1st Edition

Handbook of Soviet Space-Science Research

Edited By George E. Wukelic Copyright 1968

    Handbook of Soviet Space-Science Research (1968) provides a comprehensive and authoritative English language summary of Soviet space-science research of the 1960s.

    Part 1. Soviet Rockets, Satellites and Space Probes  1. Vertical Research Rockets G.E. Wukelic and R.A. Duffee  2. Artificial Earth Satellites G.E. Wukelic, R.A. Duffee and R.C. Behn  3. Lunar and Planetary Probes G.E. Wukelic  Part 2. Soviet Rocket, Satellite and Space Probe Investigations (Excluding Biomedical Studies)  4. Micrometeorites and Meteoric Dust G.E. Wukelic  5. Chemical Composition of the Upper Atmosphere and Interplanetary Space G.E. Wukelic and R.A. Duffee  6. Optical Phenomena in the Upper Atmosphere G.E. Wukelic  7. Physical Properties of the Upper Atmosphere G.E. Wukelic  8. Magnetic Fields N.A. Frazier  9. Ionospheric Electron Density Studies R.C. Behn  10. Solar and Cosmic Electromagnetic and Charged-Particle Radiations H.H. Guendel  11. Astronomical Investigations Above the Terrestrial Atmosphere N.T. Bobrovnikoff  12. Technical and Scientific Studies Aboard Manned Satellites R.A. Duffee and G.E. Wukelic  Part 3. Soviet Biomedical Space Research  13. Physiological Methods and Results R.A. Wright and R.A. Duffee  14. Biological Experimentation: Methods and Results R.A. Duffee and H.T. Kemp  Part 4. Soviet Activities Associated with Artificial Earth Satellite Applications  15. Communications Satellites R.C. Behn  16. Satellite Meteorology R.C. Behn and R.A. Duffee  17. Satellite Geodesy A.G. Mourad  Part 5. Related Topics  18. Space Tracking in the Soviet Union A.G. Mourad and J.G. Stephan  19. Soviet Attitudes Concerning the Existence of Life in Space N.T. Bobrovnikoff  20. Manned Space-Station Concepts in the USSR G.E. Wukelic and N.T. Bobrovnikoff 


    George E. Wukelic