1st Edition

Handbook of Receptors and Channels
G Protein-Coupled Receptors

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ISBN 9780849383212
Published October 20, 1993 by CRC Press
368 Pages

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Book Description

The cloning, sequencing, and expression of a variety of membrane receptors and channels indicate the existence of at least four "superfamilies" of molecular structures that mediate signal transduction. Presently, more than 400 receptors have been cloned and sequenced. The Handbook of Receptors and Channels is the first handbook series to present the enormous amount of new molecular biological receptor data in a practical and useful format.
Each volume in this remarkable series will focus on a specific molecular superfamily of receptors. Complete amino acid sequence information on all cloned receptors, as well as relevant pharmacological information, will be included. Furthermore, the format for each of the volumes will be consistent to allow for easy comparisons of different molecular subtypes for a given transmitter. G Protein-Coupled Receptors is the first volume in this new handbook series. Topics covered in future volumes include:

Table of Contents

Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors, A. Ashkenazi and E.G. Peralta
Adenosine Receptors, J. Linden, M.A. Jacobson, C. Hutchins, and M. Williams
Adrenergic Receptors, D.J. Pepperl and J.W. Regan
Cannabinoid Receptors, T.I. Bonner and L.A. Matsuda
Cytokine Receptors, R. Horuk
Dopamine Receptors, B.F. O'Dowd, P. Seeman, and S.R. George
Endothelin Receptors, S.J. Peroutka
Glutamate Receptors, D.D. Schoepp
Histamine Receptors, M. Ruat, E. Traiffort, R. Leurs, J. Tardivel-Lacombe, J. Diaz, J.M. Arrang, and J.C. Schwartz
Hormone Receptors, R. Sprengel and C. Eva
5-Hydroxytryptamine Receptors, S.J. Peroutka
Olfactory Receptors, M. Parmentier, S. Schurmans, F. Libert, P. Vanderhaeghen, and G. Vassart
Opioid and Opiate Receptors, C. Evans
Opsins, T.P. Sakmar
Tachykinin Receptors, J.E. Krause, B.S. Sachais, and P. Blount
Miscellaneous Receptors, X.-M. Guan

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