii
    Elementary Processes in Gases and Plasma, A.V. Eletskii
    Ionization of Atoms and Molecules, A.A. Radzig and V.M. Shustryakov
    Transport Phenomena in Weakly Ionized Plasma, A.V. Eletskii
    Electric Characteristics of Metals and Alloys, V.S. Egorov and I.N. Khlyustikov
    Electrophysical Properties of Semiconductors, E.Z. Meilikhov, S.D. Lazarev, and B.A. Aronzon
    Insulators, A.P. Geppe
    Thermoelectric Phenomena, N.A. Babushkina
    Electron and Ion Emission, T.M. Lifshits and A.L. Musatov
    Magnetic Properties of DIA-and Paramagnetics, V.Yu. Ivanov and L.I. Vinokurova
    Magnetic Properties of Ferromagnetic Metals and Alloys, K.G. Gurtovoi
    Antiferromagnets, V.I. Ozhogin and V.G. Shapiro
    Ferrites and Other Magnetic Dielectrics, M.V. Bystrov, V.L. Ivashintseva, S.A. Mironov, and R.V. Pisarev
    Galvanomagnetic and Thermomagnetic Phenomena, N.A. Babushkina and V.S. Egorov
    Optical Properties of Substances, L.A. Novitskii
    Atomic and Molecular Spectra, A.A. Radzig
    Electro-, Magneto-, and Piezooptical and Nonlinear Optical Effects, A.A. Malyutin, M.E. Brodov, and V.P. Yanovskii
    Lasers, A.A. Malyutin , E. Brodov, and V.P. Yanovskii
    X-Ray Radiation, R.M. Imamov
    Fundamental Particles, V.A.P. Nikitin
    Nuclear Properties of Nuclides, V.M. Kulakov
    Mossbauer Nuclei, S.S. Yakimov and V.M. Cherepanov
    Nuclear Reactions, V.P. Rudakov
    Nuclear Fission, A.I. Obukhov and I.S. Grigoriev
    Neutron Penetration Through Matter, S.V. Marin
    Passage of Ionizing Radiation Through Matter, V.P. Rudakov
    Cosmic Rays, V.S. Ptuskin
    Geophysics, I.A. Maslov
    Astronomy and Astrophysics, Yu. E. Lyubarskii and R.A. Syunyaev


    Igor S. Grigoriev, Evgenii Z. Meilikhov; Alexandre A. Radzig