Handbook of Targeted Delivery of Imaging Agents  book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Targeted Delivery of Imaging Agents

ISBN 9780849383083
Published August 23, 1995 by CRC Press
752 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This is the first time detailed and updated information on the targeted delivery of imaging agents has been collected into a single handbook. This comprehensive volume presents the scientific background together with the latest experimental and clinical data in this fast-growing area. The Handbook of Targeted Delivery of Imaging Agents meets the requirements of the broadest audience including researchers, practitioners, and students.

The basic principles of targeted delivery of imaging are presented and discussed together with various imaging agents and different imaging modalities such as gamma-imaging, MR-imaging, and CT, PET, and SPECT imaging. The book consists of eight parts and 39 chapters covering all aspects of targeted drug delivery-from the imaging theory and chemistry of imaging agents to their experimental and clinical use for targeted visualization of cancer, including ovarian, prostate, colorectal, and thyroid cancer, cardiovascular (atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and thromboses) and neurological diseases, infection, and inflammation sites. A special section discusses the targeted delivery of imaging agents into lymph nodes, which are often sites of metasteses during different malignant diseases.

Monoclonal antibody-based targeted imaging agents are considered together with new approaches involving the use of labeled micelles, liposomes, and polymer-coated particles. The book describes the possible application of designer antibodies for the delivery of diagnostic agents, including the preparation, properties, labeling, and experimental use of multifunctional antibodies. The alternative improvement of antibody-directed targeting describes the application of avidin-biotin system for the delivery of imaging agents. Long circulating blood pool imaging agents are considered as a special group of organ-specific pharmaceuticals. The latest trends in the synthesis of immunoscintigraphic, MR, and CT agents are presented.
This Handbook of Targeted Delivery of Imaging Agents is a must-have reference for all those who need to stay abreast of the latest developments in this hot field.

Table of Contents

General Aspects of Targeted Imaging
Targeted Delivery of Imaging Agents: An Overview, G.L. Wolf
Targeted Gamma Imaging, H.W. Strauss
Desirable Properties of Antibodies for Imaging, I.F.C. McKenzie
Designer Antibodies as Targeted Diagnostic Units, M.K. Dewanjee and A.N. Serafini
Target-Specific Imaging Agents
Radiolabeling of Antibodies for Targeted Diagnostics, A.R. Fritzberg and D.S. Wilbur
Antibody-Associated Chelates for Targeted Imagining, Y. Arano
Chelating Polymer-Based Immunoconjugates for Targeted Diagnostic Imaging, V.P. Torchilin
Drug Targeting in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, R. Weissleder, A.A. Bogdanov, Jr., and M. Papisov
Targeted Delivery of Imaging Agents by Liposomes, W.T. Phillips and B. Goins
Targeted Imaging of Cancer
Antibody-Mediated Imaging of Ovarian Cancer, M.E. Schlegel and D.N. Krag
Ovarian Cancer Visualization with Radiolabeled Antibodies, S. Lastiria, E. Vergara, P. Varrella, W. Acampa, and M. Salvatore
Targeted Visualization of Prostate and Prostate Cancer, J.H. Texter, Jr.
Targeted Imaging of Colorectal Cancer, C.G. Gourin and D.N. Krag
99mTc-MIBI and 201Thallium Scintigraphy in the Follow-Up of Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma, E. Klemm, A.L. Hotze, B. Vriele, and H.J. Biersack
Tumor Necrosis Imaging and Treatment of Solid Tumors, A.L. Epstein, L.A. Khawli, F.-M. Chen, M.S. Glasky, and C.R. Taylor
Potential of the Avidin-Biotin System for Diagnostic Applications, G. Paganelli, A. Samuel, P. Magnani, A. Siccardi, and F. Fazio
Avidin-Biotin System for Targeting Metastases: Basic Aspects, J.M. Jeong, T. Saga, J. Lee, and C.-S. Koh
Epithelial Membrane Antigens as a Taget for Antibody Mediated Imaging, B.R. Davidson, J. Babich, and C. Dean
Enhancement of Radiolabeled Monoclonal Antibody Uptake in Tumors with Local Hyperthermia, M.L. Hauck, M.W. Dewhirst, and M.R. Zalutsky
Targeted Visualization of Lymph Nodes
Specific Imaging Agents for Lymph Nodes, G.L. Wolf
Systemic Lymph Node Targeting with Macromolecular Imaging Agents, M.I. Papisov, R. Weissleder, and T.J. Brady
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Lymph Nodes with Gd-Containing Liposomes, V.P. Torchilin, V.S. Trubetskoy, and G.L. Wolf
Targeted Visualization in Cardiovascular Diseases
Antimyosin Scintigraphy for the Detection of Myocyte Necrosis Associated with Various Cardiovascular Disorders, J. Narula, I. Carrió, and B.-A. Khaw
Noninvasive Imaging of Atherosclerotic Lesions: Monoclonal Antibodies and Other Approaches, B.-A. Khaw, I. Carrió, and J. Narula
Radioimmunodetection of Thrombi, F.T. Lee, A. Scott, and G.J. Bautovich
Targeting of Radiolabeled Monoclonal Antibody against Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme to the Pulmonary Vasculature, V.R. Muzykantov and S.M. Danilov
Intravascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Media, P. Niemi
Protected Angiopolymers for Vascular Imaging, A.A. Bogdanov, Jr., R. Weissleder, and T.J. Brady
CT Diagnostic Media for Blood Pool Imaging, V.S. Trubetskoy
Targeted Imaging in Neurological Disorders
Cerebrovascular and Metabolic Imaging, A.J. Fischman, E.H. Lo, and B.R. Rosen
Neuroreceptor Imaging in Health and Disease, A.J. Fischman, J.W. Babich, and E.H. Lo
Imaging of Intracellular Signalling in the Brain, Y. Imahori, K. Matsumoto, and S. Ueda
Miscellaneous Application of Targeted Imaging Agents
History of Antibodies for Visualizing Infection and Inflammation, D.A. Rauh
Targeted Imaging of Focal Sites of Infection, J.W. Babich and A.J. Fischman
The Role of Octreotide Scintigraphy in Malignant Lymphomas, Granulomatous Diseases and Rheumatoid Arthritis, P.M. Vanhagen, P.J. van den Anker-Lugtenburg, S.W.J. Lamberts, J.C. Reuby, and E.P. Krenning
Targeted PET/SPECT Imaging
Spatial Localization of Primary and Metastic Colorectal Carcinoma Based on Fusion of CR and SPECT Monoclonal Imaging, H. Loats and A. Loats
Fluorine-18 Labeled Monoclonal Antibodies for Positron Emission Tomographic Imaging, M.R. Zalutsky, G. Vaidyanathan, P. Garg, and R.L. Page
Bromine-76 Labeled Monoclonal Antibodies for Targeted PET Imaging, A. Lövqvist, A. Sundin, and H. Lundqvist

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