1st Edition

Handbook of Psychiatric Genetics

ISBN 9780849344862
Published October 29, 1996 by CRC Press
512 Pages

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Book Description

Psychiatric genetics is an exciting new discipline that explores how our minds and behavior are influenced by our genes. Increased interest in this area of medical genetics has been sparked by advances in molecular genetic techniques, the genome project, the neurosciences, the role of genes in somatic diseases, and the linking of specific genes with complex mental disorders. This Handbook is the definitive resource on this complex, and sometimes controversial, new field.

Table of Contents

Section I: Genetic Mechanisms in Psychiatry: Analytic Approaches
Association Vs. Linkage Analysis in Mental Disorders, E.M. Wijsman
Genetic Association Studies in Psychiatry: Recent History, J. Gelertner
The Value of Narrow Psychiatric Phenotypes "Super" Normal Controls, S. Hill and K. Neiswander
Section II: DNA Analysis
Isolation of Coding Sequences from the Human Genome: Implication for Neurological Functions and Diseases, P. Jagadeeswaran, M.W. Odom, and Y.C. Liu
Identification of Microsatellite Repeat Markers and Transcribed Sequences in Cloned Genomic DNA, S.R. Pantanjali , R.P. Kandpal, H. Xu, and S.M. Weissman
Section III: Molecular Biology of Receptors and Associated Proteins
Molecular Biology of Opiod Receptors and Associated Proteins, L.N. Wei and H.H. Loh
Phenotypic Analysis of Receptor Genes: Role of Muscarinic Receptor Genes in Neuropsychiatric Disease, M. Braun and Y. Kimura
Studies on Dopamine Receptors and Role in Drug Addiction, G.Y. Ng, S.R. George, and B.F. O'Dowd
Serotonergic Receptors: Role in Psychiatry, J.M. Scalzitti and J.G. Hensler
Brain Adernergic Receptors, D.A. Morilak
Emerging Bacterial Models for GABA Receptors and Transporters, S.C. King
Section IV: Psychiatric Genetics
Identification of Phenotypes for Molecular Genetic Studies of Common Childhood Psychopathology, J. Hudziak
Molecular Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease, G.D. Schellenberg
Polygenic Inheritance in Psychiatric Disorders, D.E. Comings
Molecular Linkage Studies of Manic-Depressive Illness, W. Berrettini
The Genetics of Personality, T.J. Bouchard, Jr.
Family-Based Association of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and the Dopamine Transporter, E.H. Cook, Jr., M.A. Stein, and B.L. Leventhal
Reward Deficiency Syndrome: Neurobiological and Genetic Aspects, K. Blum, J.G. Cull, E.R. Braverman, T.H.J. Chen, and D.E. Comings
Section V: Substance Use Disorders
Polymorphisms of the D2 Dopamine Receptor Gene in Alcoholism, Cocaine and Nicotine Dependence, and Obesity, E.P. Noble
Polymorphisms of the D2 Receptor Gene in Polysubstance Abusers, A.M. Persico and G. Uhl
Association Vs. Linkage Analysis in Compulsive Disorder, A. Parisian, R.D. Todd, and C.R. Cloninger
Association of the A1 and B1 Alleles of the Dopamine D2 Receptor Gene in Severe Japanese Alcoholics, T. Arinami, M. Otokawa, T. Komiyama, H. Mitsushio, H. Mori, H. Mifune, and M. Toru
Behavior Genetic Investigations of Cigarette Smoking and Related Issues in Twins, G.E. Swann and D. Carmeli
The Dopamine D2 Receptor Gene Locus in Reward Deficiency Analysis: Meta-Analyses, K. Blum, P.J. Sheridan, T.J.H. Chen, R.C. Wood, E.R. Braverman, J.G. Cull, and D.E. Comings
Section VI: From Animal Research to Society: Genetic Impact on Behavior
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Behavioral Traits in the Mouse, J.K. Belknap, C. Dubay, J.C. Crabbe, and K.J. Buck
Drug Discrimination: A Tool to Unravel the Genetic Determinants of Alcohol Preference and Aversion, G. Colombo, R. Agabio, C. Lobina, R. Reali, F. Fadda, and G.L. Gessa
Ethical Issues: Genetic Screening, Gene Therapy, and Scientific Conduct, L.S. Parker and E. Gettig

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"…the authors of the Handbook of Psychiatric Genetics are to be congratulated."
--Wilfrid Noel Raby, M.D., Ph.D., The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, Vol. 10, No. 2