Handbook of Polyolefins  book cover
2nd Edition

Handbook of Polyolefins

Edited By

Cornelia Vasile

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ISBN 9780824786038
Published June 21, 2000 by CRC Press
1032 Pages

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Book Description

A handbook on polyolefins. This second edition includes new material on the structure, morphology and properties of polyolefin (PO) synthesis. It focuses on synthetic advances, the use of additives, special coverage of PO blends, composites and fibres, and surface treatments. It also addresses the problem of interfacial and superficial phenomena.

Table of Contents

Competitive new technologies in polyolefin synthesis and materials; recent progress on single-site catalysts; synthesis of monomers by olefin metathesis; advances in cycloolefin polymerisation; synthesis of copolymers from cycloolefins; structure of polyolefins; morphology of polyolefins; the glass transition of polyolefins; crystallisation of polyolefins; estimation of properties of olefin monomers and polymers; mechanical properties and parameters of polyolefins; electrical properties; rheological and optical properties and parameters; solution characterisation of polyolefins; thermodynamic properties of polyolefin solutions; general survey of the properties of polyolefins; degradation and decomposition; biocompatibility and biodeterioration of polyolefins; controlled-lifetime PO materials; additives for polyolefins; special additives - blowing agents, flame retardants, pigments, fillers, and reinforcements; polyolefin polyblends; compatibilisation of polyolefin polyblends; surface modifications of polyolefins by gas-phase methods; polyolefin composites - interfacial phenomena and properties; functionalised polyolefins -synthesis and application in blends and composites; polyolefin fibres; technological aspects of additive use for polyolefin fibre production; technological aspects of additive use for thermoplastic elastomeric polyolefins; quality control of processed thermoplastic polyolefins; balance of processability, performance, and marketability in metallocene polyolefins. Appendices: suppliers and manufacturers of polyolefins and polyolefin products; suppliers and manufacturers of additives for polyolefins.

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"[This] second, up-dated, revised and enlarged edition … had not been possible without the obvious success of the first one … . … Each chapter is supported by rich references, almost 4,700 in total, as well as by figures, diagrams and photographs. The high quality of the volume is first assured by the careful selection of the contributors, and also by the rigorous and competent coordination of the editor. … This new edition represents an interesting and valuable handbook on polyolefins, being thus highly recommended to polymer specialists in universities, research institutes and industry."
- Cellulose Chemical Technology, Vol. 36, Nos. 3-4, 2002
"From the foreword to the first edition. . . From the history of polyolefins to their various important applications, every significant progressive development and invention is covered in this book. . ..a major addition to the literature."
---Herman F. Mark Praise for the first edition. . .
". . .Of special note are the chapters on properties, which have many tables of experimental data taken under a range of conditions. This information, which is otherwise rather difficult to unearth, makes the book an especially useful reference collection."
---IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine and about the second edition. . .
"This large collection of articles...is significantly expanded from the first edition.... The articles, as in the first edition, are authoritative contributions by established researchers, are clearly written and contain useful tabular and graphical data and references to the research literature. This volume is highly desirable for libraries serving researchers and students in polymer science or materials science. "
---E-Streams, 2000