Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology (e-Book) book cover

Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology

Edited by John Crowley, Antje Hoering

© 2001 – CRC Press

566 pages

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This book compiles state-of-the-art statistical approaches to solving problems in clinical oncology, focusing on clinical trials in phases I, II, and III, as well as quality of life and economic analyses, and exploratory methods.

Examines trial design treatment based on toxicity and survival!

Featuring over 1000 references, more than 40 world-renowned contributors, and 300 equations, tables, and drawings, the Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology

  • provides a comprehensive discussion of sample size

  • considers analytical problems generated by controlling treatment costs and maintaining quality of life

  • demonstrates the breadth and depth of current activity in the field of survival analysis

  • sets the limits on what can and cannot be concluded from single and multiple clinical trials

  • and more!

    The best single source for up-to-date graphical, tree-based, and other statistical methods, the Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology is fascinating reading for oncologists, cancer researchers, biostatisticians, applied statisticians, and medical and graduate students in these disciplines.

  • Reviews

    "…This volume is comprehensive and well presented-addressing issues commonly only accessible in original research papers. It brings together a statistical cycle of the design and analysis of cancer studies and will be welcomed by biostatisticians in this field."

    -Statistics in Medicine


    …a compendium of statistical approaches to the problems facing those trying to make progress against cancer….the time is propitious for this book.

    "-International Statistics Institute

    "…recommended for health science centers and hospital libraries conducting cancer research.


    "…good reference book for statisticians who will be designing and analysing cancer trials.

    "-Cancer Forum

    Table of Contents

    Phase I Trials

    Overview of Phase I Trials

    Lutz Edler

    Dose-Finding Designs Using Continual Reassessment Method

    John O'Quigley

    Choosing a Phase I Design

    Barry E. Storer

    Phase II Trials

    Overview of Phase II Clinical Trials

    Stephanie Green

    Designs Based on Toxicity and Response

    Gina R. Petroni and Mark R. Conway

    Phase II Selection Designs

    Ping-Yu Liu

    Phase III Trials

    Power and Sample Size for Phase III Clinical Trials of Survival

    Jonathon J. Shuster

    Multiple Treatment Trials

    Stephen L. George

    Factorial Designs with Time-to-Event Endpoints

    Stephanie Green

    Therapeutic Equivalence Trials

    Richard Simon

    Early Stopping of Clinical Trials

    James J. Dignam, John Bryant, and H. Samuel Weiand

    Use of the Triangular Test in Sequential Clinical Trials

    John Whitehead

    Complementary Outcomes

    Design and Analysis Considerations for Complementary Outcomes

    Bernard F. Cole

    Health-Related Quality-of-Life Outcomes

    Benny C. Zee and David Osoba

    Statistical Analysis of Quality of Life

    Andrea B. Troxel and Carol McMillen Moinpour

    Economic Analysis of Cancer Clinical Trials

    Gary H. Lyman

    Prognostic Factors and Exploratory Analysis

    Prognostic Factor Studies

    Martin Schumacher, Norbert Holländer, Guido Schwarzer, and Willi Sauerbrei

    Statistical Methods to Identify Prognostic Factors

    Kurt Ulm, Hjalmar Nekarda, and Pia Gerein

    Explained Variation in Proportional Hazards Regression

    John O'Quigley and Ronghui Xu

    Graphical Methods for Evaluating Covariate Effects in the Cox Model

    Peter F. Thall and Elihu H. Estey

    Graphical Approaches to Exploring the Effects of Prognostic Factors on Survival

    Peter D. Sasieni and Angela Winnett

    Tree-based Methods for Prognostic Stratification

    Michael LeBlanc

    Interpreting Clinical Trials

    Problems in Interpreting Clinical Trials

    Lillian L. Siu and Ian F. Tannock

    Some Commonly Misused Approaches in the Analysis of Cancer Trials

    James R. Anderson

    Dose Intensity Analysis

    Joseph L. Pater

    Why Kaplan-Meier Fails and Cumulative Incidence Succeeds When Estimating Failure Probabilities in the Presence of Competing Risks

    Ted A. Gooley, Wendy Leisenring, John Crowley, and Barry E. Storer


    Luc Duchateau and Richard Sylvester

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    MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / General
    MEDICAL / Oncology